ASA Insights
Jun. 5, 2014

Last Chance to Participate in 2014 ASA OPR
American Supply Association
For more than 30 years, participating ASA member wholesalers have been putting ratio comparatives to use through the association's annual Operating Performance Report. Companies that participate in the OPR receive detailed survey results for primary business segments in the PHCP and PVF industry. Participation deadline for the 2014 ASA OPR is June 6. Please contact Chris Murin at 630-467-0000, ext. 204, or at for more information. Click here to participate in the survey now.More

More Than a Quarter of the House Pledges Support for LIFO
American Supply Association
More than 25% of members of Congress have written House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp urging that LIFO repeal be taken off the menu of options for tax reform. Over the course of the past few weeks, ASA and others have been walking the halls of Congress to educate members and staff of the need to maintain this critical accounting tool, what a repeal would mean to small businesses and to add their name in support of LIFO.More

ASA Political Action Committee
American Supply Association
ASA's Political Action Committee is the PHCP/PVF industry's voice in our nation's political process and is your pipeline to the elected officials that impact the way you run your company. ASA PAC is the only political action committee that works solely to elect pro-PVF and PHCP candidates to the House and Senate. Through voluntary contributions from eligible executive and management employees of ASA member companies, ASA PAC supports candidates for Congress who are sympathetic to your concerns.More

New Jersey Lawmakers Introduce New Water Infrastructure Legislation
American Supply Association
This week, the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Coalition joined with New Jersey lawmakers, led by Rep. Bill Pascrell and Sen. Bob Menendez as they reintroduced the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Act. The legislation is designed to spur much-needed investment in water infrastructure in our communities. As a member of SWIC, ASA has long supported this endeavor and appreciates the leadership of Rep. Pascrell and Sen. Menendez.More

Beschloss: America's Distribution System — Unique Key to World Economic Leadership
The Desert Sun
In my near 60 years of active involvement in the multibillion-dollar plumbing-heating-cooling-piping industry and its major component of the world's leading economy, a significant reason for ongoing successful growth — through recessions, recoveries and business booms — is its unique, independent distribution system. Having traveled throughout the world for most of my business life, I can say unqualifiedly that there is no other developed nation (with the exception of neighboring Canada), that has developed such a matrix of independent businesses to make available the world-leading gross domestic product of goods and services.More

EPA Carbon Proposal Faces Major Hurdles
The carbon rule that the Environmental Protection Agency issued Monday is President Barack Obama's last best hope for a legacy on climate change, and could fulfill environmentalists' hopes for dramatically lessening the United States' reliance on coal. But first, the proposed rule has to overcome some obstacles: the courts, the states, opponents in Congress and whoever occupies the White House after 2016. The rule's other big enemy could be the clock.More

Construction Industry Looking to Turn a Corner
By Michael J. Berens
After a disappointing first quarter, construction activity continued to sputter in April. Industry data paint a mixed picture of gains and losses across sectors. Extreme winter weather and mixed economic signals have continually stymied hopes for improvement. It may be, however, that the worst is behind for 2014. Construction employment is steadily increasing, and industry analysts point to leading indicators that suggest business is poised to improve in the months ahead.More