Eye on Design (ASID)
Jun. 15, 2012

Stylin' big at NeoCon
ASID put its best foot forward in Chi-Town with its celebration of design and a unique fundraiser that gave designers — and some design celebrities — a chance to style one of 200 pairs of TOMS shoes. Read all about it on ASIDLive blog.More

Best of NeoCon 2012
During its successful history of 44 years, the NeoCon show held at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago has been a singular event for the exposition of contract furniture, furnishings and services in the commercial and institutional fields. More than 40,000 attendees showed up this year, and 80 products were chosen as the Best of NeoCon.More

Codes, cost and consumers drive sustainability market growth
Custom Home
Building codes may be the ultimate regulators, but cost and consumer preference still determine the regional implementation of energy-efficient products. Of all sustainable solutions, consumers are more aware of energy efficiency in their home because it represents an operating cost.More

Designing offices against the curve
Herman Miller Inc.
Designing offices to be more compact is one way to counter an aversion to taking a walk at work. This ends up being a win-win for the business: People talk more (coming up with better ideas) and real estate costs go down.More

Boost kitchen value with wine refrigerator
The New York Times
In most kitchens, a wine refrigerator is considered a positive addition, as long as you're not compromising storage space to install it. In most cases, choose a unit that fits under the counter and place it as far away from the main kitchen work zone as possible, such as at the end of an island or at the end of a kitchen.More

Hotels go pop-up crazy
Hospitality Net
One of the big trends in the hotel world at the moment is pop-ups. Some hotels have pop-up shops, others have pop-up bars or restaurants; there are even pop-up hotels. Pop-ups help create buzz by allowing a hotel to host celebrated chefs or designers and gain kudos by doing so.More

Critical issues in kitchen and bath business
Kitchen & Bath Design News
While the economy remains a critical issue for kitchen and bath dealers and designers, a rapidly changing consumer base and future legislation that could have a negative effect on small business also keeps many industry professionals up at night, according to a recent KBDN survey.More

Infection control essential for today's health care furniture
Health Facilities Management
When it comes to new furnishings in waiting room spaces as well as patient rooms, hospitals tend to want it all. In general, they seek products that are highly cleanable to support infection control, durable, sustainable and flexible enough to allow for possible space redesigns. Oh, and it needs to look good and meet the budget too. It's a tall order, but there's a lot at stake.More

The Green Guide EcoList gets an update
Interiors & Sources
Each quarter, the Green Guide EcoList gets a little larger as more products meet the benchmarks of at least one sustainably-oriented certification program.More

Accommodating hearing- and vision-impaired patients
Medical Office Today
Making a medical practice accessible to all patients doesn't just mean installing ramps on sidewalks, grab bars in bathrooms or Braille on signage. Accessibly features are meant to accommodate all patients: old, young, tall, short, as well as those living with disabilities. Often overlooked are those patients who are living with a hearing or vision impairment.More

Brilliant Simplicity: Fresh inspiration for architecture and design
Integrated Sustainable Design
Metropolis magazine editor Susan Szenasy collaborated with LPA Inc. to create "Brilliant Simplicity," a film based on the work of winners and runners-up in Metropolis' Next Generation Design Competition. The focus is about the happy outcomes of smart design decisions that can lead to seemingly simple solutions.More

Strategies to cultivate innovation in the workplace
Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, cofounders of Studio O+A, who were the creative minds behind the design of the Facebook offices, addressed a crowd at NeoCon, sharing their insights into how workplace environments can drive innovation. Believing new ideas spring from "chance encounters," they encourage a more democratic and interactive allocation of space.More

Action research as the new paradigm for improving outcomes
In health care today, where almost all organizations are challenged to provide better outcomes with reduced resources, action research can contribute tremendous value. As noted by the variety and depth in the current projects, the concept is not complex, resource-intensive, time-consuming or in any way limiting, but rather is heralding the introduction of a new paradigm in how professional design services can provide revitalized leadership and increased value for clients.More

The financial logic of biophilic design
In early May, New York-based Terrapin Bright Green released "The Economics of Biophilia," a white paper that asserts biophilic design could save millions of dollars. Now, Narnita Kallianpurkar of Terrapin Bright Green takes a closer look at the background of the research and explores the findings in more detail.More

A symphonic overture
Interior Design
Essential places, passageways nevertheless often become afterthoughts. But a 1970s office building in Barcelona, Spain, shows how passageways and corridors can be turned into beautiful public spaces.More

Revolutionary office design through the decades
Interior Design
In the beginning, there were just desks. Then, in 1968, a revolutionary concept forever changed the workplace: the open-plan panel system. First put into service by corporations such as Intel as a hip hybrid of private and public space, these systems later were lampooned as an agent of micromanagement. Yet the trend remains strong as corporate America continue its love affair with the cubicle to this day.More

The LED bulb challenge
There's still a lingering misconception that LED bulbs emit a cold, bluish light that is just not as warm or attractive as the old filament-filled bulbs of our childhood. To dispel this fallacy, Inhabitat sought out a group of people with a critical eye for light bulb color and ambiance: lighting designers on the show floor of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at New York Design Week. Can they meet the LED challenge? More

Focus on strengths to build effective teams
According to Tom Rath, author of StrengthsFinder, if we focus on fully using our strengths instead of trying to improve our weaknesses, we are, by his calculation, six times more likely to fully engage in our work and have a higher quality of life. Apply this concept to your team to develop a network of people that not only honors the strengths of others but also takes an active role in assisting each other build their individual talents. More

Tools for designers: Olioboard
Designers are utilizing technology more and more in their day-to-day business, from CAD to Sketch-up to Pinterest. Another site that has designers buzzing is Olioboard, a digital idea board that leads users to creating a finished room visualizer, with real products and purchase opportunities. Similar to Pinterest, the interface is easy enough for non-designers to use, but even commercial projects can benefit from mapping on Olioboard.More

Putting the client first
Hospitality Style
Up-and-coming young designers might be creatively sophisticated, but they still need a guiding hand. Here's how to fast-track their understanding of the design process in a client-driven world.More

Beware of the myths about marketing
Too many interior design professionals fail to get results and business from their promotional efforts. They misunderstand and even misuse marketing, because they believe common myths. Dispel these six misconceptions about marketing.More

Would you work for free?
Design Biz Blueprint
We all love to create and design so much we will happily do it for free, but as soon as you let your clients know, you are in trouble. The problem is that you might be sending this signal without even knowing it. If you've found yourself doing any of the following things, you're sending a "will-work-for-free" message.More

Being uncomfortable: The best way to grow your business
Design Success University
Change is uncomfortable for many people, and it is also the reason they never achieve great things. The only way you break through barriers and accomplish more than most people is by doing things others are unwilling or afraid to do.More