ASID Eye on Design
March 11, 2011

IFI Declaration seeks to reposition interior design worldwide
The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) met in February, in New York City, to assess the results of the Design Frontiers: The Interiors Entity (DFIE) Global Survey. Respondents from 75 countries gave the assembled much to talk about. In the end, the group came to a consensus and put together the IFI Declaration which explores the value, relevance, responsibility, culture, business, knowledge, and identity of Interior Architecture/Design. IFI president, Shashi Caan, led the symposium with a hundred global leaders and design experts from 30 nations present.More

Mixed office environments may increase employee satisfaction
A Swedish study reported in the Journal of Architectural and Planning Research examined employees' satisfaction with ambient features (e.g., lighting, temperature), noise and privacy, and design-related factors (e.g., personalization) in a variety of office types. Employees in cell-plan offices were most satisfied with their office environments, followed by those in flexi-plan offices. Those in open-plan offices were the least satisfied. The authors suggest that combining some of the benefits of cell-offices (e.g., satisfaction with temperature, lighting, ventilation, privacy) with the flexibility and social aspects of flex-offices may result in the most beneficial work environment.More

Designing in the feel of a brand
Hospitality Net
What is it that stimulates the sensation, "It feels good in here," when you walk into a room? Why and how can interior design support the activities that take place in a room and bring about such effects as an increase in communicativeness, greater appetite or improved brainpower…or stimulate relaxation, well-being or other moods? Hospitality expert Ines Klemm, whose work examines the ways that space, light and color are tied to a guest’s emotion and memory, offers some insights.More

Hospital renovation and expansion projects geared towards green construction
Interiors & Sources
America's hospitals and health systems are focusing more on renovation or expansion than new construction, according to a new survey conducted by Health Facilities Management magazine and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). In fact, renovation or expansion accounted for 73 percent of construction projects at hospitals responding to the survey. In addition, hospitals are focusing on being environmental stewards through greater use of "green" construction.More

Pantone announces 2012 colors for home furnishings and interiors
Editor At Large
The home + interiors 2012 report by Pantone defines nine directional color palettes for home furnishings and interior design in 2012: Nonchalance, Subtleties, Resilience, Indigo Effects, Transcending Time, Back to the Fuchsia, Reflections, Nouveau Neon and The Comics. "The continuing challenge and goal will be in keeping the consumer visually engaged by blending the playful with the practical," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.More

Asian designers innovate to adapt shrinking space
With apartments trending to be smaller and smaller, and more people living under one roof to economize, interior designers and decorators in Singapore are using movable walls and flexible floor plans to create a feeling of openness. Bathrooms that can open into bedrooms through the use of glass walls, as well as combined living, dining and kitchen areas, help give the illusion of space. Another strategy is the use of water features to provide a sense of tranquility and respite from the day-to-day noise of inner city living.More

Disney and DuPont imagine the future in Corian
DuPont and Disney will showcase "TRON designs Corian," an exhibition inspired by the film "TRON: Legacy" from Walt Disney Studios, during Milan Design Week 2011. In addition, under the guidance of Disney and DuPont, a series of leading and trendy companies, architects and designers will create fascinating interior design solutions and architectural forms, taking inspiration from the movie and exploiting the versatility of DuPont Corian.More

Facebook holds urban planning 'hack-a-thon'
Fast Company
Last weekend, Facebook played host to a massive "design charrette" that brought four busloads of architects, designers and urban planners together for an all-day cram session devoted to re-imagining Menlo Park's Belle Haven community, soon-to-be home of the company's global headquarters. Some 150 architects, designers, and students forfeited their Saturday and wired in for a 12-hour draft-a-thon that produced a bevy of ideas for connecting the isolated Facebook campus with the surrounding community and adjacent wetlands, as well as suggestions for redeveloping the area with better transit, denser mixed-use housing, and lively retail and business districts.More

8 design trends for a post-recession world
Construction Week
A post-recession economy is creating new challenges for design professionals, particularly in the office fit-out segment where workplace environments are being scrutinized for their bottom-line impact. In this age of economic recovery, demand for efficient working environments is on the rise as clients expect more value from their fit-out investment. Optimizing space is vital, in light of smaller interior footprints and the requirement for office environments to respond to changes in business.More

Digital library brings students and technology together
The Zeidler Partnership had to crank out an Electronic Learning Centre and 10 classrooms in a couple of months for Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, and fast-track its construction to be completed in time for the start of the next school year. Not your traditional library, the ground floor provides access to a digital library that comprises 2/3 of the total library collection. Called the "collaboratory," the second floor allows students access to the latest in information, computing and communication technology facilitating interaction between students and staff.More

Remodeling now to avoid accessibility problems later
The New York Times
In the past, contractors often had to educate clients about the value of universal design, a term that covers barrier-free access for people of all ages and abilities, but a growing number of adults 50 and older are aware of such modifications. Some of these people are providing care to others, and some have their own health problems. About 80 percent of Americans age 45 and older prefer to "age in place"—that is, to remain in their current homes and communities, according to a recent AARP study. Manufacturers and contractors are responding with new products and technologies. More

New recipes for updating the kitchen
The Washington Post
What's cooking in kitchens? Simpler styling, hidden appliances and a bit of color to make life interesting, to name just a few things. More