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Sep. 28, 2017

ASA Comments on Overtime Rules
American Supply Association
While the courts have ruled and made the 2016 Overtime rules null and void, the Trump Administration has been moving ahead with re-writing the rules, making them more reasonable and less burdensome on employers. Seeking information from those impacted, the Department of Labor received nearly 200,000 comments, some in support of the current rules and many others in opposition. Included in ASA’s comments was thoughtful testimony from our members, such as “As an employer and worker myself, I can understand reasonable minimum wage laws. The problem I have with this regulation, is that it limits the opportunity for my employees to grow and learn as well as my ability to train and compensate my employees. I shouldn't be limited by or limited to what duties my employees are willing and able to do for their compensation. There is not a one size fits all solution.” More

ASA Young Executives Division Is Now Emerging Leaders
American Supply Association
One of ASA’s long-standing special interest divisions, Young Executives (YE), has changed its name to Emerging Leaders. This change comes after discussions, amongst ASA’s Executive Committee and the division’s council who collectively aim to further expand the group by appealing to key decision-makers of member companies and their next generation of leadership. “Emerging Leaders” speaks to all industry up-and-comers who are looking to develop and grow in this industry, whether someone is 23 or 43. According to Emerging Leaders Chairman, Patrick Maloney of Coburn Supply Co., “Our name is changing to Emerging Leaders, but our formula for success within ASA has not. We are providing quality programming and creating ways to expose our Emerging Leaders to this amazing industry.” More

Tax Reform Delays Sec. 232 Ruling, However Commerce Dept. Still Prioritizing Steel Imports
American Supply Association
On Friday, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced his department’s delaying of a critical investigation into steel imports until tax reform is signed by the president. Known as a Section 232 investigation, the Commerce Department had been looking into the impacts on national security by foreign shipments of steel. If found to be a justifiable threat, the White House is authorized to adjust imports unilaterally without the input of Congress. While that action appears to have been set aside, it should be noted that the Commerce Dept. remains hard at work looking into other import issues important to our members, such as imports of Cold-Drawn Mechanical Tubing from China and India. To learn more click here and here.More

Make Your Move™
ASA Advisor©
Make investments now ahead of increasing activity. Invest in workforce development to ensure your employees are trained, and consider repairing or replacing old and worn equipment to ensure your company can handle higher workloads without productivity inefficiencies. Log in to MY ASA to access ASA’s latest macroeconomic forecast report for the PHCP-PVF industry.More

OSHA Announces Policy for Enforcing Silica Rule Beginning on September 23
SESCO Management Consultants
On September 20, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that from September 23 through October 22, it will help employers who are trying to comply with its rule on respirable crystalline silica, which requires construction employers to limit worker exposure to silica. During that 30-day period, all citations under the rule will be reviewed by OSHA at the national level. Read more to see the new employer requirements.More

Team Excellence

Organizations know that every one of their employees is valuable and contributes unique talents and experience to each project or task at hand. Effective collaboration not only helps to increase the quality of results, but also the productivity. Team Excellence is the one-hour training resource that ensures teams achieve these outcomes. Participants fundamentally learn to CARE by discovering techniques for effective Communication, maximizing individual Ability, producing Results, and fostering Esprit de corps. Among these techniques, they learn to create synergy, set goals, cultivate accountability, and coordinate effective team building activities, effectively allowing them to achieve high performance. More

Just Two Weeks Away!
American Supply Association
In two weeks ASA will be rocking in Music City for NETWORK2017 and we want you to join us! Keep your company on solid foundation by building your bottom line at NETWORK2017. ASA has planned various opportunities for education and networking along with speakers who will share valuable information that attendees can share with their teams. The highlight of NETWORK is the Wholesaler and Vendor Conference on Thursday afternoon. NETWORK2017 cultivates the value of connecting TOP DECISION- MAKERS from both sides of the marketplace all in one room. Now is the time to register to attend NETWORK2017 in Nashville this October 11-13. More

The MDM Certification Program Is Leadership Training Tailor-Made For You
American Supply Association
Don’t take our word for it. Here is what Larry Davis of Hirsch Pipe & Supply our second MDM graduate, had to say about the program, “As an industry veteran I know how important it is to never stop learning. The MDM program provided me with the opportunity to continue to grow as an individual. I was able to utilize a lot of the information that I received taking the ASA University MDM classes. I have found the information useful in many aspects of my work life.” Larry completed the MDM Fast Track which is an option meant for people with greater experience within the distribution industry looking to further their Leadership Skills. More

Attorney for Cold-Drawn Mechanical Tubing Suit Wrote Playbook for Importers
Kelley Drye
In 2014, the attorney that filed the aforementioned case published an article entitled “Supply Chain Basics: Thirteen Things Every Importer Should Know About Risks Involved With Sourcing Products Subject to AD/CVD Orders.” And as the author notes, “these risks are often not well understood by importers, but they have potentially expensive consequences.” In light of the Department of Commerce’s ongoing engagement into imports related to various components used in the PHCP and PVF supply chain, interested participants may be interested in learning more about this topic. More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss
American Supply Association
This week's news: US Oil Exports Reach Record Global Levels

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The Big Reason Why You Should Hire Highly Educated Employees
When you’re looking to hire, you’re thinking about cultural fit and whether a candidate has not only the qualifications to fulfill your company’s needs now, but also the potential to take on more responsibility in the future. Despite the debate around whether leaders need college degrees, a recent study out of the University of Georgia found that the educational background of non-executive hires can make a big difference in the long term success of your business -- and keep you out of trouble with the law.

Want help developing your own training program? Go to ASA-U Advisory Service today for more information.More