ASA Insights
Jun. 19, 2014

Women In Industry: Ask an Executive with David Kohler
American Supply Association
For another perspective on women in the PHCP and PVF industry, join us for this question and answer session with David Kohler. As the leader of a global, multibillion-dollar company, what are his recommendations to attract, retain and promote women within the industry from the manufacturing floor to the corporate suite? What is Kohler, as a company, doing to develop women as leaders and what are his recommendations for other companies to do the same? Please join us on Tuesday, June 24, at 3 p.m. CT for this exciting and information-packed educational webinar. REGISTER NOW!More

Innovation Award Deadline Extended to June 30
American Supply Association
In an effort to recognize and encourage innovation in the wholesale distribution industry, UnleashWD and the American Supply Association have created an award of innovation. UnleashWD defines innovation as "solving problems in a way that the organization finds a new way of creating, delivering or capturing value." Distributors may submit their entries from now until June 30 through the UnleashWD website. Entries cost $150 to cover program costs. Winning organizations will be announced at NetworkASA this September in Las Vegas.More

ICP Publishes Guide to Establishing an Internship Program
American Supply Association
Industrial Careers Pathway has published a new How-to-Guide: Establishing Your Company's Internship Program that assists industrial distributors and manufacturers in setting up internship programs. The guide is filled with useful information and is presented in an easy-to-read format. The guide includes information on the benefits of starting an internship program and specifies the elements that make these programs successful.More

Another Successful Event for the North East

Attendees enjoy a rooftop reception to
kick off the WANE Executive
Leadership Conference.
Networking with one another is consistently the top reason why channel partners attend and participate at industry events. At the Wholesalers Association of the North East's 3rd Annual Executive Leadership Conference, 100 attendees representing nearly 60 different supply chain partners enjoyed plenty of camaraderie and city views overlooking Boston. In addition, attendees participated in seminar presentations that included succession planning for managers and key employees with Doug Dillon from the ASA Education Foundation as well as a comprehensive industry and economic outlook from Ken Simonson, Chief Economist for AGC-America. They also got a look at "Lessons from the Mafia for Legitimate Businesses" with Louis Ferrante, former Gambino Family mobster, as the Capstone Presentation sponsored by Apollo Valves.More

Is Your Company Safe?
American Supply Association

2012 Safety Awards recipients:
Distributors – American Pipe & Supply,
Columbia Pipe & Supply, Texas
Plumbing Supply;
Manufacturer – NIBCO Inc.
ASA's Safety Awards elevate the awareness of the importance of safety in all aspects of the PHCP and PVF industry. Working with OSHA, ASA awards its members that have had the lowest incident rate of non-fatal injuries and illnesses throughout the previous year. Three awards are presented each year, at NetworkASA, to both distributors and manufacturers for a total of six awards, based on man-hours worked. Does your company qualify? Take a look!More

Hell Yes, Amazon Wants to Slaughter Us
Dirk Beveridge writes, "There is chatter in the industry that AmazonSupply is not that big of a deal. I believe the opportunity is in acknowledging AmazonSupply and all the other disruptions we face for what they are. New, unknown, powerful and highly disruptive forces that present great challenges and... great opportunity. Opportunities like this only come once or twice in a career."More

Beschloss: Industrial Production/Capacity Utilization Reaches Post 'Financial Recession' Record
The Desert Sun
When assessing the comeback of the post-recession period of the U.S.'s lagging manufacturing sector, which includes factories, as well as mining and utilities production, in addition to capacity utilization, May 2014 stands out as a stellar sign of rebound.More

NLRB: You Can't Require Employees to be Positive or Professional
By Steve Cape
Employers have long operated on the idea that when an employee uses the company email, it will only be for business purposes. That may be coming to an end if the National Labor Relations Board has its way. The NLRB is broadly interpreting the National Labor Relations Act to say that employees can take part in concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining, mutual aid or protection. But their interpretation of it is pushing the edges of sanity.More