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Jul. 30, 2015

Associations Collaborate to Grow Tomorrow's Workforce
American Supply Association
Last week, Industrial Careers Pathway met in Denver, Colorado, to discuss the strategies and plans for the upcoming year. ICP is a consortium of several trade associations (ASA, ISA, NACD, NAED, NAHAD, NIBA and PTDA) working together as an investment to the industrial distribution industry’s future workforce. Recognizing the need for younger skilled employees, ICP is working to reach, inform, prepare and bring tomorrow's top talent in sales, management, production, accounting, customer service and all other business functions to positions in the field of industrial distribution. "Foreseeing a large retirement turnover in the next 5-10 years, it makes sense to pool together resources with other trade associations who share a common goal of hiring more young and talented workers to our industry," Mike Adelizzi, ASA Executive VP. ICP's plans are to continue to promote industry careers by informing students and counselors about the opportunities, push association members to host career fairs using the available materials, and continue to grow the online job board. Be sure to check out all of the resources available from ICP and ASA. INDUSTRIAL CAREERS PATHWAY    ASA CAREERSMore

Why Should Customers Buy from an ASA Member?
American Supply Association
The American Supply Association is very pleased to report the expanded program of the Plumbing Division and their efforts to reach customers that use or install member products. You may have been aware of this effort through a quarterly magazine called PB Outlook, which was sent to roughly 18,000 industry customers. Through the vision of the Plumbing Division leaders, they have revised the delivery from an expensive printed magazine sent to 18,000 customers quarterly, to a new email newsletter, sent monthly to nearly 45,000 customers. That's more than two and a half times the customers reached, three times as often, at a fraction of the cost. The editorial content has been improved with more hard-hitting and relative topics that customers should hear about. The goal is to build the ASA brand and the brand of its members to make them the industry supplier of choice. PB OUTLOOKMore

8 Tips for Recruiting
National Association of Electrical Distributors
At a recent conference I attended, the speaker said the electrical industry is "male, pale, and stale." Of course, everyone chuckled. Sadly, there's a lot of truth to it. As we all have heard time and time again - the baby boomers are retiring and the upcoming millennial generation will represent 75% of the workforce in 15 years. There’s no doubt that our industry is not the "sexiest" to attract applicants. Oh, and we have to keep them happy to retain them. How do we recruit them? What is that magic formula? More

Network2015 Makes an Impact on Your Business
American Supply Association
Time is money, and let's face it – there is not enough time in the day to connect with a majority of your channel partners from behind your desk. But, what if you could meet with a multitude of your industry partners for one-on-one meetings, all scheduled in advance, in one afternoon? In addition, the meetings are with the owners and key decision-makers – a one-stop shop to solidify your industry partnerships. Imagine meeting with over 13 industry partners in an event that has over $12 billion of purchasing power in one room! You can - and the event is the Wholesaler and Vendor Conference appointments taking place at Network2015. It is THE EVENT where the PHCP-PVF industry meets for a two-and-a-half-day event PACKED with educational sessions and networking opportunities. Register now to see how the industry meets to solidify industry connections, maximize your out of office time and attend the best business meeting you can attend. For registration and full event details, go to

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
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This week's news: Why Growing Oil Glut May Be a Long-Term Expedient (The Desert Sun)

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Training and Development: Investments in your Business
Most people have worked for a company that has offered some type of training and development for their employees. From in-office classes to specialty workshops to college hours, it all adds up as an investment in your business, as well as your employees. With current economic conditions, some businesses are making the decision to steer away from developing their most important asset, their employees, because they don't see the need for it any longer, or they are simply trying to cut costs. More