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Aug. 11, 2014

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The House and Senate were in recess.More

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The House and Senate are in recess.More

Item of Interest

Are you hosting a counter day or customer appreciation event at one of your locations? With the House and Senate back home for the next five weeks, do not forget that unless they are retiring, these are individuals who need you and your employees to re-elect them. Don't hesitate to contact your elected officials today and invite them to visit your facility. Learn more here and contact our office to learn how we can help.

This week we're pleased that a Kentucky business is welcoming the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Showing the potential next leader of the Senate firsthand how the administration's energy policies could impact both Kentucky's energy economy and the PVF industry in general is irreplaceable. These are relationships that can benefit you and your company.More

McCarthy Memo on September Agenda Omits Ex-Im Bank
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy does not make any mention of Congress extending the controversial Export-Import Bank's charter in a memo Friday to House Republicans titled "Initial September outlook." Rather, McCarthy focuses on three other items which, he says, members might "wish to factor into your district events" over this summer recess — including a package that deals with the Keystone XL pipeline and other energy matters.More

Why Incumbents Shouldn't Feel Safe
Relatively few members of Congress have lost primaries this year, and so far, no senators have. But that doesn't mean they feel safe. And they shouldn't.More

Obama Opens Rift with Greens
The Hill
President Obama is moving toward opening the Atlantic Ocean to drilling in a major shift in U.S. policy that cuts against the administration's efforts to reduce global warming. Environmental groups applauding the President's pursuit of new power plant rules meant to reduce climate change are now preparing for a major battle over authorizing drilling in the Atlantic, and possibly the Arctic and Pacific oceans.More

Pollsters: 'Everything is Terrible'
Polls from major networks, researchers and newspapers agree: America's in a bad mood. In just one week, polls found politicians of all stripes are hitting approval numbers with record lows. The President finds himself roughly as popular as a trip to the dentist. The entire Democratic Party gets the thumbs down. Oh, and so does the Republican Party.More

More Money for Geothermal Fracking
Roll Call
The Energy Department will provide $18 million for 32 advanced geothermal research projects, it announced Wednesday.More