Eye on Design (ASID)
Jun. 5, 2015

How Healthy Is Your Business?
K+BB Collective
To make sure your business is in top shape for the rigors of the summer design and remodeling season, keep these four vital signs in check.More

ASID to Host Keynote, Reception, and more at NeoCon
ASID will once again partner with NeoCon at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago, June 15-17, 2015. Register today and don’t forget to visit the ASID community lounge at Booth #7-3012.

Kick off NeoCon in style on Monday, June 15, with a luncheon sponsored by the ASID Illinois Chapter at the Miele Showroon, Suite 222. Spend time with colleagues and friends, and network with ASID national leaders, staff, and ASID members from across the country. End your day with an ASID reception hosted by Allermuir, Suite 3-123. Network with leaders from both organizations, meet designers, and reconnect with friends.

On Tuesday morning, Jason Silva, host of the National Geographic Channel series Brain Games, will deliver the keynote address, sure to be one of the can’t miss events of the expo.

See the full ASID lineup at NeoCon.More

Join ASID for Celebration, July 18 in Boston
Join ASID as we honor the individuals and organizations that are transforming lives through design and celebrate the Society’s 40th anniversary.

This year's gala event will take place on Saturday, July 18 at one of the largest art museums in the U.S., the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

See art come to life and enjoy drinks and appetizers during the opening red carpet reception. Then move into the museum’s main courtyard for an elegant dinner and awards show. And finally, round off the night with dessert, dancing, and a tour of the art galleries.

Ticket prices increase after June 15. Purchase your ticket today.More

Nominate an Outstanding Colleague to the ASID Foundation's Board of Trustees
The Nominating Committee of the ASID Foundation’s Board of Trustees is now accepting nominations for candidates to fill two open seats for three-year terms beginning October 1, 2015.

To nominate, please submit the name and a brief bio of the nominee to foundation@asid.org by June 15, 2015. Learn more about the role of an ASID Foundation Trustee. More

An ASID "Fuel" Injection at Dwell
ASID participated in Dwell on Design, May 29-31, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The ASID experience included 18 continuing education sessions, many standing-room only, and designer consultations where consumers spoke one-on-one with an ASID designer. The ASID booth (pictured) was humming, drawing attendees in with the popular “ASID fueling station,” where folks could grab a cup of coffee or power up cell phones. The booth also included a materials wall from Material ConneXion and gorgeous Kartell furniture. Missed us at Dwell on Design? Don’t worry, you can check us out at NeoCon, June 15-17.More

Celebrate ASID with Cosentino
Cosentino Centers across the country will host an ASID 40th Anniversary Bash during the week of July 20, 2015 with all proceeds benefitting the ASID Foundation’s important work. All ASID Chapters are encouraged to participate and attend. A $20 donation per person is recommended for a great evening of networking opportunities, wine and hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction featuring items donated by Cosentino and local Chapter members, and much more. The Cosentino Center that raises the most money will win a hosted party for the local ASID chapter and Cosentino employees. More details and a full schedule of events will follow.More

Plot a Career Course in Design at NeoCon
Don’t miss your opportunity to network with top firms and designers at the upcoming ASID Student Roadmap program at NeoCon on Tuesday, June 16 from 1:45-4 p.m. Experience a curated tour of NeoCon with professional designers who will help you navigate the trade show. Students will meet with their tour leader and be guided to pick up badges, navigate the Merchandise Mart, and tour showrooms. Register today.

Find your next interior design job or learn more about the profession at the ASID Career Exchange on Wednesday, June 17 from 9-10:30 a.m. Students and recent graduates will connect with design professionals and industry representatives for one-on-one networking opportunities. Within 90 minutes, participants engage in multiple ten minute conversations with reviewers to learn about the interior design profession, or to receive a resume/portfolio critique. Reviewers meet with participants to vet emerging talent and to share perspectives on design career path options. Learn more and register.More

ASID CEO Randy Fiser to Speak at BOLD Summit 2015
The Business of Luxury Design (BOLD) Summit 2015 will take place in Palm Springs, Calif., June 24-26, 2015. The Summit will focus on increasing profits, building an efficient team, developing a strong referral network, and being recognized in the right publications.

ASID CEO Randy Fiser will speak on the research and issues surrounding evidence-based design, including a focus on creating spaces that satisfy a client’s fundamental physical and psychological needs, and the effects of space planning, acoustics, visual elements, and materials. Learn more.More

ASID and IFI Celebrate World Interiors Day
Contract Design
The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) partnered with the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) for World Interiors Day on Saturday, May 30, 2015. This year’s theme was “Design for All,” and ASID encouraged its members and all design professionals to spotlight the interior design community’s philanthropic movement to make impactful design more accessible and inclusive for all.More

Hold the Phony
Interiors & Sources
“We have been frustrated at the increasing amount of projects where we have spent hours on custom design work for clients that is then taken and ‘bid out’ and fabricated by someone else,” says Carey Schuster of Yellow Goat Design. What can designers do to preserve the integrity of their work and keep their specifications original once the project is in the hands of a developer? Schuster and Joyce Romanoff of Maya Romanoff, both members of Be Original Americas, offer their insights.More

