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Jun. 16, 2016

ASA Members Report Sales Growth, Profit for May 2016
American Supply Association
ASA’s Monthly Pulse Report provides a regular snapshot of performance for the PHCP-PVF industry. For the month ending May 31, 2016 vs. the same month in 2015, respondents reported essentially a median sales growth of 5.4%. For 2016 year-to-date, respondents reported a median sales growth of 4.2%. A median increase in sales of 3.4% was reported for the trailing twelve months ending May 31, 2016. In addition, inventory rose 2.7% for May, 2016 vs. May 2015. The median Three-Months Average Days Sales Outstanding dropped to 42.7 days for May. Half (50%) of Monthly Pulse Report participants reported an increase in gross margin percentages for May, 2016 vs. last year. Company YTD Profit Before Tax increased for 49% of the respondents. Forty-nine percent (49%) reported having more Full-time Equivalent Employees vs. a year ago. To learn more about ASA’s Monthly Pulse Report or any of ASA’s valuable business intelligence offerings, click here or contact Chris Murin at (630) 467-0000, X 204 or

Former White House Press Secretary Perino to Headline NETWORK2016 Speakers
American Supply Association
Dana Perino is one of the nation's most popular political pundits as the co-host of Fox News’ "The Five." Author of New York Times’ number one best-seller "And the Good News Is...Lessons and Advice From The Bright Side" and the second female White House Press Secretary, as a widely-respected member of President George W. Bush's senior staff she brings an insider's knowledge to her analysis, addressing what's on the minds of Americans and American politicians. She is particularly adept at depicting how politics affects people outside the beltway, and breaks down what business leaders need to know. At the IPD Breakfast sponsored by Anderson Metals Corp., Inc. on Thursday, September 29 at NETWORK2016, Perino will review the nation's energy policy and the impact it has on the U.S. and the world. How we deal with supply disruptions, increased regulations and foreign competition will affect every decision made by the next president. Click here for full NETWORK2016 program details and here for everything that you need to REGISTER NOW!More

Top PHCP Wholesalers: 2016 Supply House Times Premier 150
Supply House Times
With the exception of the tumultuous industrial pipe, valves and fittings segment, the industry as a whole enjoyed a productive 2015, so say respondents to the 2016 Supply House Times Premier 150 distributor survey. This time around, 2015 sales projections did not quite match up to actual 2015 performances. In last year’s survey, 87% of respondents predicted their sales would increase. This year’s Premier 150 survey reveals 79% of companies reported an increase in sales in 2015, down 4% from last year’s 83%. Fourteen percent of companies taking the 2016 survey say sales decreased in 2015. More

More Evidence of Copper's Anti-Bacterial Properties
ASA Materials Market Digest©
The copper industry has long promoted the red metal’s anti-bacterial properties, and considerable research has proven that it’s not a myth. According to ScienceDaily, new research from the University of Southampton in Great Britain suggests that copper surfaces can destroy the highly infectious MRSA and MSSA bacteria that plague hospitals and health care facilities worldwide. Touch surfaces made from solid antimicrobial copper are already used by hospitals, schools, mass transit hubs, sports facilities and offices around the world to reduce the spread of infections. Visit MY ASA for the latest installment of ASA’s Materials Market Digest©.More

California Economy Surges to No. 6 in Global Rankings
The Sacramento Bee
Riding the latest high-tech boom and an overall statewide surge, California has leapfrogged France and Brazil to become the world’s sixth-largest economy, according to figures released Tuesday by Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration. Using data from the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the state Department of Finance said California jumped ahead two spots in the annual rankings in 2015, up from No. 8 the year before.More

ASA Materials Market Digest©
Plastic pipe producers and distributors are disheartened by Flint’s refusal to accept JM Eagle’s offer to provide millions of dollars’ worth of free polyethylene service lines to replace its aging lead pipes that have caused widespread contamination of household water supplies. Plastic pipe proponents point out that PE is the No. 1 pipe material in Europe and the only pipe material installed in England because it is durable, economical and flexible enough for trenchless installation. Flint, Michigan, is only allowing copper service lines, due to which the plastic pipe industry deems “plastophobia” according to Plastics News on May 26th. Visit MY ASA for the latest installment of ASA’s Materials Market Digest©.More

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Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: U.S. Economy Surges Despite Political Strife (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

The Benefits of Employee Development and Training
Business 2 Community
The problem with bad management is that it has a spiraling effect on the entire business and company. If the employees don’t feel like they can communicate effectively with management, a lot of problems and issues will never come to light. An effective leader should be open to listen to his/her employees and should actively try to find solutions.

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U.S. Rig Count Rises 6 to 414, 2nd Week of Gains
The Associated Press via Industrial Distribution
The number of rigs exploring for oil and natural gas in the U.S. rose by six this week to 414, the second consecutive week the count has increased after a slide that lasted months and pushed the count to record-low levels amid collapsed energy prices. A year ago, 859 rigs were active.More

Disengagement: Your greatest threat in the warehouse
By Ken Ackerman
Senior management in the warehousing industry has every reason to worry about the many external challenges. While warehousing today is relatively prosperous, it remains competitive. Government regulations are more intrusive than ever before. Cyberattacks have tarnished corporate reputations. Finally, there is a continuing shortage of skilled labor. While these external challenges are formidable, consider that the greatest threat to your organization is not from outside.More