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Jul. 28, 2016

Prepare for Rising Demand in 2017
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Do not lose sight of the big picture this year despite weakness in the industrial economy. The U.S. economy is going to expand in 2017. Take preemptive measures in order to realize your full growth potential. Carefully consider labor and capital reductions this year, and be wary of capacity constraints which may hinder your process as demand rises. In that same vein, consider the operational lead times on new hires and equipment in order to stay ahead of the business cycle. This may mean making costly decisions before activity begins to pick up, which can be a difficult pill to swallow. Convey confidence to your management teams in order to facilitate timely strategic decisions.

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California Energy Commission Amends Appliance Regulations
American Supply Association
On July 19, 2016, Hugo Aguilar, ASA Director of Codes & Standards, participated in a webinar with the California Energy Commission (CEC), which dealt with the overview of the Title 20 certification program Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System (MAEDbS). The webinar was mainly focused on how to submit the appliance data and how to determine if a certain appliance is certified through the CEC. Title 20 applies to new appliances, if they are sold or offered for sale in California for final retail sale outside the state and those designed and sold exclusively for use in recreational vehicles, or other mobile equipment. Unless otherwise specified, each provision applies only to units manufactured on or after the effective date of the provision. More

ASA Staff Visits Local Member MIFAB
American Supply Association
This week, ASA and ASA Education Foundation staff had an opportunity to visit the offices and tour the manufacturing facility of ASA Silver Level Supplier Partner MIFAB in Chicago. The ASA and ASAEF team met with MIFAB President Michael Whiteside, Hugh Hornsby, VP of Marketing and Sales, Ronald Vlk, COO and Christian Kaley, Sales and Marketing Coordinator. The staff was given the grand tour of the facility as well as shown how the company has developed and become what it is today.More

Don't Be Left Behind: Ensure Your Firm is Prepared for 2017
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Brian Beaulieu
How can you obtain enough credible and actionable information about economic factors impacting the PHCP-PVF industry to navigate the next 18 months? REGISTER NOW for NETWORK2016. Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics™, one of the country’s most informed economists, will provide his 2017 Economic Forecast as part of a great lineup of speakers, education sessions and networking events September 28-30 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Firms who REGISTER NOW can save $100 per company attendee by acting prior to the August 29 discount cutoff date.More

Support Training Excellence
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Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund donors and ASA University participants are identified as people who recognize the value of training and education. One of the greatest competitive advantages a company can have in this industry is a knowledgeable and attentive workforce, which is a key component to your profitability. Supporters are eligible to receive a 25% discount on eligible ASA University courses lasting until the gross amount spent is equal to that of your pledge to the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund. Supporters may take advantage of this valuable discount when a signed pledge form is received. Pledge Your Support.More

How Distributors Unintentionally Commoditize Their Solution
Industrial Distribution
When you pursue the same opportunities as every other distributor, you’re commoditizing your solution. Distributors fail to grasp the competitive nature of these opportunities. A half-dozen other companies are bidding on the same order, the same way. It turns into a bidding war that nobody wins. These high-volume, low-margin opportunities are commodity opportunities. Organizations exhaust their resources pursuing opportunities they never should have pursued. What if you focused resources on finding and solving problems versus pursuing commodity opportunities? More

Do You Know What's Happening in Washington and How it Affects You?
American Supply Association
Join us on Tuesday, August 23rd at 10:00am Central for this free webinar on Updates from Washington brought to you by ASA Women In Industry. With so much uncertainty in the future of the economy and the leadership in D.C., it is now more important than ever to stay informed and prepare for the days ahead. Join Dan Hilton, ASA Director of Government Affairs, as he provides a Preview of the 2016 General Election Landscape and the Battle for the White House, Highlights of Key Senate and House Match-ups, A Review of Key Regulatory Changes Taking Effect in the President's Final Term, and an Update on Outstanding Issues Congress Must Still Tackle This Year. REGISTER NOWMore

Stop Trying to Differentiate to Unleash Your Financial Performance
American Supply Association
Too often when distributors are looking for that edge, that competitive advantage our first reaction is to focus on “differentiation.” In fact, my research shows that many distributors attach their definition of innovation to their company’s ability to differentiate itself in the marketplace. It’s important to rethink this. When differentiation is your focus, understand that you are focused on two entities: your own company and your competitors. What’s missing in this equation? Well, the customer is missing. Click here for discounted UnleashWD registration information for ASA members.More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: Why are big banks tightening loans in the United States? (The Desert Sun)

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How the Best Places to Work are Nailing Employee Engagement
Research shows 4 out of 10 workers are disengaged globally. In the U.S., the situation is worse. According to the latest State of the American Workplace Report, 70 percent of U.S. workers don’t like their job, creating an environment where many workers are emotionally disconnected from their workplace and less productive than engaged counterparts.

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How Warehouses Can Avoid the Contract Trap
By Ken Ackerman
Until a few decades ago, agreements between logistics service providers and their customers were seldom governed by any long-term agreement. The International Warehouse Logistics Association developed a standard contract early in the last century and has revised that agreement to comply with the growth of electronic communication. In more recent years, agreements have been developed that are longer term with more detailed language about performance.More