Eye on Design (ASID)
May. 11, 2012

Finding the new in the old: World Interiors Day
World Interiors Day, held during the last weekend in May, is an annual worldwide event initiated by IFI to bring interior architecture/design to the attention of the public, to enhance knowledge and understanding about the profession and to encourage cooperation between professionals with a focus on interior designers' range of work and their contributions to society. More

HHS announces new administration on community living
Helping You Care
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently announced it has established a new Administration on Community Living, which will be dedicated to "enhancing and improving the broad range of supports that individuals with disabilities and seniors may need to live with respect and dignity as full members of their communities" — rather than in nursing homes or other institutions. More

Making a splash: Kitchen and bath trends customized to fit the family
Lake Michigan Shore
Realtor Michelle Bagull wonders if the name for the traditional rooms known today as "the kitchen" and "the bathroom" one day will change. "These are spaces that do so much more today than just provide the area for cooking and the privacy for bathing," she says. More

Busting the myths
Is it true interior design is seen as a glamorous profession? Have students adopted a misconceived perception of the industry?More

Welcome to the era of design!
Expecting great design is no longer the preserve of a picky, design-obsessed urban elite. Instead, there's a new, mass expectation of good design: that products and services will be better thought through, simplified, made more intuitive, elegant and more enjoyable to use. Design finally has become democratized.More

Evolution of green building rating systems
Senior Living Sustainability Guide
The traditional focus of green building rating systems was related to environmental aspects of a single building's infrastructure, grounds and indoor environment. However, there is a very apparent migration to include sustainability criteria associated with the activity within the building — or, more likely, multiple buildings — especially with the more complex occupancies such as health care and senior living.More

Exhibit looks at what our homes say about us, individually and as nation
The New York Times
The relationship between people and their homes, sometimes passionate, sometimes indifferent, confounding or fraught, is the subject of "House & Home," a new exhibition that opened recently at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Among other questions, the show asks, "How do our homes express who we are, as well as who we would like to be?"More

What type of work, where
Research Design Connections
Recent research examined where employees are more productive, at the office or telecommuting. The study found people are most productive on boring work at the central office, and the telecommuting site, often a home office, is the place where workers are most productive on creative tasks.More

Build green to build bank account?
LEED-certified buildings outperform noncertified buildings in terms of financial performance, according to a new study conducted by the University of Notre Dame. The study, "The Relationship Between Corporate Sustainability and Firm Financial Performance," compares the consumer deposit and loan data of two groups of PNC Financial services from 2008-2010 to determine whether the business performance of LEED-certified workplaces exceeds that of noncertified spaces.More

Survey shows consumer interest in 'eco' furnishings
The Editor at Large
The 2012 Green Home Furnishings Consumer Study shows consumers continue to be interested in buying green home furnishings — and their interest is becoming more ardent. The fourth study of its kind, conducted by the Sustainable Furnishings Council with the support of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, the survey aims to provide trend data on consumer awareness, attitudes and behaviors relating to environmental issues and the home furnishings industry.More

Desk for a day
Interiors & Sources
As "hoteling" — the practice of providing mobile workers with temporary work spaces — gains traction within the corporate world, designers can help keep productivity and morale high with smart design and some savvy techniques.More

Great ideas at work
World Interior Design Network
A flash of inspiration or a thought-out, structured process — Where does great design come from, and how do product designers, interior designers and architects keep their ideas flowing? Designers in one A&D firm discuss their processes for how creative ideas are born, how they work day to day and what makes them tick.More

Hospital noise: What causes it, and how can design control it?
HC+O News
Results of a new study evaluating noise reduction measures in hospitals in the U.S. point to ways to improve patient satisfaction and care. The study, released in late April, examined how hospitals are structuring their efforts, where in facilities administrators were focusing attention and what kind of success they were seeing. The project was initiated after the Beryl Institute found noise reduction was the main factor that could be improved in patients' experiences in hospitals.More

Life-transforming color
Vibrant orange walls. Sky blue ceilings. Charcoal gray accessories. For many of our clients, making color changes can be fun. But for people who have experienced the emotional trauma of divorce, color changes also can facilitate healing and renewal.More

Simple solutions found in faucets
Consider this a time of self-expression. In the home, consumers are having it their way, unwilling to settle for products that don't have the right look, functionality and price. This is especially true in the bath, where lavatory faucets — likened to jewelry and favored in light remodels — have taken on a plethora of forms and finishes to add the final touch to any design.More

Want less stress in your business? Just follow the numbers
After you determine a clear, measurable goal for success, you can guide your business on the right course and know when you are veering off course. It's a simple premise, but it can make a huge difference: Just follow the numbers, and your life will be less stressful and less emotional, at least in the business side of design. More

Ethics: It is not always black and white
What do you do if a vendor offers you a gratuity or "reward" for being such a "good customer"? Despite all best intentions, ethics in the design business is just not always black and white. It is often several shades of grey.More

How not to get hoodwinked when sourcing sustainable goods
Interiors & Sources
Finding a truly sustainable product can be a confusing endeavor. Manufacturers' claims about sustainable properties abound, and it can be easy to get hoodwinked along the way. But with a little legwork and some new tools, you can take sustainability into your own hands.More

HonestBuilding.com: A new marketing avenue?
A new website, www.HonestBuilding.com, attempts to create social networking in the cloud, bringing together service providers, owners and other stakeholders in a single portal to exchange information, offers and needs. It provides a voice for everyone who occupies buildings, works with buildings or owns them.More

Think global: Design business
As the world continues to shift from a local perspective to a global one, becoming a successful global business gets steadily more difficult. How do design businesses consciously address the local and global markets?More

The type of website interior design businesses should have
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Blog
People use the Internet extensively to find information about the goods and services they need. Your interior design company should take advantage of this fact. Carefully conceptualizing your website is necessary, as its design influences a client's choice of whether to contract your service or not. More