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Jul. 13, 2017

ASA Calls for Net Investment Income Tax Repeal
American Supply Association
ASA and leaders in the small business community wrote the Senate this week as they work towards voting on a replacement to the Affordable Care Act. The letter calls on the Senate to prioritize the repeal of the Net Investment Income (NII) tax that’s in current law. As our letter states, “for pass through businesses organized as partnerships and S corporations, the tax represents a drain on the capital they have to invest and create jobs. Non-active owners are subject to the tax, which means these businesses must make additional quarterly payments to cover the higher tax owed by these owners. When added to existing individual income taxes, the surtax results in a marginal tax rates of nearly 45 percent, and even higher when state and local taxes are included.” More

Distributors Must Be Involved in Codes and Standards
American Supply Association
The codes and standards development process can be a confusing and overwhelming process that never ends. The American Supply Association (ASA) believes that being at the forefront battling code issues is necessary to protect the interest of its members. The ASA Codes and Standards department is a tool that ASA members have to engage themselves in the process. When it comes to codes and standards, there are many sectors of the industry that are heavily involved in the process. Some of which are inspectors, installers, contractors, engineer, manufactures, etc. However, the missing link to this equation is distributors.More

Ready for Peak Oil Demand?
ASA Materials Market Digest©
It wasn’t too long ago when the news media was filled with stories about “peak oil.” The shale revolution and fracking put an end to those doomsday scenarios. Now, a peak in oil demand may be more plausible. Environmental pressures and new technologies just may result in reduced demand for gasoline and other oil-based products, possibly even plastics. According to this article from the The Wall Street Journal, this isn’t wishful thinking from environmental activists. Visit MY ASA for the latest and archived installments of ASA’s Materials Market Digest©.More

Discover Your Innovative Mindset Strengths

ASA is partnering with Dirk Beveridge to provide all members with a series of NEW and FREE online tools designed to define your propensity for leading the needed change, transformation, and innovation within your company. We have created a three step plan to unleash your innovative mindset. Register for the MasterClass webinar with Dirk on Thursday, July 27 at 3:00PM Central and you’ll gain immediate access to take the empowering Innovative Mindset online assessment. Upon completion, you’ll be provided a 20-page Action Guide with insights and specific actions customized to your current and ideal innovative mindsets. REGISTER NOWMore

Finance Networking Council to Host Profitability Webinar

ASA’s 2017 OPR confirms sales growth and profitability for PHCP-PVF wholesalers were mixed in 2016. To fully understand more than a dozen KPI’s best monitored on a regular basis, ASA’s Finance Peer Networking Council will host a free, one-hour webinar with Tom Noon, principal at Industry Insights beginning at on Wednesday, August 2 at 12:30PM Central. For 35 years, ASA's annual OPR has served as the PHCP-PVF industry’s basis for benchmarking individual company performance against typical and high-profit performers among selected industry segments and demographics. REGISTER NOWMore

New Regulations for California's Proposition 65

The American Supply Association (ASA), in collaboration with Intertek, will be providing a webinar on California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) regulation compliance and its upcoming changes. The webinar will be tailored to meet ASA’s unique membership needs and will answer many of the questions on this complex regulation, which applies to nearly every business selling products into California. It is crucial that distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers attend the webinar to ensure that they understand and comply with this regulation, which can be costly if left unchecked! The webinar is schedule for Friday, August 18 at 10:00AM Central. REGISTER NOWMore

New Courses from Fluidmaster!

ASA University is excited to announce the addition of training from one of ASA’s Gold Supplier Partners, Fluidmaster! In their course, Fluidmaster: Toilet Repair, you will learn the features and benefits of Fluidmaster products, how to differentiate toilet types and identify commonly used toilet parts. Check out their new course now!

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Need Leadership Training? The MDM Certification Program is Tailor-Made for You
American Supply Association
Don’t take our word for it. Here is what Joe Ward of Pipe Valves, Inc. our first MDM graduate, had to say about the program, “I’ve come out of this program a new and improved person. The information is great and you can’t get anything like it anywhere else.” I have been able to see things from the business side of distribution and it has helped to make me a better salesperson. I put thought behind my ideas and how I present myself, which has made me a more valuable asset to my company.”More

Safety Award Nominations Now Being Accepted
American Supply Association
The ASA Safety Committee is accepting nominations for its annual Safety Awards program. Designed to recognize manufacturers and distributors with the best records of safety, the award measures a company’s OSHA Form 300A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. You work hard to not only comply with the maze of federal and state regulations, but you also to provide a healthy and safe workplace for your employees and customers, and we want you to earn the credit you deserve! Don’t delay, submit your company’s application and get the recognition that you and your team have earned! The deadline is August 25, 2017.More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss
American Supply Association
This week's news: Is US Second Half Economy Primed for Record Growth?

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5 Ways Leadership Training Boosts Employee Engagement
Association for Talent Development
The World Economic Forum on the Global Outlook for 2015 found the lack of leadership ranked third among top global challenges. A staggering 86 percent of 1,767 respondents to the survey agreed there is a leadership crisis.

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