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Aug. 27, 2015

Recognizing Members for Outstanding Workplace Safety
American Supply Association
The volunteer leaders of the American Supply Association's Safety Committee are pleased to announce that the 2015 ASA Member Safety Recognition Awards will be presented to three wholesaler-distributors and two manufacturers at Network2015 on Oct. 27 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. To be considered for the award, a company must apply by submitting their OSHA 300A form with the previous calendar year's data. The OSHA 300A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses is a log that businesses are required to maintain that summarizes employee injuries against the total number of man-hours logged by employees. The winning companies have the lowest Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) in the category.More

Fluidmaster President, Todd Tablot, Featured in Innovation Podcast Series
American Supply Association
Todd Talbot has led Fluidmaster since July 2011 bringing almost 30 years of building products industry experience to this leading organization that has been pioneering innovation for more than 50 years. In this five-episode podcast series of "Innovate for the Future," Todd Talbot, President of Fluidmaster, discusses the company's vision, culture, value proposition, business model and transformative leadership with the show's host Dirk Beveridge. This entire series and all episodes of Innovate for the Future are available in iTunes and on the Innovate for the Future.FM website. The first two episodes are now available. From the website, listeners will be able to download the episode transcript and access links of all the resources discussed in the episode. Episode 1 Episode 2More

MDM — Leaders Are Made.
American Supply Association
For current and future leaders, the Master of Distribution Management (MDM) Certification Program is all about empowering you to be the best leader you can be for your company. The MDM provides you with the skills to learn and lead with confidence. The Program is flexible so that you can make it work with whatever your schedule allows. REGISTER NOW and receive a 10% discount off the entire program.

Want to talk to someone about the program? Contact: Amber AugeMore

What's the Advantage in Networking?
American Supply Association
Did you know there is an opportunity to have 12 productive and effective business meetings in one afternoon with your channel partners? Having all these meetings in one afternoon – how much time and money would that save you? Add in educational opportunities that provide you with immediate takeaways you can implement now, along with a multitude of networking opportunities – now how much time and money would that save you? A LOT. This can all be accomplished by attending Network2015, the PHCP-PVF industry event, built upon networking and relationships. Be there among other owners and decision-makers from our industry while you maximize your time and create a new and effective way to connect with your channel partners. Don't wait as the event is rapidly filling up. More

Cybersecurity: Breaking the Cyber Kill Chain
American Supply Association
A cyber hack or attack can happen to anyone. From opening an infected email to working their way in through your firewall – do you know how to protect your assets? Plan on being a part of the ASA Finance Networking Council Event on Oct. 26 in Chicago to hear from expert Jeff Guggenheim, Regional Security Services Director of Dell SecureWorks on Cyber Security. Attend Jeff's presentation to learn how you can break the threat actor's ultimate goal of getting inside your network. In addition to the presentation, attendees will participate in roundtable discussions with their peers. This is a great investment of time and knowledge bases – plan on attending.More

Fractional Ownership Transition Strategies
Prairie Capital Advisors
For the owner of a closely held business contemplating ownership transition, a fractional ownership transition can often be an ideal strategy. There are a variety of benefits to a fractional ownership transition that can be especially attractive given the economic and marketplace conditions in which the business is operating. A fractional transition can also provide the business owner with the desired amount of liquidity, within the desired timeframe. As a business owner, before you overlook the possibility of a fractional ownership transition in lieu of a 100% external sale, consider the many different ways a fractional ownership transition can be structured and how it can work well for you. More

Inventory Management for Distributors
The Distribution Team
This is an opportunity to get your arms around the largest cash asset in the organization. During this two-day session, you will be exposed to solid inventory management and operational strategies. This goes way beyond the purchasing and analyzing of inventory trends. We drive the whole process back to net profit. From the decision to buy to the segregation of customers you serve, everything affects the inventory asset. Our job is to open your eyes to the potential bottom line improvement. We guarantee that you will walk away with at least 30 ways to get a better return on your investment. The class is limited to the first 40 participants, so enroll quickly. Event takes place in Chicago, Nov. 5-6. Save $150 if you register before Oct. 16. REGISTER NOWMore

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: US Supreme Court Short Circuits EPA's Free-Wheeling Restraints (USA Today)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

How Millennials Really Feel About Leadership
Business News Daily
Forget the stereotype of the "lazy millennial." Generation Y workers want you to see them the way they see themselves: as leaders. Forthcoming research from leadership development company Virtuali, which surveyed 550 millennials about their attitudes on leadership, found that, while just 48 percent hold official leadership titles, 72 percent consider themselves a leader in the workplace. More

15 Resources for Hiring an All-Star Team
When you're laser-focused on growing your company, you can't hire just anyone. You need a team of all-stars — people who can take your business to the next level and help shape the kind of organization you want to become. Hiring isn't easy, but it is fundamentally important to any company. Here are 15 resources to help you attract — and hire — all-star employees.More

3 Areas to Save on Energy Costs in the Warehouse
By Piyush Bakshi
Smart warehouses today have evolved into centers of sophisticated operations, and the energy requirements of these huge spaces have consequently gone up. Heating and lighting costs combine to make up 64 percent of the energy costs of warehouses in the United States. With energy prices inexorably creeping north over time, it makes sense that warehouse owners and operators be aware of what they can do to save on energy costs.More