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July 22, 2009
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Disabled Swimmer, 16, Has Sights Set on 2012 Paralympics
from the Green Bay Press Gazette
Jonathan Heider needs a rival. The 16-year-old is expected to win all six races he enters at the National Junior Disability Championships in St. Louis. It would be an incredible accomplishment for anyone, but especially for Jonathan because he was born without any arms or legs. Many athletes boast that they are so good, they don't have any competition, but that's actually the case for Jonathan. More    E-mail article

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In Memory of Richard Quick
from ASCA
Richard was one of the most dynamic, professional, and engaging speakers ever to present at the ASCA World Clinic. Over the next several months we are going to publish all 13 of his World Clinic presentations. In this first installment we present “On Taking Risks,” a talk he gave at the 2003 World Clinic and includes a rousing and emotional transcript of the NBC Olympic broadcast of Misty Hyman’s 200 butterfly swim at the 2000 Olympics. Click here for the Richard Quick presentation.    E-mail article

Excessive Exercise Can Lead to Overeating
from the Inquirer
A study conducted by researchers from the University of Ottawa and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that women who push themselves to the limit eat the most after exercising. They consume more than 90 percent of the calories they burn, as compared to low-intensity exercisers who only eat 30 percent of the calories they burn. More    E-mail article

Understanding Your Metabolism
from the Examiner
Your metabolism is the key to effective, long term body fat reduction. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories to sustain itself. The higher your metabolism, the more effective your body is at burning calories even while you are sleeping. The ways to increase your metabolism, are cardio exercise, strength training exercise and eating, and that’s why cutting calories can actually cause your metabolism to get slower. Dieting will actually cause your body to go into a survival mode, causing the body to store more fat. You need to have a reasonable calorie intake, and there is no substitute for digesting good fresh, natural produce and lean protein to burn calories. More    E-mail article

10 Ways to Shake Up Your Weights Workout
from the Diet Blog
Are you bored of your current routine? Have you been off the gym wagon for a bit? Here are some ideas to help infuse some interest back into your weight routines. More    E-mail article

Protein is Crucial When Building Muscle
from The Enid News
A major component of muscle, protein is essential to building, maintaining and repairing muscle cells. But you can’t build muscle by eating protein. To do that, you have to exercise, breaking down muscle fibers and then rebuilding them-bigger-through protein synthesis. More    E-mail article

What are the Benefits of Strength Training?
from the Examiner
For many women, strength training can be a nebulous concept reserved for men wishing to gain muscle mass and bulk. However, there are many benefits to adding strength training to your workouts. In addition, you don’t have to lift iron, or purchase expensive equipment to do it. More    E-mail article

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