ASA Insights
Jul. 10, 2014

ASA, Industry Groups to Secretary Kerry: 'Let Us Answer Any Question You Have'
American Supply Association
This week, ASA and 43 other industry groups wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry requesting that he restart the clock and finally move forward with approving the Keystone XL Pipeline. With yet another deadline passed, which the president’s granted certain executive branch agencies to comment on the project, the time has come to finally approve this project once and for all. Having been studied longer than any project of its kind in history, we request that this project be approved, and if not, meet with us to explain the administration’s reasoning. To see our letter, click here.More

Finding the Right Employee Can Be Hard, Onboarding Them Can Be Even Harder
American Supply Association
Have you have worked hard to find the right employee for the job, but are having difficulty providing the new hire with the proper tools to become an effective and successful member of your team? Then you must learn the ideas and techniques used by UPS, Zappos, and Disney that ensure successful onboarding best practices. Please join us Wednesday, July 30, at 11 a.m. Eastern for this exciting and information-packed educational webinar. View full program details and contact the ASA headquarters to register.More

Second of Three ASA Summer CEO Webinars Next Tuesday
American Supply Association
Join presenter Rich Schmitt of Schmitt Consulting Group this Tuesday, July 15, at 2 p.m. Eastern for the second in a series of three ASA CEO Summer Webinars titled Increase Sales — Reduce Costs by Adding Lines to Your Orders with Smart Product Recommendations. The webinar is being offered FREE to all ASA member executives. Rich Schmitt will discuss the benefits of associated product recommendations, how to extract and make sense of the transactional data in your ERP system and why using this technique will help make your business more money.More

Can You Understand 3D Concepts by Just Reading About Them?
American Supply Association
The best way to learn about how something works is to see it operating in its expected setting. 3D Schematic Solutions© is a new sub-brand of the well-received ProductPro® series of product knowledge courses available online only at ASA University. These new and interactive programs illustrate pipe, valves, and fittings in various systems. The lessons help learners visualize and understand what tasks these systems perform, as well as providing basic knowledge about how each system works. 3D Schematic Solutions© is offered in residential and commercial versions.More

NetworkASA is THE Place to Be!
American Supply Association
With over 80 distributor companies registered, don't hesitate to REGISTER NOW for the biggest event in the industry, NetworkASA. Growing each year, ASA and its members continue to develop its annual convention to be THE event for the PCHP and Industrial PVF Industry. At last year's NetworkASA, distributor attendees represented over 14.5 billion in distribution sales. Don't miss out on an even bigger event this year starring famous keynote speakers including: Regis Philbin, Jimmy Johnson (NFL), Robert O’Neill (Seal Team Six, Captain Phillips), Alan Beaulieu (ITR Economics), and many more. It's going to be another great event; see you in Vegas! PROGRAM BROCHURE | REGISTER NOWMore

Industry Friend Diaz Passes
Houston Chronicle
Industry friend Joey Nicholas Diaz, 62, passed away July 4, 2014. He worked at Galperti Inc. for 15 years as vice president of sales. Prior to Galperti, Diaz worked at Coffer Industries for over 20 years.More

AmazonSupply is Changing the Game — So Can You!
AmazonSupply is certainly emerging and changing the game. But you know, we can change the game as well. All it requires is the will, energy, and focus. Use this free tool to begin the innovation conversation in your business.More

Beschloss: Is Aluminum Pricing Back on the Comeback Trail?
The Desert Sun
Aluminum, once celebrated as the metallic answer to iron, steel and even plastics, has been in the raw material doghouse for the past five years, as China swiftly became the world's largest producer for domestic production, previously depended upon by imports from Germany and the U.S. This had dropped the bottom out of aluminum pricing, as smelting capacity in China skyrocketed.More

MAPI Quarterly US Industrial Outlook: Accelerating Growth Ahead
Modern Materials Handling
Stable consumer-driven spending and a strong forecast for business investment bode well for the manufacturing sector, according to the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation's U.S. Industrial Outlook, a quarterly report that analyzes 27 major industries.More

3D Printing is Revolutionizing Construction, Design Fields
By Renee Eaton
Additive manufacturing — or 3D printing as it often called — is a process in which a solid object is made when a CAD model directs the printer to apply hundreds to thousands of successive layers in the required shape. Most people have heard the stories about 3D-printed gun and body parts. Now, additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the interior design, architectural and construction fields because it overcomes many of the limitations traditional practices have faced.More