ASA Insights
Sep. 12, 2013

Clearer Skies Ahead For Small Business Lending
Industrial Distribution
Having closed 36% of all recent business loans made by the five major local credit unions, GTE Financial sees a definite uptick in small business lending. "Credit unions have always been more people-oriented, working with small-business owners who thought they couldn't get much attention from banks," says Shamus McConomy, vice president of member business services at GTE Financial. "We're willing to roll up our sleeves and go onsite to see what the business owner needs."More

ASA CFO Networking Council to Tackle Health Care Reform
American Supply Association
Are you familiar with the health care reform requirements that are slated to become effective on Jan. 1, 2014? Many of the details are unclear, and a road map is needed to better understand all of the regulations and implications that are entailed. On Monday, Oct. 21, ASA's CFO Networking Council will meet in Chicago and hear from industry expert John Malachowski, Gallagher Benefit Services, who will discuss Health Care Reform in detail and cover specifically how it will affect your business.More

Make Your NetworkASA 2013 Conference Appointments NOW
American Supply Association
In less than three weeks, a record number of attendees will visit our nation's capital for NetworkASA 2013. Manufacturers who will be participating in the Wholesaler and Vendor Conference Appointments at the event are currently scheduling appointments with distributors. We ask that distributors please take a few minutes to accept or decline requests from manufacturers as to expedite the appointment-making process. Please note that the FaceTime appointment-making software will be made available up until the Wholesaler and Vendor Conference Appointments to allow for any last-minute changes. Contact Ruth Mitchell at 630-467-0000, ext. 210, with any NetworkASA 2013 or appointment-related questions.More

Beschloss: US Housing Recovery Will Continue Expansion, But Not Replicate Previous Residential Boom
The Desert Sun
With recent statistics noting "air pockets" in the post-recession, stuttering economic recovery, new doubts are being cast on the future of America's housing comeback. On a year-to-year basis, the expansion of additional residential construction seems to have plodded ahead at a low double digit rate, with expectations of a forthcoming pickup, even if that rate is modest by previous standards.More

July Wholesale Trade Revenues Up 0.1% From June
Modern Distribution Management
Wholesale trade revenues in July were $426.1 billion, up 0.1% from June and up 5.7% from July 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The June preliminary estimate was revised downward $100 million. July sales of durable goods were down 0.6% from last month but up 4.8% from a year ago. Sales of motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts and supplies were down 3.1% from the prior month.More

Five Reasons Every Employer Needs an Employee Handbook
By D. Albert Brannen
The days of believing that a handbook can cause more harm than good are long gone. In today's business environment, a handbook serves both as a sword to carve out your legal rights, as well as a shield to protect them. A handbook sets expectations, encourages employees to behave in certain ways, helps ensure employees are treated consistently, publicizes employee benefits and helps win unemployment claims and lawsuits. These are just a few of the reasons why every employer, regardless of the number of employees, should have one.More

How the Mechanics Lien Can Clean Up Your Accounts Aging Report
By Scott Wolfe
If you're a credit or accounting professional in the construction industry, the accounts receivable aging report is a familiar document. You're likely to pull this report at least once per month and watch all of your troubled accounts migrate from current to 30-60 days past due to the dreaded 90-plus days overdue column. You know it, and anyone with collections experience will confirm it: After a debt is in the 90-plus day column, it's nearly doomed. So, what can you do to prevent your debts from getting too dusty, and what can you do to stop collecting so many write-offs?More