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Nov. 5, 2015

ASA Members Make Generous Contribution at Network2015
American Supply Association
ASA and Bradley Corporation present a
check to Sgt. Michael Frazier USMC
(Ret.) and the Adaptive Sports Center's Operation: Rise & Conquer program.
During a record turnout at Network2015, ASA members were able to break another record. This record was the amount of money raised for Operation: Rise & Conquer. Over the course of two days, members raised $35,000 which totals $110,000 on the year. This puts ASA over its 2015 goal of $100,000 and will allow 36 veterans to participate in the week-long adventure in Crested Butte, Colorado. Through the instruction and equipment of the Adaptive Sports Center, Operation: Rise & Conquer is designed to empower, support and inspire wounded soldiers and veterans to regain confidence and trust in themselves and others through summer and winter outdoor adventure activities. Bradley Corporation presented a check for $55,665 to ORC from their Summer Sales Initiative to raise funds for ORC. Now, Fluidmaster has kicked off their initiative where they’ve redesigned their flapper packaging to raise upwards of $25,000 for ORC. The hope is that more and more ASA members utilize their resources and put them towards this great program.More

Innovate for the Future with Don McNeely and Dirk Beveridge
Don McNeeley has led U.S. LBM since its founding in the summer of 2009 creating a portfolio of twenty divisions with sales in excess of $1.3 billion. In this five episode podcast series of Innovate For The Future, Don McNeeley, President and CEO of Chicago Tube and Iron, discusses the company's vision, culture, value proposition, business model, and transformative leadership with the show's host Dirk Beveridge. The conversations explore The Innovative Distributor™ model that Beveridge discovered in his ground breaking research for the National Association of Wholesalers Institute for Distribution Excellence. This entire series and all episodes of Innovate For The Future will be available in iTunes and on Beveridge's website. Episode one and two in the series are available today. From the website, listeners will be able to download the episode transcript and access links of all the resources discussed in the episode. EPISODE 1  EPISODE 2More

Fluidmaster Helps Wounded Vets with Special Edition Flapper
When Fluidmaster VP of Engineering, Adam Sampson volunteered to assist wounded active duty and veteran service men and women for a week in the Colorado Rockies as part of Operation Rise and Conquer (ORC), he may not have been quite ready for what he was about to experience. "These folks never missed a beat!” recalled Sampson. "Whether it was mountain biking, fishing, or white water rafting the ORC participants kept up the whole time in spite of any physical limitations." Now Fluidmaster, the worldwide leader in toilet trim and repair parts, has created a way for everyone to give back to these determined service men and women simply by repairing their toilet. Beginning in November of 2015, Fluidmaster is launching a special “Operation Rise & Conquer” version of their popular PRO56 solid frame adjustable flapper with a portion of the proceeds – with a minimum guaranteed commitment of $25,000 – going directly to assist the ORC program. More

Time to Check Your Pulse
American Supply Association
Each month, ASA partners with Industry Insights and ITR Economics to compile data from wholesaler members that provides a snapshot on industry performance as well as how it relates to the broader economy. The value of this report is directly related to the number of wholesaler firms that contribute data each month - the greater the number of respondents, the more comprehensive and useful is the report and accompanying analysis. The participation deadline for wholesaler members to submit data for the November report is November 11. Learn more about this FREE and EXCLUSIVE benefit that ASA members frequently use when making key decisions.More

Confronting U.S. Workforce Decline
The Gordon Report
The October Jobs Opening and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) produced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics points to significant long-term trends in the U.S. labor market. In August 2015, the jobs opening rate was 3.6 percent. This was higher than the jobs opening rate registered before the beginning of the 2009 recession at the same unemployment level. Also since February 2015, job openings have exceeded hires for seven consecutive months. In contrast, except for August 2014, hires exceeded job openings from December 2000 to January 2015. Why is the overall U.S. economy not improving if the job openings rate is increasing? More

UID Registration Now Open!
University of Innovative Distribution
The University of Innovative Distribution is a concentrated educational program focused on the unique needs of the wholesale distribution industry. 2016 marks the 22nd year that UID has been serving the supply chain. Known worldwide for excellence in education, UID is sponsored by the leading distribution professional associations, in cooperation with the Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation of Purdue University. Working together, these groups take great pride in providing a superior learning experience. Learn More with the UID Brochure. REGISTER NOW


Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: California Energy Bill Economically Debilitating (USA Today)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

4 Ways to Build a Company Employees Just Don't Want to Quit
When an employee quits, you don't just lose the time, money and effort you invested in that person. According to an article published by Vocoli, you also threaten to overwork the remaining staff and lower the productivity of your team. Further, you then need to allocate more funds towards interviewing potential replacements and training them.

Want help developing your own training program? Go to ASA-U Advisory Service today for more information.More