ASID Eye on Design
March 25, 2011

Pre- and post-occupancy surveys influencing health care design
Contract Magazine
From the sharing of knowledge from lessons learned, project teams can contribute to the baseline knowledge of the design profession. While this may seem frightening regarding competitive advantage and possible litigation issues, projects must meet codes and standards for the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The survey process can help distinguish projects that deliver positive results from pre-established drivers influencing the design. Survey results may reveal client values that become design drivers and later gauges for project success.More

Fiscal conservatism has consumers declaring color neutrality
Kitchen and Bath Business
Although the end of 2010 saw some homeowners taking the plunge with their home remodeling projects, pervasive uncertainty about the economy and the future has bred in many a need for introspection and a taste for more conservative colors. Neutrals remain a popular go-to in residential interiors, especially in the kitchen, where the trend is toward lighter colored cabinets, countertops and even backsplashes. Nonetheless, experts are predicting reds, golden yellows, oranges and purples will be popular colors for appliances and accessories, brightening up otherwise somber spaces.More

Japan begins to face post-quake rebuilding challenges
Architectural Record
Building temporary housing for people left without places to live by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11 is one of the most important recovery tasks—one that has already begun in some areas—but the construction industry faces enormous challenges in clearing suitable land, and procuring and transporting materials.More

Standing desks: A healthier, greener alternative
The Australian National Heart Foundation has fully embraced the doctrine of "Sit Less, Move More" as an intrinsic part of its health advice for reducing coronary heart disease. One of its many recommendations, "Use a height-adjustable desk so you can work standing or sitting." And the green aspect of standing tables? A healthier population is much less of a burden on a country's limited resources, and if you are standing, you don't need a chair—less raw materials consumed processed and transported.More

Home of the future being built on roof of Chinese mall
Fast Company
Designed by Australia's Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific (LAVA), the structure is a geodesic dome with a breathable ETFE roof, which provides "a year-round microclimate that opens up the home to a garden filled with sun, light and fresh air." It features a tropical indoor garden, "internal/external bathroom zones," and "sunken bedrooms with dream inducing lighting."More

Young home buyers may lead market recovery
Residential Design & Build
Generation X—young families and adults ages 31 to 45—are likely to lead the home buying recovery as it gets underway, says NAHB. These potential home buyers are most likely to think it's a good time to get off the fence— and have strong opinions about the design features their new homes will include. By contrast, Baby Boomers, who were once predicted to lead the market recovery, continue to wait for the market to improve, and their decisions to delay retirement also delay their decisions to downsize into a smaller home.More

Barcelona printing press renovated into industrial-chic modern loft
The allure of the old infused with the new could not be more pronounced in this studio retrofit of an aging printing press in downtown Barcelona. Minim Interior Architects subtly slipped modern elements into the rough brick plaster and concrete core to create a surprisingly light-filled and airy living space. More

ENERGY STAR announces new senior care building category
Healthcare Design Magazine
As of March 20, 2011, senior care communities are now eligible to receive an energy performance score by using EPA's online energy measurement and tracking tool, Portfolio Manager, and to earn the ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy performance. Senior care community applies to all buildings in a multi-building campus setting or a stand-alone facility that are designed to house and provide care and assistance for elderly residents—including assisted living, skilled nursing, and select continuing care retirement communities.More

A dose of hospital(ity)
Interiors & Sources
As the trend toward patient-centered design takes hold in more and more hospital settings, the line between health care and hospitality design is becoming increasingly blurry. And as research from evidence-based design projects confirms, patients recover more quickly and medical staff experience higher levels of job satisfaction in environments that are comfortable and welcoming, and that break the traditional institutional models of health care design. More

Tile struts its stuff in Vegas
Hospitality Design
The recent Coverings tradeshow in Las Vegas included more than 1,000 exhibitors displaying the newest and best in tile and stone. Hospitality Design blogger Stacy Shoemaker Rauen reports on the latest trends and innovations for hospitality applications, including tile "headboards" for guest rooms and glass tile benches.More

Shifting perspectives in custom home building
Builder Magazine
One of the primary certainties in life and business is that change is inevitable. But of what kind and how much can be difficult to pin down. Custom home clients are undergoing a significant—though not radical—evolution that likely will have a lasting impact. This article breaks down a few observations and predictions from a survey of distinguished custom builders. More

Whirlpool tubs going down the drain
The Charlotte Observer
According to Patricia Dunlop, ASID, many people are opting to replace their oversize tubs and Jacuzzis for extra vanity, shower and storage space. They want the bathroom to be calm and relaxing, so having the ability to put away items and keep the space clear and serene is important, she says. And while most interior designers and real estate agents agree it's still important to have at least one tub in the house for bathing children, animals and other needs, oversize tubs are now seen as a frivolous use of space.More

Offices that inspire
Architectural Digest
A well-designed home office eliminates clutter and promotes productivity, but the best ones inspire great thinking—and do so with style. Architectural Digest presents 10 such spaces that embody the personality of the work as much as that of the residents who work there.More