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Oct. 13, 2014

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The House and Senate are in recess.More

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The House and Senate were in recess.More

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Last week, EPA announced a delay in its controversial "waters of the United States" rule. ASA will be joining with other stakeholders in the business community to challenge the EPA's proposal to dramatically expand its federal authority under the Clean Water Act so that it can regulate ditches as "tributaries," snow and rain runoff from equipment and storage areas, ponds and impoundments, and any area in which any water may drain into any other water. If approved, the proposed rule will hit existing facilities/operations and future facilities/operations by expanding EPA's authority to place restrictions on land use and make many more activities subject to a Clean Water Act permit.

The Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy has also come out against the proposed rule, see here.More

New Regulations for Oct. 14: Building Efficiency, Water, Acquisitions
The Hill
The Oct. 14 edition of the Federal Register contains new energy conservation standards for federal government buildings that are being built or renovated as well as a delay for a clean water rule. Here's what is happening: Water: The Environmental Protection Agency is delaying a controversial rule that would give the agency more authority to regulate water.More

7 Essential Facts About Ebola
National Journal
Ebola deaths are continuing to add up as countries and organizations — led by the U.S. — pour money into fighting it. This year has been the worst year for Ebola infections and deaths since the virus was first recognized in 1976. This article lists the grim numbers.More

Oil and Gas 'Soul Searching' Over Landrieu
Endangered Senate Energy Chairwoman Mary Landrieu has a new problem to worry about — the risk that her longtime supporters in the oil and gas industry would abandon her in a December runoff against Republican challenger Bill Cassidy. Even before the news of a personnel shakeup in the Louisiana Democrat's campaign, people in the industry were grappling with a tough decision: whether to stick with one of their staunchest champions on the Hill or embrace Cassidy in hopes of putting Republicans in charge of the Senate. More

Independents Could Control Power in Senate
Roll Call
The power in the Senate could increasingly flow not to Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell, but to a few independents who could hold the keys to the majority — and they know it. The two unexpected GOP trouble spots in the Midwest feature independent candidates who are making noise about not joining either side in a divided Senate. In Kansas it's Greg Orman, who is challenging longtime GOP incumbent Pat Roberts.More

A Maze to Opt Out of 'Obamacare' Individual Mandate
There are dozens of ways to escape "Obamacare's" individual mandate tax — but good luck figuring that out come tax season. Tens of millions of Americans can avoid the fee if they qualify for exemptions like hardship or living in poverty, but the convoluted process has some experts worried individuals will be tripped up by lost paperwork, the need to verify information with multiple sources and long delays that extend beyond tax season. More