eNewsBreif: Hot Topics in Diversity
April 17, 2009

Workplace Diversity Pays: Research Links Diversity with Increased Sales Revenue and Profits, More Customers
from American Sociological Association
Workplace diversity is among the most important predictors of a business’ sales revenue, customer numbers and profitability, according to research to be published in the April issue of the American Sociological Review. In one of only a few studies to empirically examine the implications of organizational diversity, sociologist Cedric Herring found that a workforce comprised of employees of both genders and varying racial backgrounds resulted in positive business outcomes. More

Diversity in the Workplace: Search for Similarities
from About.com
Want to develop effective working relationships with diverse people at work? Start with similarities, not differences, among people when you build relationships. Diversity in the workplace adds a special richness, but also special challenges. As a human resources professional, manager, supervisor, coworker, staff member or business owner, effective diverse work relationships are critical for your success. More

Georgia Businesses Must Raise Number of Women Executives
from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
According to Chief Executive magazine's 2009 "Best & Worst States" survey, Georgia improved its standing as one of the best states for jobs and business growth. The state moved up in the rankings to fourth place from seventh. While that may be good news for the ol’ boys’ network, the women in Georgia have no cause to celebrate. More

Finding a Job in a Fair Workplace in Hard Times
from the Dallas Voice
Imagine working at a job for six years with exceptional performance reviews. A new boss comes in, and in the space of three weeks you lose your job — because you are gay. It happens every day, in just about every industry you can think of — because it’s all perfectly legal. More

Payout in Age Discrimination Case
from BBC
Linda Sturdy was 56 when she was passed over for a job running breast screening services by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in the U.K. An employment tribunal ruled the hospital worker, from Ripon, North Yorkshire, was turned down because she was nearing retirement age. She was awarded the money for injury to feelings and aggravated damages. More

Health Care Firm Accused of Punishing Spanish-speakers Settles Suit
from The Los Angeles Times
Latino workers in California and Texas allegedly punished for speaking Spanish in their workplaces will be granted up to $450,000, free English classes and other relief under a consent decree approved this week in a class-action lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Los Angeles. More

Top Issues of the Next Century
from ADVANCE for LPNs
It will come as no surprise that nurses believe the nursing shortage is the No. 1 issue facing the profession and health care in this new century. However, this issue squeaked into the first place slot by an exceedingly small margin-one vote-in the Nursing Survey conducted last fall by ADVANCE for Nurses. Other issues included the aging patient population, increasing acuity level in home care, tolerance of diversity, compensation and the role of advanced practice. More