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Sep. 22, 2016

ASA Launches Codes and Standards Committee
American Supply Association
The American Supply Association has officially launched its Codes and Standards Committee. The scope of the Codes and Standards Committee is to review and discuss plumbing, HVAC, hydronics and PVF codes as well as standards and regulatory activities. The Codes and Standards Committee will submit and review public proposals submitted to the model codes such as IAPMO, ICC and NFPA. Overall, the Codes and Standards Committee will discuss issues that affect ASA and its members. The committee will be governed by the ASA Regulations Governing Consensus and will consist of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers for the plumbing, HVAC and PVF industry. More

ASA Recognizes Companies for Outstanding Safety
American Supply Association
The volunteer leaders of the American Supply Association’s Safety Committee are pleased to announce that the 2015 ASA Member Safety Recognition Awards will be presented to three wholesaler-distributors and three manufacturers at NETWORK2016 on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. To be considered for the award, a company must apply by submitting their OSHA 300A form for the previous year. The OSHA 300A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses is a log that businesses are required to maintain that summarizes employee injuries against the total number of man-hours logged by employees. The winning companies have the lowest Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR). More

4000 Strong & Growing
American Supply Association
Over the last five years, ASA’s overall membership among all channel partners has grown by more than 50.0% with the number of wholesaler-distributor members having increased by nearly 16.0%. Today, ASA is proud to represent 325 PHCP-PVF wholesalers with 4,000 locations across the U.S. ASA continues to take steps to sustain this growth and further solidify its partnership with industry buying groups, including Affiliated Distributors. Last week, staff participated in the conference appointment sessions at AD’s 2016 PHCP North American Meeting in Dallas for face-to-face meetings with members and new member prospects alike. "ASA enjoys a great partnership AD, and this meeting is a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase the association's accomplishments and new initiatives to more than 250 wholesalers and suppliers in just a few days," said Michael Adelizzi, ASA's Executive Vice President.More

AD Spirit of Independence Awards Recipients
American Supply Association
ASA congratulates its members who are also affiliates and suppliers in Affiliated Distributors (AD) that received Spirit of Independence awards last week at AD’s 2016 North American Meeting in Dallas, including Bradford White, Blackman Plumbing Supply, Capitol Group, Keidel Supply, Merit Brass, MKS Pipe & Valve, Pace Supply, Thos. Somerville and Valley Supply. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!More

Impress Your Future Workforce with a Company Tour
Industrial Careers Pathway
Everyone is competing for quality, skilled entry-level employees. Be one step ahead and learn the value of hosting a company tour for potential new hires! During this ICP-sponsored webinar, Karmen Wilhelm, APR, VP Marketing, Van Meter Industrial, shares how company tours for the community can result in recruiting top quality talent in the future. Join Karmen on Friday, September 23 at 11:00 a.m. Central for "Impress Your Future Workforce with a Company Tour" webinar. REGISTER NOWMore

New Online Course: Team Excellence

ASA University is pleased to announce that Team Excellence is now complete and is available online, in our store. This online course gives employees the tools they need to function on high performing teams. Effective collaboration not only helps to increase the quality of results, but also the productivity. Participants fundamentally learn to CARE by discovering techniques for effective Communication, maximizing individual Ability, producing Results, and fostering Esprit de corps. Among these techniques, they learn to create synergy, set goals, cultivate accountability, and coordinate effective team building activities, effectively allowing them to achieve high performance. LEARN MOREMore


“ASA supports what we're trying to accomplish, which is to be a great distributor, and a great employer. And, not necessarily in that order. Because if our employees believe we're "great", so will our customers.”- Jack Reed, Mountain Supply

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Finance Council Event: Advanced Controller and CFO Skills
American Supply Association
Join us as we hear an industry expert explain the critical skills that today's CFO's need to add value to their organization. This presentation will help you in determining how to become a powerful agent for positive change and coach for your team. Learn how to develop measurable missions and strategies and develop a tailored action suitable for your specific needs. The presenter will be Ronald Kral, CPA, CMA, CGMA, who is the managing partner of Candela Solutions, LLC, a public accounting firm with a national focus on governance, SEC compliance and internal auditing. The event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 10, 2016. MORE INFO & REGISTRATIONMore

Creating a Dead Stock Plan
American Supply Association
For the wholesaler-distributor, dead stock just happens. It tends to be one of the most universal challenges in our industry. Many of us take half-hearted stabs at reducing the amount – usually in times of low cash flow. What we really need is a plan of action to turn these captive dollars into investable cash. Join the Operations & Logistics Networking Council and Jason Bader on Tuesday, October 4 for a free webinar where participants will learn how to identify their current dead inventory, prevent new streams of dying product and create a long term strategy to unlock trapped cash. REGISTER NOWMore

Confined Spaces, Regulations You NEED to Know
American Supply Association
Do you or your employees perform work in tight spaces? There are OSHA regulations that govern this work, to keep them safe and to keep you compliant and help you avoid fines and penalties. This means that your facility can have a variety of confined spaces, including: boilers, conveyor enclosures, sub cellers, silos, tanks and tunnels. With a number of tasks already on your plate when it comes to your facility’s safety program, it can be overwhelming to understand what is required to reach and maintain regulatory compliance. Join industry leaders from Brady Corporation in a complimentary webinar sponsored by ASA’s Safety Committee. Register today for this free session to be held on Wednesday, October 12 at 2:00 EST/1:00 CST. You and your company cannot afford to miss this valuable educational opportunity. REGISTER NOWMore

Boards for Distributors
American Supply Association
More distributors are looking at the value of establishing a Board of Directors to gain perspective and fresh ideas from outside the company. Whether it’s a formal board or one that is more advisory in nature, a board can assist your team in stepping back and focus on higher level goals and vision. On Thursday, October 27, ASA’s CEO Peer Networking Council will host a webinar entitled Boards for Distributors: The Value of Utilizing a Board of Directors to Advance Your Distributor Business. During this webinar, you will learn the value of implementing a Board of Directors, if your Board should be a formal fiduciary Board or an advisory non-formal Board, what your board make-up should include, and how to get started and select an effective board. REGISTER NOWMore

USA Today to Feature the ICP Online Job Board
Industrial Careers Pathway
In just a few short weeks (between September 28-October 3), USA Today will be featuring Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP) and its Online Job Board in a special section capitalizing on Manufacturing Day 2016. Take advantage of the extra exposure of the USA Today audience of 250,000 across nine metro markets by placing your help wanted ads today on the ICP Online Job Board. ICP is a multifaceted North American workforce initiative supported by an alliance of industry associations including the American Supply Association and 9 others. ASA members are eligible for a 25% discount for 30 and 60-day job postings. For your discount promo code, please contact Bill Erfort at ICP JOB BOARDMore

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss
American Supply Association
This week's news: Why Small Businesses are Losing Confidence!

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4 Secrets Behind the Best Employee Training
In many ways, employee training is the secret to the long-term success of a workforce. The opportunities employees are given to grow and develop allow them to do their best work and advance their careers. These opportunities also keep a company competitive as its industry changes and evolves. From the top senior leadership to the newest hires, everyone benefits from great employee training. There’s just one problem: Most employees hate the training they receive.

Want help developing your own training program? Go to ASA-U Advisory Service today for more information. More