ASA Insights
Sep. 4, 2014

ASA Partners with UnleashWD for Innovation Summit
Andrew Berlin, a revolutionary in distribution is kicking off the first day of UnleashWD as our keynote storyteller. Andrew is the Chairman and CEO of Berlin Packaging, Chairman and Owner of the South Bend Silver Hawks baseball team, and is also a Limited Partner of the Chicago White Sox. Andrew has titled his presentation "Unleash Your Juggernaut in Five Lessons" and will share insights and inspiration from his career of building businesses and his belief that anything is possible. His 60 minutes could be the moment — that tipping point that puts your career and your company on a new path. REGISTER NOWMore

ASA's Industry Analyst Now Featured in USA Today
American Supply Association
ASA's Industry Analyst, Morris Beschloss, is now a regular contributor to USA Today. USA Today is now posting the daily Beschloss blogs previously found only on The Desert Sun. This makes them available to the millions of online readers of one of the U.S.'s most widely read daily publications. Beschloss' articles are also featured in ASA's weekly e-newsletter, ASA Insights. To access a full list of recent Beschloss articles, click here.More

Checked Your Pulse, Lately?
American Supply Association
ASA's Monthly Pulse Report is a FREE and EXCLUSIVE benefit that ASA wholesaler members frequently use in management and sales meetings when making decisions about inventory levels, purchasing, customer credit, etc. The participating wholesalers also find the report's information helpful in maintaining a productive relationship with their vendors, corporate financial institutions and accountants. Learn more and participate by Sept. 12.More

The Age of Disruption - 76% of Distributors Believe They Are Living In It
As a distribution leader, what bet will you take against the disruptive and nontraditional competitors who are some of the boldest, smartest and most relentless guys on the planet? There is no easy, quick fix, but by reading "The Bet Every Distributor Must Make" white paper, you will learn how to change the conversation and be a part a bold and innovative change. Read more about the age of disruption now.More

Beschloss: What's Behind the Current Global Commodity Price Slump?
USA Today
As the year 2014 got underway, it looked as if commodities in general, and energy, in particular, were headed for a boom year. And with an accelerating economic recovery, U.S. Treasury interest yields surprisingly dropping to postrecession lows, along with deteriorating geopolitical turbulence, the first quarter did not disappoint. In fact, the newly christened Bloomberg Commodity Index reached the best quarter since the beginning of the 2008 recession. In doing so, it far surpassed the stock market's S&P 500 performance during the first quarter 2014.More

Top Distractions in the Warehouse: 10 Proactive Ways to Eliminate Them
Industrial Equipment
When it comes to working in the warehouse, there are countless distractions such as technology, other employees and even personal issues. While not all distractions can be eliminated in a warehouse, they can surely be reduced to improve the safety and efficiency. This article lists 10 distractions to consider and address.More

Smart Factories Know how to Use Big Data
Alan Kelsky
Go to a meeting of any trade group or association, and someone is going to mention big data. I know of scores of companies that have multiple servers dedicated to storing all this data. So what? If they are not using the data to improve their business, storing it is a waste of server space and money.More

Manufacturers say business sizzles in August
There's been no summer doldrum for U.S. manufacturers: Business keeps getting better and better, and orders are at the highest level in 10 years, a survey of executives found. The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index jumped to 59 percent in August from 57.1 percent in July. That marked the second big gain in a row and pushed the gauge to its highest level since early 2011.More