ASA Insights
Aug. 28, 2014

Election Season is Heating Up, ASA PAC Gains Steam
American Supply Association
Two big events are right around the corner — the midterm elections and NetworkASA. It is not too late for you to take part and join a record number of your industry colleagues by standing up for the PHCP and PVF industry. As the only political action committee serving as the voice of the independent plumbing and PVF wholesaler and manufacturer we welcome and appreciate the consistent support of the members we represent. At NetworkASA, attendees will have an opportunity once again to strengthen our presence in the nation's capital — don't miss out!More

UnleashWD Innovation Summit 2014
UnleashWD is unlike any other conference you have attended. The wealth of ideas are designed to catalyze a wave of innovation by thinking differently about what your business can become in the future. Innovation, Business Model Design, Transformative Leadership, and Creating a Culture for the Future — all explored by 18 of the world's most innovative leaders. The event will take place in Chicago on Oct. 29-30.More

Only One More Work Week Until NetworkASA!
American Supply Association
NetworkASA 2014 is the most anticipated industry event of the year! With big-name speakers, educational sessions on topics not being presented anywhere else and so many of your industry friends representing hundreds of different wholesalers and suppliers, you don't want to miss the annual convention in Las Vegas on Sept. 9-11. REGISTER NOW as new registrations will be accepted up until the event, and while discounted rooms at The Bellagio are sold out, the standard rate is still less than at surrounding hotels.More

Beschloss: US Refineries Reach Record Production Revenue Volumes in Mid-Summer 2014
The Desert Sun
According to the highly reliable U.S. Energy Information Administration, America's 140 plus refineries were hitting record volume performance in mid-July, a pace that is continuing as the 2014 summer moves into even higher potentials as fall approaches. The pace of 16.8 million barrels per day of crude conversion is bound to be exceeded as worldwide demand on top of America's residential, commercial, and industrial needs put increasing pressure on the U.S.'s world-leading refining capabilities, with the acceleration of existing and newly tapped shales.More

Orion: Finding Oil, Gas Talent from the Ranks of Military Veterans
As many as 120,000 new oil and gas workers worldwide will be needed over the next decade as the industry's senior-most workers head toward retirement, according to a Sept. 5, 2013, story in The Telegraph. For oil and gas companies faced with the daunting task of finding all the high-quality workers needed to fill the void created by those departing workers, turning to military veterans could be one of the best moves they can make, according to the team at Orion International.More

HD Supply Waterworks Announces New Headquarters and Training Facility
Industrial Distribution
HD Supply Waterworks announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters and training facility in St. Louis. The move to the 60,000-square-foot facility provides a new base of operations for HD Supply Waterworks executive, administrative, sales, marketing and operations teams to better serve customers and position the company for sustainable long-term growth.More

As Consumer Confidence Soars, Businesses Scramble to Catch Up
By Katina Smallwood
The U.S. job market is showing signs of warming as small businesses and high-wage jobs are beginning to hire again. In July, the Consumer Confidence Index reached 90.9, the highest level since October 2007, marking the sixth straight month of job gains this year. Along with job gains, consumer spending increased by 0.4% in June. The harsh winter, a lagging housing market and inflation all had negative impact on the economy during the first half of the year, but things have heated up along with the weather.More