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Aug. 7, 2014

Now Earn Your NKBA CEUs from ASA University
American Supply Association
Seventeen courses have been approved for continuing education units with the National Kitchen & Bath Association. ASA University is a comprehensive training resource for the PHCP and PVF industry, and offers over 200 courses on topics ranging from product knowledge to general business acumen to other key competencies. "ASA University is committed to improving the workforce of all segments of the PHCP industry," states Amy Black, ASAEF's executive director. "With our ability to develop industry-specific training, we are firmly positioned to help NKBA professionals elevate their professionalism with role-based courses addressing topics such as profitability, time management, customer service and more, as well as courses on the products we all sell."More

Trade Association Heads Push Back Against LIFO Repeal
American Supply Association

Wrapping up Association CEO Day
and advocating against LIFO repeal
with Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-8), a senior
member of the House Ways & Means
Last week, ASA Executive Vice President Mike Adelizzi was invited to join with a small group of trade association leaders to spend the day on Capitol Hill meeting with lawmakers about the importance of LIFO to business large and small. Joining with the executives of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, the Food Marketing Institute, the National Grocers Association and the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, ASA was in a key position to stand up for small and family-run businesses in America.More

Begin Planning for the Future Today
American Supply Association
The ASA Education Foundation's Director of Professional Development, Doug Dillon, explained that succession planning spans beyond simply preparing for who will take over as the leader of a particular company. Dillon said the sooner a comprehensive succession plan of attack is in place, the better. "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago," he said. "The second-best time is today. Start planning for the future today." Check out the video where Dillon discusses what succession planning is and how ASA Education Foundation can help your company do it successfully. Also, come see Doug Dillon at NetworkASA 2014; he will be presenting and preparing your employees to perform their best and meet your business objectives.More

NetworkASA Deadline is Rapidly Approaching
American Supply Association
With a month to go, the turnout of distributor firms has already exceeded expectations, making this year's NetworkASA even larger than last year's highly successful event. NetworkASA 2014 is packed with big names, educational speakers, and all of your industry friends. Do not miss out on another extraordinary NetworkASA, this year in Las Vegas, Sept. 9-11. ASA's discounted block of rooms has sold out, but the standard rate at the Bellagio is still less than surrounding hotels. Please reserve your accommodations today. The event's online registration will be closing at the end of next weekregister now!More

American Supply Association
The American Supply Association and the ASA Safety Committee believe that investment in workplace safety and health not only protects worker's health but makes good business sense as well by improving the company's bottom line. The ASA Safety Awards recognize the safety excellence that exists within the ASA membership and will help identify best safety practices that lead to exemplary safety experiences. Don't miss out on your chance for recognition. Nominate your company today!More

Using Performance Data to Guide Your Future
American Supply Association
For 32 years, ASA's annual Operating Performance Report has served as the PHCP-PVF industry's basis for benchmarking individual company performance against typical and high-profit performers among selected industry segments and demographics. The OPR is an invaluable resource for wholesaler-distributors and vendors alike because...More

Beschloss: Is Tax Inversion Reversal Substantial or an Idle White House Initiative?
The Desert Sun
The increasing publicly held corporate strategy of accelerating tax inversion as a means of escaping the world's "highest" corporate tax rate is well-supported by an orchestrated publicity/propaganda campaign manifested by the ample lobbying power that these stock exchange-listed companies utilize as cover for shifting their all-time high cash positions overseas. Little Ireland seems to have become a favorite sanctuary, with a maximum 10% tax against the safe haven that the Emerald Isle provides these Fortune 500-leading titans.More

MAPI Report: Global Demographics Play Emerging Role for Manufacturers
Modern Materials Handling
The era of constrained labor supply is just beginning, and the decreasing share of populations that are in the working age cohort will keep human capital a front-burner issue for goods producers for decades, according to a new Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation report.More

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Improve Working Capital
By Scott Wolfe
The 2008 recession burned a lot of construction and building companies and made them become more financially disciplined. This discipline, however, is being challenged by improving market conditions. Since improving economies present high financial risks, it is more important than ever to understand and improve a company's working capital position. As the old business saying goes, "Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king." How can you boost your working capital? This article provides you with a cheat sheet.More