Carpet Makers Work Together for Nepal Earthquake Relief
Interior Design
Carpet and textile manufacturers with close ties to Nepal—where the number one export is hand-woven carpets—are helping nonprofits deliver aid to victims of the recent earthquakes. Thousands of importers and rug designers around the world work exclusively with GoodWeave certified mills, including in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, where the impact from the devastation threatens to jeopardize the economy. GoodWeave field staffers in Nepal are currently delivering aid, temporary housing, and emergency medical care, reaching an average of 400 workers daily.More

Viewing Nature and Cooperation
Research Design Connections
Need another reason to include nature in upcoming projects? A team of Canadian researchers found that being exposed to nature increased cooperative behavior among participants in their studies. People participating in this project experienced nature via videos, not actually by being in nature.More

Designers Discuss the Internet's Influence
Kitchen & Bath Design News recently asked dealers and designers in the kitchen and bath industry: “How much of a factor is Internet competition to your business right now? If it's something that you view as a significant challenge, how are you addressing this?” Here’s what they said.More

If You're Not Designing for Baby Boomers, You're Losing Money
Carla Aston Designed
Baby boomers, otherwise known as empty-nesters, are currently the hottest demographic looking for good design. And the reason why: Because they have disposable income. This demographic is eager to spend their money on making their environments comfortable and custom-made to their unique desires.More

Problems Are Important. How You Respond Is More Important.
As a service provider, you and your firm cannot always control what happens to your clients. You do your best to make things go well, but stuff happens. What you can control is your response.More

Hospital Sustainable Practices Increased in 2014
U.S. hospitals are making an effort to use safer chemicals and reduce waste, and they’re seeing results according to a report released by the Healthier Hospitals Initiative. The study demonstrates the results of initiatives designed to improve both operating efficiency and patient outcomes, such as safer chemicals, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.More

Acoustics: The Sounds of Sustainable Design
As the field of sustainable design grows and matures, more practitioners are turning away from a field that is based only on clear-cut metrics, realizing that the fuzzier areas of human comfort and productivity are very important as well. Consequently, space acoustics are garnering growing attention in sustainable projects.More

Elegant Vases Made with Discarded Marble
Fast Company Design
The mining of the world's most beautiful marble is a majestic affair, but it's also a wasteful one. Minor discolorations, damage, and prominent veins cause only 30 percent of quarried marble to be used in finished products. Inspired by the wastefulness of marble quarrying, Italian designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti decided to launch a new line of vases showing that even the dregs of the marble trade can be used to make some exquisite objects.More

Hot New Products at Dwell on Design
Los Angeles Times
Wood panel applications were hot at this year's Dwell on Design show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Other trends include a move away from stainless steel in the kitchen to brown and black tones, plus delicate handcrafted lighting and colorful outdoor furnishings. Here's a selection of what was on display at the 2015 show, which ran last week.More

5 Keys to a Better Design Center and Model Home
To keep today's buyers engaged, presenting high-quality models is more imperative than ever. With the potential to improve revenue and reputation, builders can't afford to minimize the customer appeal of model homes.More

Benefits of Radiant Heating
Design Quarterly
Cleaner air, improved comfort, and consistency are a few reasons to consider a radiant system. The heat produced by a radiant system is consistent and stays in the living space or work area; floors are warm enough to comfortably sit on; and furniture can be placed wherever desired without the hassle of radiators, heat vents and grills.More

How to Display Art: It's Not Black and White
The Washington Post
Art ties a room together, adds interest and drama, and fills out empty spaces. Hung properly, art draws your eye up, down and around a room. So you don’t make the mistakes of others, follow these two pieces of advice and hammer on.More

The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace
Human Spaces
Should a “work” place be any different from the other spaces people inhabit? The relationship between individuals and their environment can be a crucial determinant of how they feel, perform, and interact with others. So, designing spaces that inspire, energize, and support the people who use them is a global imperative. People’s connection to nature – biophilia– is an emergent field that can help organizations meet that challenge. A new study from Interface’s Human Spaces explores the relationship between psychological well-being, work environments, and employee expectations on a global scale.More

If These Walls Could Heal
Healthcare Design Magazine
“We could make the hospital itself into a treatment for the patient.” Now, there’s a design challenge. But it’s one that Emily Landon, infection control epidemiologist for the University of Chicago’s Center for Care and Discovery, hopes that providers, architects, and interior designers will take on in the near future. Her facility is in the midst of a comprehensive research study called the Hospital Microbiome Project, collecting and testing thousands of microbe samples and manipulating patient room conditions in order to learn how the environment itself contributes to healthcare-associated infections.More

Selecting the Right Materials for Acoustics on Campus
College Planning & Management
Construction and design teams are constantly balancing the desire for a high-quality look and feel with adherence to acoustical requirements and project budgets. This juggling act especially rings true when it comes to wall and ceiling choices for educational institutions. Whether choosing basic wall and ceiling panels or custom woodwork, noise is a primary consideration in the bustling academic environment. No matter how it looks, it must perform.More

Chipotle Opening Interior Design Testing Center
Commercial Observer
Chipotle Mexican Grill will be opening a 9,197-square-foot space at Sunset Park’s Industry City in Brooklyn to create and test interior designs for its restaurants. The designs that are built and tested at their Industry City space will eventually make their way to Chipotle restaurants around the country.More

New Hotel Designs Combine Business and Leisure
Hotels are rethinking room design as guests’ work and play priorities merge, creating the desire for a space that caters equally to both. While major brands have met this demand by adding public co-working spaces and more connected rooms, new hospitality brands are incorporating elements of a business and leisure stay from the start.More