Washington Weekly
Feb. 9, 2015

Last Week

The House passed legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act, while also instructing committees to report legislation within each committee's jurisdiction with provisions that:

In addition, the House passed two bills that would improve the regulatory environment and are designed to bring greater cost-benefit analysis and transparency to the federal regulatory process. The Senate debated homeland security funding, but was unable to end debate and pass the legislation, they also took up several executive branch nominations.More

This Week

The House and Senate will formally send to the president legislation that would permit construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, it is expected that he will veto the bill. The legislation that originally passed the House and was amended in the Senate must be passed again by the lower chamber, which is expected to occur mid-week. The Senate will continue to pursue a path to fund the Department of Homeland Security, while also confronting the president's actions on immigration. The House will take up two popular tax extenders and move to make them permanent. One would permanently extend charitable contributions, including food inventory and tax-free distributions from retirement accounts for charitable purpose. The second is the popular section 179 expensing, which is important to members of ASA.More

Item of Interest

ASA continues to play a lead role meeting with and arranging meetings with the staff of the newly elected members of Congress on the pressing need to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act. Because of ASA members' unique perspective on this issue, our allies in the Marketplace Fairness Coalition need your help. If your member of Congress is new, they need to hear from you. We're busy arranging opportunities to publish op-eds and letters to the editor from stakeholders like the small-business owners that we represent. If you are represented by a freshman Member of Congress, dhilton@asa.net let us know, so we keep up our efforts to lead the fight!More

Obama Prepares for Divisive Veto
The Hill
President Barack Obama is just days away from issuing the biggest veto of his tenure, with Republicans poised to send him legislation that would authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Obama's veto — just the third of his presidency and the first since 2010 — is expected to come with little fanfare, with even opponents of the pipeline arguing the White House should avoid further angering Democrats and unions who want Keystone to be built. More

The 1 Word that Could Save 'Obamacare'
National Journal
The fate of "Obamacare" might hinge on the Supreme Court's interpretation of just one word: "such." Perhaps never before has so much been asked of "such." It is a key part of the Obama administration's argument urging the high court not to invalidate the Affordable Care Act's insurance subsidies in most of the country.More

GOP Avoids Showdown over EPA Climate Change Rules
Republicans' aggressive energy agenda has so far conspicuously sidestepped one of their biggest campaign-trail targets: the climate change rules from President Barack Obama's Environmental Protection Agency. The House GOP plans to steer clear of a showdown over the greenhouse gas rules in a broad energy package that it will unveil this week, raising questions about whether Republicans are grasping for a workable plan to stop the carbon dioxide regulations that EPA will issue later this year. More