ASA Insights
Oct. 30, 2014

Equity Plumbing Group Awards ASA Members at Annual Meeting
American Supply Association
This week, the American Supply Association continued to solidify its partnership with Equity Plumbing Group to advance advocacy, business intelligence, education and networking for the PHCP and PVF industry. Mike Adelizzi, Amy Black and Chris Murin participated in the Member-Vendor One-on-One Meetings and also had a booth set-up at Equity's annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. This gave ASA staff a chance to meet face to face with many current members and prospects. ASA's Director of Government Affairs, Dan Hilton, was a featured speaker, giving Equity members a Washington update.

ASA would also like to recognize the wholesaler and vendors that received awards, including Delta Faucet, Legend Valve, H2O Supply and Smith-Cooper International. Congratulations to these ASA members on the well-deserved recognition.More

PSDA's Brad Englert to Serve on the ASA Executive Committee
Pacific Southwest Distributors Association
After years of service as PSDA's delegate to the ASA Board of Directors, Brad Englert, Ideal Supply, Las Vegas, has been selected to serve on the Executive Committee of the American Supply Association. The official announcement of Englebert's new post was made at NetworkASA, held Sept. 9-11 in Las Vegas.More

University of Innovative Distribution Registration Now Open
American Supply Association
Recognized for its excellence in education, the ASA-sponsored University of Innovative Distribution is a concentrated, continuing education program focused on the unique needs of the industrial distribution industry. The four-day program allows attendees to build a custom curriculum from over 40 courses on the key functional disciplines relevant to industrial distribution. Space is limited and sells out quickly. REGISTER NOWMore

The Criminalization of American Business
The Economist
The cover story for the Aug. 30 - Sept. 5 edition of The Economist should be mandatory reading in every school as an example of how even a democratic government can behave tyrannically. The article was inspired by the astounding $17.2 billion settlement reached with Bank of America for mortgage misdeeds performed prior to BoA ownership by subsidiaries Countrywide and Merrill Lynch, both of which the government coerced BoA into buying during the 2008 financial crisis. Take some time to read this story, although be forewarned, it's likely to make your blood boil. More

Sales People Sell Better with Better Sales Management
The Kahle Way
Kahle Way® is coming to the Chicago area Dec. 11-12. In a world where it is more and more difficult to distinguish yourself on the basis of product, service or price, the best companies separate themselves from everyone else by the quality of their sales forces. That's why Kahle Way® is offering you the opportunity to "sell better" by helping your sales managers manage better. Over 2,033 people have been trained and licensed in the Kahle Way® Sales Management System. The seminar provides sales managers with a simple, highly effective five-part system that can be transformational for your company. For more information, click here.More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: New Mergers and Acquisitions Driven by Upcoming Federal Action (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

Help Your Team Spend Time on the Right Things
Harvard Business Review
What is the most common resource that's always in short supply? The answer, of course, is time. This applies not only to your time, but to your team's. It's the one organizational resource that is neither expandable nor renewable. Therefore, making sure that time is spent in ways that will have the biggest impact is a critical determinant of organizational success.More

What is Your Strategy for Speed? Part 2: Distribution
Industrial Distribution
There are three levels of your strategy at which to consider the influence of speed: 1) Overall Business Strategy (What are the requirements around speed?) 2) Distribution Strategy (Where can you reduce time in transportation, inventory and other strategies that influence distribution?) 3) Distribution Center Strategy (How do you speed up fulfillment within the four walls of the DC without losing accuracy and increasing cost?).More

Designing tomorrow's distribution centers today
By Ken Ackerman
At a time when the warehousing industry is relatively prosperous, it is natural for operators to be working on acquisition of new facilities and/or expansion of old ones. Your expansion could either be a construction project or the adaptation of an existing building to meet both today's and tomorrow's needs. Designing a new warehouse starts with an understanding of what goes on inside. Few businesses can assume that a wrongly sized building can be corrected by growth or by renting or subletting temporary space.More