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Nov. 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from the American Supply Association

The staff of the American Supply Association and the ASA Education Foundation would like to wish all of our members and industry friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. In recognition of the holiday, ASA offices will be closed Thursday, Nov. 23, and Friday, Nov. 24. Normal office hours will resume Monday, Nov. 27.More

Solid Performance by PHCP-PVF Distributors in October
American Supply Association
ASA’s Monthly Pulse Report provides a regular snapshot of performance for the PHCP-PVF industry. For the month ending October 31, 2017, wholesaler-distributors reported a median sales increase of 10.0% compared to the same month in 2016. Calendar year-to-date, all respondents reported median sales growth of 6.5%, and the median increase for the trailing twelve months was 7.3%. Inventory rose 6.0% compared to prior year, and the median three-months average days' sales outstanding decreased from 44.1 in September to 43.1 days. 52.9% of the respondents reported an increase in gross margin percentages for the month of October, 2017, versus 2016, and company YTD profit before taxes increased for 65.5% of the total sample. The percentage of respondents having more Full-Time Equivalent employees compared to a year ago increased from 55.6% in September to 60.7% in October. LEARN MOREMore

NGBS Development in Full Swing
Development of the next edition of the National Green Building Standard is in full swing. The International Code Council and NAHB — partners on the first edition of the standard in 2008 — are working to update the nationally recognized rating system that will now have an expanded scope. The ASA Codes and Standards Committee will be participating in the revision process and submitting comments as appropriate.More

SESCO Special Report: Harassment in the Workplace
SESCO Management Consultants
The society that we live in has been hyper sexualized and this culture bleeds into the workplace and it is virtually impossible to separate the two. Further, with recent allegations in Hollywood, politics, the tech industry and academia, harassment, particularly sex harassment, has become the news of the day. Because of the significant liability, employers must take a very proactive and aggressive position. This special report is being provided due to the heightened awareness and sensitivity in today’s society and workplace regarding harassment. For more, click HERE.More

Best Practices in Sales Compensation

Join us on Thursday, November 30th at 10:00AM Central for this free webinar on Best Practices in Sales Compensation brought to you by ASA Women in Industry. Andrew Horvath and Ann Marie Verhamme are Certified Sales Compensation Professionals from Alexander Group, and they will be the presenters for the webinar. There are three main areas they will be covering during the webinar:


30 New Courses from Watts Water Technologies

ASA-U now offers 30 new courses from Watts Water Technologies. Log in or create an account to check out their courses, all FREE to ASA Member Distributors and Member Reps. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about Watt’s specific product lines.

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Your Discount Is Up To You
American Supply Association
Do you know that companies who donate to the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund are eligible to receive a 25% discount off virtually all education programs? ASA members continue to mention Education as their top reason for membership. One of the greatest competitive advantages a company can have in this volatile economy is a knowledgeable and attentive workforce. The discount works as follows: Donors are eligible to receive a 25% discount off virtually all of our programs, lasting until the gross amount spent is equal to that of your donation. Not a Donor? No problem, you can donate here and start receiving your donor discount today. Check out ASA University to see all of our offerings.More

6 Strategic Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for the Festive Season
The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated that Christmas and New Year sales last year passed $650 billion. This year, the NRF estimates the number to be closer to $680 billion.

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Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss
American Supply Association
This week's news: What Prompted “Teddy” Roosevelt’s US Expansionism

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