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Jul. 21, 2016

ASA Takes Vegas Codes & Standards Issues Head On
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This week, ASA’s new Director of Codes & Standards, Hugo Aguilar, visited Consumers Pipe & Supply in Fontana, California. On the visit, Hugo met with Mike Abeling, President/CEO, and Ray Gonzales, Sales Manager, to discuss issues affecting their Las Vegas branch and the fuel gas pipe industry. There is an issue in Clark County, Nevada which requires the fuel gas piping to be listed by specific listing agencies. It was later determined that such requirement is a code issue required by the locally adopted Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). Section 301 of the UPC requires that all piping and pipe fittings be listed or labeled by an approved third party listing agency, deemed acceptable by the authority having jurisdiction. It is recommended that manufacturers and distributors contact their local authority having jurisdiction to determine if your listing agency is approved. According to the Notice to Industry provided by Clark County Nevada on June 24, 2016, effective July 5, 2016, the enforcement of the UPC Section 301 would occur. It is important to indicate that your third party listing agency must be approved by the local jurisdictions and approved third party listing agencies vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Hugo plans to visit with more ASA members in the area about issues affecting the industry. Do you have questions about Codes & Standards? Contact ASA’s Director of Codes & Standards, Hugo Aguilar.More

Bill Introduced to Scale Back Overtime Regulations
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Last week, as Congress adjourned for the summer, Representative Kurt Schrader (D-OR) introduced the Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act (OREA) that would bring welcome relief to the coming overtime regulations. As our letter of support states: “businesses large and small will face significant challenges implementing this regulation. Like you, we agree that the overtime threshold is due for an increase, but under the timeline envisioned by this current regulation, it’s just too much, too soon. Lowering the threshold to $35,984 and phasing in further increases over the course of three years is the right thing to do. By failing to address this looming administrative and financial catastrophe for small businesses, those that this regulation is intended to help, may be harmed as a result.” More

Keep Planning for Overtime's Implementation with ASA's FREE WEBINAR
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We continue to educate members of Congress of the need to put a stop to this looming regulation (as should you). But business owners should continue preparing for its arrival on December 1, 2016. To assist you as you continue getting ready, we will be offering an exclusive webinar to our members to get your questions answered. Join industry experts on Thursday, July 28 at 1:00pm Central with SESCO Management as they walk you through the ins and outs of this regulation and what you need to look out for to avoid fines and more. REGISTER NOWMore

Connect with Your Channel Partners at NETWORK2016
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Big and small, each company in the PHCP-PVF industry needs to connect with their channel partners. NETWORK2016 cultivates the value of connecting top decision-makers from both sides of the marketplace – all in one room. We call this the industry’s Wholesaler and Vendor Conference Appointments. This exciting event brings together the wholesaler-distributors and manufacturer vendors for pre-scheduled one-on-one appointments. The appointments put you in direct connection with top CEO’s, owners and top sales executives – this is THE industry event where partnerships are strengthened and new connections are made. Plan attending NETWORK2016 and participate in the Wholesaler and Vendor Conference Appointments on Thursday, September 29. REGISTER NOWMore

Using Performance Data to Guide Your Future
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For 34 years, ASA’s annual Operating Performance Report has served as the PHCP-PVF industry’s basis for benchmarking individual company performance against typical and high-profit performers among selected industry segments and demographics. A free, one-hour webinar with Tom Noon, principal at Industry Insights, is scheduled on Wednesday, July 27 at 12:30pm Central. REGISTER NOWMore

Do You Know What's Happening in Washington and How it Affects You?
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Join us on Tuesday, August 23rd at 10:00am Central for this free webinar on Updates from Washington brought to you by ASA Women In Industry. With so much uncertainty in the future of the economy and the leadership in D.C., it is now more important than ever to stay informed and prepare for the days ahead. Join Dan Hilton, ASA Director of Government Affairs, as he provides a Preview of the 2016 General Election Landscape and the Battle for the White House, Highlights of Key Senate and House Match-ups, A Review of Key Regulatory Changes Taking Effect in the President's Final Term, and an Update on Outstanding Issues Congress Must Still Tackle This Year. REGISTER NOWMore

Free Resources Are Available to You
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As a member of the American Supply Association, there are many free resources available to you from ASA University. One of these resources is a complete library of customizable job descriptions, on-the-job assessments and role-based training tracks for virtually every employee within your distribution company. These items have been developed by industry experts specifically for you to ensure relevancy and customized application. Counter Sales is one example of the 28 job description templates currently available to you from ASA University. You'll see from the Counter Sales Job Description that they are constructed using expected behaviors/competencies instead of the usual task-based lists. Visit ASA University and log-in with your ASA login and password to access all of these free customizable resources. Don't see what you need? Please contact us. We can build customized resources for any role not currently included, or for unique positions within your company. We're here to help.More

Free ASA - UnleashWD Innovation Catalyst Kit - Available For Limited Time
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Looking to turbo-charge sustainable growth? Start with our free video-based Innovation Catalyst Kit.
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Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
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This week's news: Will oil comeback offset shale debt crisis? (The Desert Sun)

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7 High-Impact Approaches for Employee Development
As the CEO of a company that delivers technology focused on hiring success, I know far too well the importance of recruiting (and retaining) the best employees. A few months ago, I wrote about hiring for the long haul and 6 tips to find candidates who will stay. Once you've closed and successfully on-boarded your new employee, it's time to focus on their contributions, growth and development.

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