ASA Insights
Nov. 21, 2013

Equity Plumbing Group Awards ASA Members at Inaugural Meeting
American Supply Association
Last week, the American Supply Association took another step in solidifying its partnership with Equity Plumbing Group to advance advocacy, business intelligence, education and networking for the PHCP and PVF industry. Mike Adelizzi, Amy Black and Chris Murin participated in the Member-Vendor One-on-One Meetings at Equity Plumbing Group's inaugural meeting in Orlando, Fla. "ASA enjoys a growing partnership with Equity Plumbing Group, and this meeting was an outstanding opportunity for us to showcase the association's accomplishments and new initiatives to more than 100 wholesalers and suppliers in just a couple of days," said Michael Adelizzi, ASA's Executive Vice President.More

New SBA Report Lays out Need for Tax Fairness Among Small Sellers
American Supply Association
The Marketplace Fairness Coalition, of which ASA is a steering committee member, released the following statement regarding this week's study from the Small Business Administration analyzing the issue of marketplace fairness and the need for a responsible solution at the federal level. The Coalition represents thousands of American businesses — large and small, as well as both brick-and-mortar and online. This comprehensive study by the SBA confirms that a federal marketplace fairness solution is needed to level the retail playing field, protect small businesses and restore states' rights.More

The Wholesaler Introduces The McNeeley View
The Wholesaler
Earlier this year, The Wholesaler introduced a quarterly video series titled The McNeeley View, which features columnist Dr. Donald McNeeley, well-known PVF industry executive, President and CEO of ASA member Chicago Tube and Iron and professor at Northwestern University School of Engineering.More

Beschloss: Infrastructural Development Key to 2014 Gross Domestic Product Expansion
The Beschloss Perspective
Just as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), the "miraculous" expansion of the Bakken Belt, the Marcellus Shale, the Eagle Ford, and the Permian Basin provided a major thrust to the oil and natural gas sector in 2013, a major infrastructural pipeline development will generate a long overdue pipeline network, both for fossil fuels, as well as the lagging national expansion of electric power distribution.More

September Distributive Trade Sales Up Slightly from August
Modern Distribution Management
The combined value of distributive trade sales and manufacturers' shipments in September, adjusted for seasonal and trading-day differences but not for price changes, was estimated at $1.3 trillion, up 0.2% from August and up 2.9% from September 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.More

Why M&D Firms Must Look Outside Their Expertise for Innovation
Industry Today
If the greater U.S. manufacturing and distribution sector hopes to remain competitive in what many analysts perceive as a stagnant environment, it's critical that it continues to find new ways to innovate. One way to do so, according to one expert, lays in nontraditional merger and acquisition activity.More

Never Drop Your Prices Again: How to Stop Selling on Price
The Huffington Post
Marc Wayshak, author of "Game Plan Selling" and "Breaking All Barriers," describes four ways to stop selling on price.More

Six Things Managers Should Not Talk About At Work
By D. Albert Brannen
Managers have a special role for employers because they are legal agents. What they say, do and know can be attributed to their employer. Depending on the issue, employers can be strictly liable for the conduct of managers. Several laws come into play here, but there are certain things that managers should absolutely not talk about with employees or anyone else at work. This article lists six of these topics, but by no means is this an exhaustive list.More