ASA Insights
Sept. 9, 2010

What Do 75 OSHA Inspectors Know That You Don't?
American Supply Association
Find out during the FREE ASA Safety Webinar at 2 p.m. EDT Sept. 14. Brian Perry, national corporate accounts manager for Ansell Healthcare, will educate participants on the subject of "Reducing Hand Injuries and Managing PPE Costs While Maintaining OSHA Compliance." Perry will evaluate the current situation of personal protective equipment costs and the challenges many companies face today when trying to balance those with worker protection. A segment of the webinar will cover common hand injuries and their causes, PPE selection and OSHA compliance. It's FREE, so register today.More

New ASA HVAC/Hydronics Division to Meet at NetworkASA 2010
American Supply Association
Currently, ASA has four well-established special interest divisions: the Industrial Piping Division, the Vendor Member Division, the new Plumbing Division and the Young Executives Division. These groups oversee programs and services offered to ASA members with a special emphasis on meeting the unique needs of those companies whose businesses serve these market interests. ASA's Board of Directors recently has approved the creation of a fifth division — and second new one in six months — for HVAC/Hydronics. This group will hold its inaugural formation meeting from 1 to 3 p.m. Oct. 12 at the Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile during NetworkASA 2010.More

Survey of Public's Impressions on Manufacturing Reveals Paradox
Some 78 percent of Americans have a strong view of the significance of manufacturing, seeing it as very important to the country's economic prosperity, while 76 percent indicate that manufacturing is very important to the standard of living in the U.S. Contrast that with the fact that 55 percent think the long-term outlook for American manufacturing will be weaker moving forward, with only 30 percent of respondents saying they would encourage their children to pursue a manufacturing career.More

Tired of Waiting for the Economy to Improve?
American Supply Association
Take matters in your own hands. Control your own destiny. Sales guru Dave Kahle, famous for his Top Gun sales seminars, can show you how with his new "I Can" Selling System. Seventy percent of the companies that have invested in it have reported increased business, new customers, more gross margin and increased market share. Enroll in one of 11 one-day seminars beginning in September at a location near you, or attend the series of webinars. ASA members receive a discount on registration fees.More

Top 10 Ways to Make Manufacturing Sexy
The 21st Century Supply Chain
There is an interesting post on the Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn Group titled "How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy Again?" started by Karin Lindner. Some may say that manufacturing was never sexy, but the author does a great job explaining what's behind the question and the significance of the answer. Bill DuBois thinks it goes for all of supply chains that getting our youth excited about all things manufacturing and supply chain will secure its future in North America. More

Knock Knock — It's Opportunity Waiting at Your Door
American Supply Association
Be sure to THRIVE, not just survive at NetworkASA 2010. By now you know NetworkASA has a great lineup of convention speakers: speakers to entertain, speakers to inform and speaker to make you think. You also know that NetworkASA has great networking events and one-on-one events to get work done, make progress and THRIVE in your business. You can't take advantage of the tools to help you thrive unless you register to attend NetworkASA 2010! Don't wait; opportunity doesn't.More

Supply Chain Disruption Remains Significant Risk for North American Manufacturers
Some economic indicators say we're in a rebound. Others suggest the recovery has reached a plateau. Based on the latest quarterly results from the MFGWatch survey, only one thing is certain: there's still quite a remarkable level of instability out there, and this is no time to ease up on your strategies for supplier risk management. For example, consider this finding.More

M. Cooper Supply Welcomes K&L Supply to the Goode Industries Family of Companies
American Supply Association
ASA member M. Cooper Supply recently announced that K&L Supply of Hanover Park, Ill., has joined the Goode Industries family of companies. "Currently, our family consists of four companies," shares Dennis Goode, president of M. Cooper Supply Co. "The plumbing division includes M. Cooper Supply and K&L Supply, offering a full line of commercial and residential fixtures, faucets, pipe, valves and fittings. In addition, our cabinet division encompasses M. Cooper Cabinet Company, which offers residential cabinets and countertops, along with Out of the Woods, a custom cabinet manufacturer of commercial casework and architectural cabinetry. Our ultimate goal is to provide a better value to our customers." K&L Supply will continue to provide its services under the K&L name and management team.More