ASA Insights
Aug. 23, 2012

John Martin to Receive IPD Award of Excellence
American Supply Association

The Executive Council of the American Supply Association's Industrial Piping Division is pleased to announce John E. Martin, vice president of national account sales for Anvil International's mechanical products division, has been selected to receive the IPD Award of Excellence. This year will mark the first time the recipient represents our industry's vendor community.More

ASA Midwest Distributors Remain Robust
American Supply Association
American Supply Association distributors throughout the Midwest continued vigorous growth in July 2012 with Illinois-based member distributors leading the way reporting more than 30% growth for the trailing 12 months. Overall, ASA had a 6% increase in July 2012 per-day revenues as compared to the same month in 2011. Specifically, this is up 12.2% as compared to 2010, up a whopping 36.2% as compared to 2009, and up 23.6% as compared to 2008. More

Have You Registered for the Hottest Event of the Year?
American Supply Association
NetworkASA 2012 – Your Company, Your Industry, Your Future consists of four days filled with educational workshops, networking opportunities and speakers that will discuss all areas of business and future trends. Steve Forbes, George Foreman, Alan Beaulieu and Stu Rothenberg are just the tip of the iceberg. All of this means nothing, however, if you are not there to experience what NetworkASA 2012 has to offer. If you have not done so already, click here for an updated schedule-at-a-glance and here to register now to beat the Sept. 1 price increase.More

Be Recognized for Employee Safety
American Supply Association
The deadline has been extended but rapidly is approaching for the ASA Safety Committee's first annual Safety Recognition Award. The Safety Recognition Award was created to highlight ASA member efforts to achieve safety excellence while providing an opportunity to remind member companies of the importance of safety to their own company goals, including financial targets.More

Second Edition of PVF Outlook to be Published in November
American Supply Association
The second edition of PVF Outlook, an ASA-sponsored publication that debuted in June, will publish Nov. 12. With a total circulation of 20,000, PVF Outlook reaches ASA member end-users in the following fields:

Please click here or contact Scott Franz at 937-748-9975 for more publication details.More

Rising Gas Prices Not a Big Concern for Voters
Even as President Barack Obama considers using U.S. oil stockpiles to halt rising gasoline costs in an election year, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Tuesday shows economic pain at the pump is not a big concern for voters. Fuel and gas prices ranked last among 10 factors that influence voters in evaluating Obama's job performance and the country's direction, the poll found. Healthcare, the economy and jobs top the list, with gas prices also lagging behind foreign policy, immigration and education.More

New Residential Construction in July 2012
U.S. Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development jointly announced the following new residential construction statistics for July 2012.More

CBO Warns of Deep Recession if Congress Fails to Avert 'Fiscal Cliff'
The Hill
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on Wednesday warned the economy will enter a recession next year if the country goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. In its most dire warning yet about the fiscal cliff, the CBO said the economy would contract by 0.5% in calendar year 2013 if the George W. Bush-era tax rates expire and automatic spending cuts are implemented.More

Copper, Crude Oil Lower on Japanese Export Slump
Resource Investor
Growth-sensitive crude oil and copper prices are following stocks lower in European trade in the wake of disappointing Japanese trade balance figures. The report showed exports fell at an annual pace of 8.1% in July, marking the largest drop in six months. Japan is the world's fourth-largest exporter and markets appear to have interpreted the sharp decline in overseas sales in terms of its implications for slowing global demand.More

Steel Mills in China Slash Orders for Iron Ore
Reuters via The New York Times
Chinese steel mills, suffering from weak demand at home, have either defaulted on supply contracts or have deferred taking shipment of as much as four million tons of iron ore this month after a rapid decline in prices, traders said. The bulk of that contracted volume has found its way into the spot market, adding pressure to iron ore prices that have slumped 23% this year.More

Manufacturing Boom: Trade School Enrollment Soars
Trade schools nationwide are bursting at the seams as demand for skilled factory workers pushes enrollment to record highs. American manufacturers in certain sectors are enjoying a rebirth fueled by the return of overseas production back to the United States. As factories crank up, they have an urgent need for high-skilled workers such as machinists and tool-and-die makers knowledgeable in computers.More

David Johnson: The New Look of Manufacturing
Business Insider
Through the spring and summer, the business press has been abuzz with talk of a manufacturing resurgence in the U.S. This is not baseless chatter. Years of experience have educated many companies in the harsh realities of offshoring significant levels of production. Consistent challenges regarding legal protections, labor cost increases, freight costs, and the sheer managerial complexity of coordinating foreign operations have led many companies to cease offshoring initiatives and, in some cases, to even reverse them. Several trends are driving a massive change in manufacturing.More