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Sep. 24, 2015

Supply House Times Supply House of the Year: Winsupply
Supply House Times
Dayton, Ohio, is known as the birthplace of aviation, specifically as the place where the Wright brothers got their start in true entrepreneurial fashion. There's also a PHCP-PVF company based in Dayton that knows a thing or two about entrepreneurs and helping them live the American Dream of owning their own business. And Winsupply Chairman of the Board Rick Schwartz sees plenty of similarities between the recently rebranded industry heavyweight (more on the name change shortly) and Dayton's native aviation sons. "The Wrights weren't well-financed, avoided the limelight and were self-taught engineers," says Schwartz, who has been with the company 43 years. "They competed and succeeded against many well-funded people such as Samuel Langley who was funded by the Smithsonian. They used their own finances which they earned fixing and selling bicycles, some of which they manufactured." More

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Training Spend?
American Supply Association
The ASA-U Advisory Service gives members a little extra "Help!" with their training, talent management and HR efforts. With it, ASA staff members roll up their sleeves and help your organization tailor the right solution for you. If you know you want to start Training, let's establish a plan to ensure you're focusing on the knowledge and skills to directly impact your business results! If you've done Training in the past or are currently doing so, but aren’t sure if it's making an impact, an Advisory Service engagement may be just what you need! To learn more about this valuable service, click HERE.More

Future Jobs: Solving the Employment & Skills Crisis
Midwest Distributors Association
The Midwest Distributors Association will host its 2015 Annual Meeting & Dinner on Monday, October 26 at Harry Caray's 7th Inning Stretch & Chicago Sports Museum in Chicago. Edward Gordon, author of "Future Jobs: Solving the Employment & Skills Crisis," and the founder and president of Imperial Consulting Corporation, will share practical, common-sense strategic workforce planning solutions that all of us need when creating and filling jobs. All MwDA members as well as channel partners from throughout the Midwest are strongly encouraged to participate. Click here for complete details; the deadline to RSVP is Friday, October 16.More

1st Annual Ride for Operation: Rise & Conquer
American Supply Association
Taking place at Network2015, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in a bicycling fundraiser for Operation: Rise & Conquer. Participants will pledge $50 or more and have a chance to ride with hand-cyclist and veteran Sgt. Michael Frazier USMC (Ret.). There are 3 options for attendees including a 30-mile or 10-mile ride along the Chicago lakefront and the option to just contribute to ORC. Contributors of $250, or more, will receive an official Operation: Rise & Conquer cycling jersey. The event will be at the Chicago Marriot Magnificent Mile on Tuesday October 27 at 7:00am. Register by October 15.More

Excitement Builds for THE PHCP-PVF Industry Event in Chicago
American Supply Association
In FIVE weeks the industry will meet at Network2015 in Chicago to experience networking, solidify relationships and hear from experts focused on providing tools to grow your business. If you have not already registered, you are missing out. From wholesale-distribution members both big and small – the strength created by coming together at the industry event is palpable. More than $12 Billion of purchasing power will be at the event – so don’t wait any longer to join your fellow owners and top decision makers to be a part of THE Industry event. Register today at

NOBODY is Immune to a Cyber Attack
American Supply Association
This Summer, the federal government lost the sensitive information of more than 21 million current and former government employees. Do you think your company, employees and financial data is safely protected from an attack? You may not think your company is a valuable target, but what if your bank or IT provider is targeted, what then? This is why you cannot afford to miss the ASA Finance Networking Council Event on Oct. 26 in Chicago to hear from expert Jeff Guggenheim,Regional Security Services Director of Dell SecureWorks on Cyber Security. Attend Jeff's presentation to learn how you can identify threats before they occur and prevent unwanted outsiders from achieving their ultimate goal of getting inside your network. In addition to the presentation, attendees will participate in roundtable discussions with their peers. This is a great investment of time and knowledge bases – plan on attending.More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: American Workers Widen European Counterpart Growth Gap (USA Today)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

25 Best Jobs in America
Want a new job? Glassdoor is here to help, identifying the Best Jobs in America for 2015. The jobs that make this report have the highest overall Glassdoor Job Score, determined by combining three key factors – number of job openings, earning potential and career opportunities rating. These jobs stand out across all three categories.More

How an Employee Training and Development Program Can Help Your Company
Smart Business: Houston via The Daniel Group
Training really sets a foundation for your staff as to what you're trying to get accomplished — your goals and visions. In addition, it gives employees an idea as to what's in the future, because as an employee goes through the interview and training process, he or she wants to know what he or she gains from taking the position.

Want help developing your own training program? Go to ASA-U Advisory Service today for more information.More