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July 15, 2010

PVF Industry THRIVES at IPD Open House in Chicago
American Supply Association
Members of ASA's Industrial Piping Division will not want to miss the IPD Open House, THE premier networking opportunity that caters exclusively to wholesalers and manufacturers operating in the industrial and mechanical PVF segment of the industry. It is THE ONE PLACE where IPD vendor members can meet with the IPD member wholesalers from across the country without having to travel for multiple appointments and make separate arrangements for breakfasts, lunches, dinners or other outings that are far more costly per customer. This extended evening program at NetworkASA 2010 is the perfect venue for conversations about products, services and business opportunities in a relaxed and productive setting. Heavy hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be provided by ASA, and the setup for the room will be designed to promote wholesalers to move throughout for interaction with all IPD Open House partners.More

Report on US manufacturing sector: Time to heed wake-up call
The warning bells have been ringing for sometime for the manufacturing sector in the United States, and the latest 2010 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index — a result of the collaboration between Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness — does not augur well for the sector. The study is an eye-opener as it "provides empirical evidence that the competitive dynamics are changing in the downward direction for U.S. manufacturing, as the U.S. ranking drops off to fifth in five years."More

ASA members rave about training programs
American Supply Association
In the past year, the ASA Education Foundation has unveiled two new training resources to the industry — 3D Residential Schematic© and the Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations© — with rave reviews from the membership. Hear it here from satisfied members and start your training program with the ASA Education Foundation today!More

Jones Act, Truth Squad
Decorated war hero and stalwart American military supporter Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has stepped up to take another whack at the Jones Act, the law that bans foreign-owned vessels from serving in the U.S. domestic waterborne trades. McCain's bill, S. 3525, also seeks to repeal the requirement that ships plying those waters be built in the U.S. McCain makes a number of familiar economic arguments in support of his latest effort to sink the Jones Act. But the timing of his bill isn't random.More

Mike Ditka headlines Weldbend IPD Breakfast at NetworkASA 2010: THRIVE
American Supply Association
Former NFL player and coach, author and analyst — as well as one of Chicago's most beloved sports figures — will share his drive and team-building skills with ASA's Industrial Piping Division at NetworkASA 2010: THRIVE. Twice named Coach of the Year, Ditka is one of only two athletes to have won Super Bowl rings as head coach, assistant coach and player. His presentation, "ACE: Attitude, Character and Enthusiasm," will demonstrate how lessons he learned in a life of commitment and attention to the fundamentals resulted in victory and success both on and off the field.More

Apple backs into manufacturing via supply chain execution
Managing Automation
It's a good bet that Steve Jobs and the folks at Apple haven't yet cataloged all the ways in which their new iPad device is being used in the enterprise. It's also a good bet that a lot of manufacturers don't see the fast-selling tablet computer as a boon to their operations. But in Elkhart, Ind., Tim Markley already is thinking about how he will use the iPad next. The president of Markley Enterprises, a manufacturer of sales and marketing support products, sees the Apple tablet computer as a means to more efficient warehouse operations and supply chain execution.More

Anvil International joins ASA Supplier Partnership program
American Supply Association
ASA welcomes Anvil International to the ASA Supplier Partnership program as a bronze-level partner. "Being an ASA Supplier Partner, supporting the energized ASA national industry efforts, is not only a pleasure for Anvil International, it is simply the right thing to do. All the management here at Anvil feel that it is our duty to do everything possible to show support for those that support us and our products in both good times and not so good times," states John Martin of Anvil. "National associations for our unified customers — both wholesalers and contractors — are viewed as a solid place by Anvil to use the expense dollar wisely! We hope to continue to always find a way to reserve for these important industry events." For more than 150 years, Anvil has made it its business to provide quality piping connections and supporting systems. Anvil — building connections that last — ASA and Anvil.More

ISM: US manufacturing growth slows
The U.S. manufacturing sector grew for the 11th consecutive month in June, but at a slower clip than expected, an industry survey said. "The manufacturing sector continued to grow during June; however, the rate of growth ... slowed when compared to May," said Norbert Or of the Institute of Supply Management. The firm's manufacturing index, also known as the purchasing managers index, stood at 56.2 percent, down from 59.7 percent seen in May.More

Comparing your compensation package to the competition
American Supply Association
Hiring and retaining good employees is essential to the profitability of your business. Whether you need to make comparisons between your company and others in the same market or another in which you seek to expand your market share, the 2010 Employee Compensation Report provides the most detailed look at compensation and benefits for wholesaler-distributors.More