Washington Weekly
Oct. 6, 2014

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The House and Senate are in recess.More

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The House and Senate are in recess. Today, the Supreme Court begins its next term. It is expected to hear cases regarding use of power by the executive branch, religious liberty and once again, the Affordable Care Act. According to news reports this morning, the court has announced that they will not hear challenges related to domestic partnerships and various states’ attempts at banning same-sex marriages. More

Item of Interest

Just 28 days to go before the midterm elections. Do you know for whom who you'll be voting? If you're wondering where you elected official stands on various issues, we can help. By clicking here, you can learn who your elected official is and how he or she has voted on issues important to ASA and the business community. More

Labor Department Issues Minimum Wage Rules
The Hill
The Obama administration recently issued regulations requiring companies that do business with the federal government to pay their workers at least $10.10 an hour. A final rule unveiled by the Labor Department comes at the direction of President Barack Obama, who signed an executive order in February commanding the pay hike in lieu of congressional action to raise the national minimum wage.More

5 Supreme Court Cases to Watch
The Hill
The U.S. Supreme Court will dive back into questions involving the limits of executive branch power, religious freedom and scope of Fourth Amendment protections when Chief Justice John Roberts and crew return Oct. 6 to the bench. Those issues represent familiar terrain for the Roberts court, which opens its October term with a slate of roughly 50 cases on its docket.More

What are Candidates Talking About in the Final Stretch? Not the Economy
National Journal
In the last two weeks, House and Senate candidates have run ads about the government shutdown, plagiarism, Lisa Murkowski, the Islamic State and domestic violence. A Florida congressional candidate even mentioned Howard Dean, who last sought the presidency a decade ago. But one message has been notably absent: condemnation — or celebration — of the state of the economy.More

The 10 Most Vulnerable House Members
Roll Call
With a month to go until Election Day, House Republicans are poised to add at least a handful of seats to their majority in the midterms. Need proof? Look no further than October's list of Roll Call's 10 Most Vulnerable House Members, plus the four incumbents who got honorable mentions: The majority of the names are Democrats facing slogs to re-election in tough districts.More

NBC Poll: Good News for Senate Democrats
Democrats got some good news Oct. 5 in the battle for the Senate. An NBC/Marist poll of likely voters unveiled on "Meet the Press" showed Kansas GOP Sen. Pat Roberts down double digits, North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan with a 4-point lead and a neck-and-neck race in Iowa. The Kansas numbers are the most significant. Independent Greg Orman leads Roberts by 10 points, 48 to 38, in what until recently was seen as a safe Republican hold. More