ASID Eye on Design
June 5, 2009

Existing Home Sales Continue to Rise
The National Association of Realtors reported this week that pending home sales are up for the third straight month. The most recent data available is from April, when existing home sales rose 6.7 percent to 90.3. Comparatively, March sales were at 84.6. Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said buyers are responding to very favorable market conditions. More

Getting the Residents’ Eye View
from The Dallas Morning News
What is life like for residents of a nursing home? Architect David Dillard, whose firm designs senior living communities, wanted to know, so he became one for a few days, including sharing a room with another resident and moving about in a wheelchair. His experience led him to create the Sleepover Project. About three dozen of his employees will check in at nursing homes, dementia care facilities and assisted living communities this summer as part of their on-the-job training. More

Can a Building Make You Happy?
from Fast Company
Can a building really make a profound psychological difference? Can it lead to anything more than the same passing pleasure you might get from, say, a sunset? Probably not, say some experts. Absolutely, say others. Fast Company reviews some recent books on architecture’s influence on our sense of well being. More

Steelcase Announces Greener by Design Winners
from Interior Design
Steelcase announced the winners of its Sustainable Design Contest for students at the Greener by Design Conference, held May 19-20 in San Francisco. Students were tasked with submitting ideas for a product, service, or business venture with social and/or environmental benefits. They were required to submit their idea in 500 words or less and were encouraged to include their design files, concept papers, drawings, business plans, and photographs. Interior Design has details on the winning entries. More

OLGGA’s Portable Log Cabin Conceals a Sleek Modern Interior
from Inhabitat
The mention of log cabins usually brings to mind thoughts of Abraham Lincoln chopping wood in a flannel shirt - hardly the image of sleek modern design. So, when Inhabitat heard about OLGGA Architect’s two-piece transportable log cabin - the Flake House, they knew we had to check out this eye-catching, curiosity piquing design. The exterior of the nomadic, road-ready dwelling appears for all the world like a stack of lumber that has been broken into two halves, while the interior strikes a complete contrast with smooth, sleek modern lines. More

Seven Smart Design Moves to Optimize Space in the Workplace at Little or No Cost
from Interiors & Sources
Two of the highest costs for any organization are people and real estate. In the current economy, it makes sense to maximize the return on your facilities by making sure your space supports your staff and your long-range goals without incurring substantial costs. More

Lodging Demand Expected to Improve in 2010
from Hospitality Net
After a precipitous drop in 2009, lodging demand will enjoy a modest improvement in 2010, according the most recent forecast from Smith Travel Research and Price WaterhouseCoopers LLP. Despite increasing demand, hotels, particularly in higher-priced chains, are expected to continue to face pricing pressures, resulting in a slower rebound in 2010. More

Consumers Feeling Better, But Slow to Spend
from Chicago Tribune
Consumers are feeling better about the economy, according to Discover Financial Services, which began tracking consumer spending attitudes two years ago. Still, consumers are reluctant to increase their spending on discretionary purchases. Rising gas prices are cutting into household budgets, prompting consumers to limit the amount they spend on dining out, going to the movies and home improvements. More