Washington Weekly
Oct. 20, 2014

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The House and Senate were in recess.More

This Week

The House and Senate remain in recess. District meetings are still being scheduled with members of the House whose support we need in order to have any success in seeing Marketplace Fairness pass when Congress returns. Be on the lookout for a meeting notification near you.More

Item of Interest

Don't forget: Signatures are still being collected to add your company's name to this letter. In just three days, we're proud to have more than 40 businesses and ASA regional affiliates. There is still time to get your company onto this letter and stand up to make 2014 the last year for the online sales tax disparity. Contact us today at dhilton@asa.net, and add your company's name to this letter today.More

Gubernatorial Races Poised to Make History in 2 Weeks
The Washington Post
You wouldn't know it by following the Senate-control-centric coverage of the midterm elections emanating from Washington, but we could well be headed toward a historic gubernatorial election in 15 days. Not since 1984 have more than six sitting governors lost in any one election. But, 30 years after that gubernatorial carnage, a look at this year's races puts 11 incumbents in various levels of peril — suggesting that history may be in the making.More

Oil Price Falls and Questions Rise
The Hill
U.S. energy policies came into sharp focus recently as the price of crude oil fell to a two-year low. The tumbling oil price has a real impact on Americans' lives. The good: Prices at the pump are at a historic low, dipping below $3 in some states. The bad: Stock market volatility hurts investors, raises questions about the robustness of the economic recovery and places severe pressure on domestic oil producers.More

Are These 10 Vulnerable Members Lucky or Good?
Roll Call
All's fair in love and ... House races? Not so much. Less than three weeks before Election Day, would-be safe incumbents such as Reps. Lee Terry, R-Neb., and Brad Schneider, D-Ill., are scrambling to win in partisan districts — while these 10 members are headed for victory in otherwise competitive districts.More

What the 2014 Oil Crash Means
Oil prices are in free-fall. That's good economic news for the United States, even if it ends up meaning a serious hit to the shale drilling bonanza. Whether you cheer or boo the plunge, though, depends a lot on where you live and what work you do. A barrel of Brent crude – the most important global oil price – costs almost $30 less than its late-June high, a decline of more than 25 percent. Nearly half of that drop has come in the last two weeks. More

Time for Congress to Level the Playing Field
Roll Call (commentary)
As business owners in Washington, D.C., we believe in something that most brick-and-mortar retailers do — free and fair market competition. That's why we ask that e-fairness legislation be passed without further delay. Unfortunately, online-only sellers continue to enjoy an unfair, government-sanctioned advantage over local community shops through a loophole that allows them to avoid collecting and remitting sales tax. This tax disparity puts our local businesses at a significant economic disadvantage and stifles the overall economy.More