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Jul. 9, 2015

ASA Continues to Promote Industry Careers
American Supply Association
Jackson Allen and Mike Tye, Hajoca Coporation, tell their story about how they've been successful in this industry.
Last week, ASA hosted a booth at the American School Counselor Association's convention in Phoenix, AZ. ASA staff, joined by a few local Hajoca Corporation employees, met with school counselors from around the country to demonstrate the value of the PHCP-PVF industry and inform them about the endless career opportunities available for their students. There was a lot of interest in employment within the industry and especially with ASA member companies, given the ample training and educational resources to help advance their career. One of ASA's strategic objectives is to increase the number of talented workers taking advantage of attractive career opportunities in the industry. Continuing to promote career opportunities in the industry is very important, and what better way than to put the information directly into the hands of those responsible for guiding their students to a successful career path? The counselors were also very interested in ASA’s ability to provide its members with a "career day kit" to host a booth at their local career fair. ASA continues to urge its members to reach out to schools in their area about career day opportunities – don’t wait for us! ASA CareersMore

Truckers Suffer Astonishing Driver Turnover
ASA Materials Market Digest©
On April 1, the American Trucking Association released an estimate stating demand outpaces supply by between 35,000 to 40,000 drivers, which it attributes to growing freight volumes, regulatory pressures and normal attrition. In fact, driver turnover at large truckload fleets registered 96.0 percent in last year's fourth quarter and 95.0 percent for the year as a whole. Trucking companies have responded by boosting pay and offering bonuses, but they appear to have a long way to go to convince people to take on these grueling jobs made increasingly unpleasant by more and more government regulations. Log in to MY ASA for the full story - and more - in the July installment of ASA's Materials Market Digest©.More

Time to Check Your Pulse
ASA Monthly Pulse Report©
Each month, ASA partners with Industry Insights and ITR Economics to compile data from wholesaler members that provides a snapshot on industry performance as well as how it relates to the broader economy. The value of this report is directly related to the number of wholesaler firms that contribute data each month — the greater the number of respondents, the more comprehensive and useful the report and accompanying analysis. The participation deadline for wholesaler members to submit data for the June report is July 13. Click here to learn more about this FREE and EXCLUSIVE benefit that ASA members frequently use when making key decisions.More

Industry Represented at Network2015
American Supply Association
Did you know that half of ASA's wholesale-distributor members have total annual sales of $10 million or less? The majority of members attend Network2015 ... THE INDUSTRY EVENT! This means that, big or small, each company in the PHCP-PVF industry needs to connect with their channel partners. Network2015 understands the value of connecting key decision-makers from both sides of the marketplace, providing educational sessions and networking opportunities for everyone. Plan now to maximize your opportunities and invest in your growth by participating in Network2015, being held Oct. 27 – 29 in Chicago. For full event information, please go to

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: Is Small Business Concern with US Government Policies Valid? (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

6 Benefits of Writing Job Descriptions for Your Business
No law requires business owners to have written job descriptions for the positions in their companies. They take time to write — and time is precious for businesses. On the other hand, job descriptions can be very useful. Job descriptions are the result of analysis — the process of identifying and determining the particular duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given position. Did you know that ASA University offers free, customizable, job descriptions for its members? Visit to find out more! More

ASA Young Executives Spring Forum Raises Funds for Operation Rise and Conquer
Supply House Times
The American Supply Association's recent 2015 Young Executives Spring Forum in Charlotte, North Carolina, set another new attendance benchmark. And those 135 attendees representing ASA-member distributors, manufacturers, reps and two buying groups once again banded together for a worthy cause as more than $8,300 was raised via an onsite raffle for the Operation Rise and Conquer program.More

Jack Keough: Who is Buying from Amazon?
Industrial Distribution
Industrial Distribution contributing editor Jack Keough writes: "In each of several presentations I made to industry groups in the past year, I asked attendees if their companies had lost business because of Amazon's entrance into the industrial marketplace. No one said they were affected, In fact, some people derided Amazon because it 'wasn't making any money' and it would eventually collapse as investors rushed to cash in."More

Marketing Your Warehouse Magic
Ken Ackerman
Some managers believe warehousing is a task that can be handled adequately by anyone with a strong back. Therefore, the business of warehousing service is in constant danger of becoming a commodity. Commodities normally are sold by price, with few vendors recognizing special features about the product they are selling.More