Eye on Design (ASID)
Jun. 27, 2014

Millions of Millionaires: Who Are They?
Michael J. Berens
While middle-class families have seen their incomes stagnate, the rich have been getting richer. Both the well-off and the wealthy have experienced substantial increases in assets over the past several years. For interior designers looking to market their services to these wealthy clients, some recent reports offer valuable insights. More

ASID, IES and IALD Sign Friendship Agreement to Strengthen Design Community
At an event held June 17 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the American Society of Interior Designers formally signed a cooperative Friendship Agreement with the Illuminating Engineering Society and the International Association of Lighting Designers. "This partnership between our respective professional practices directly affects the processes of interior construction, retrofitting and renovation," ASID Executive Vice President and CEO Randy Fiser said. "Moving forward, this agreement will be highlighted in our industry relations, public policy and legislative efforts, and educational outreach programs."More

Save the Date for GO PRO/NYC
Join the Society in New York City Sept. 18-19 for GO PRO/NYC, a two-day event tailored specifically for emerging professionals in the interior design industry. This national program takes place in various venues throughout Manhattan and seeks to inspire, educate and groom future leaders in the design industry. It's a can't-miss opportunity to network and connect as you expand your professional knowledge.More

Improving Communities Through Pro Bono Participation: The 1%
The 1%
As a partner of The 1% program, ASID and the ASID Foundation encourage members to make pro bono service part of their practice. Throughout the country, projects are underway that can help lift entire communities by improving the lives of their residents. Sarah's Circle in Chicago is one example of how giving back through pro bono design can help give a community a much-needed boost.More

A Surge in Architecture Billings in May
The design industry snapped out of a two-month decline with a 3-point jump in the AIA's Architecture Billings Index last month. The AIA reported the May ABI score was 52.6, up considerably from April's score of 49.6. "Design professions should see more positive than negative numbers in the coming months," says AIA chief economist Kermit Baker, Hon. AIA.More

The Redesign of a Design Museum
The New York Times
After a three-year hiatus for a $91 million renovation, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum prepares to reopen its doors. The reconditioned building seeks to present an interactive experience — not just artifacts in glass cases — to draw more people in the door and keep them coming back.More

Clinton Global Initiative Examines Sustainable Building
CGI America
Meeting June 23-25 in Denver, participants of the Clinton Global Initiative broke into working groups to tackle topics ranging from education to entrepreneurism. Sustainable building became the focus of one group that explored how partnerships can stimulate innovative "green" projects with sustainable design, energy and resource efficiency and new building materials across various building types.More

What Good Taste Smells Like
The New York Times
It's no longer enough to look nice. A well-designed interior now needs an interesting scent built into it.More

Building Arts College Draws Young Blood to Ancient Trades
In the bowels of what was once a jail in Charleston, South Carolina, Cody James, 22, is carving limestone blocks into a mantelpiece for one of the city's historic homes. The 19th-century jail that housed Union prisoners during the Civil War serves as James' classroom at the American College of the Building Arts — the only U.S. institution that confers bachelor's degrees in centuries-old trades.More

Expediting the Home of Tomorrow
The New York Times via NDTV
The repurposed red brick warehouse in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood is a bustling hub of modern industrial activity. Skilled young workers are hunched over pristine machine tools and 3-D printers that churn out prototype products. This is the home of Quirky, a startup that is expediting the home of tomorrow with its open-source innovation and speed to market.More

Old Buildings, New Uses: Phoenix Program Preserves History
The Arizona Republic
Phoenix established its adaptive reuse program in 2008 to help streamline the process of renovating existing buildings for new business uses. Since then, more than 100 successful adaptive-reuse projects have sprung up across the city.More

Breathing Wall Is Controlled by Hand Gestures
Breathing Wall 2.0 by University of Southern California student Behnaz Farahi is an interactive kinetic wall that reacts to gestures usually used to control smartphones and similar devices. Could this application of sensor-based technology be used to control the physical shape of our surroundings?More

Putting Price in Perspective
Design Management Company
Many designers have expressed their frustration with potential clients who say they want their services but are unwilling to pay for them. Consider this observation: The problem might not be the price you are asking but rather how you ask.More

Effective and Efficient Meetings — Avoiding 'Time Nibblers'
Design Success University
Having regularly scheduled meetings with your team members can clarify direction, increase communication, generate ideas, build a stronger team and actually save time. The question is, how many of those meetings are vital and how many are what a business associate calls "time nibblers"?More

How a Small Business Can Take Off with Twitter
Did you know that 60 percent of users have purchased from a small to medium-sized business because of something they've seen on Twitter? A new study offers insights about how businesses can grow by adopting a Twitter strategy.More

Universal Design: What Works for One Client May Not for Another
When evaluating or designing bathrooms, it is important to discuss a client's health and physical limitations with them; evaluate those limitations; and understand the required accessibility, storage, reach, clearance and product suggestions for each client.More

Three Lighting Trends to Watch
WSI Designer Marketplace
If you're in the dark about today's lighting trends — every pun intended — then this "crash course" is for you. Lighting is once again on the fast track, and your clients will need a little educating.More

Don't Neglect Ventilation When Remodeling the Kitchen
Consumer Reports
Nothing clears a kitchen full of guests faster than smoke or fish fumes. A range hood is the solution, especially over high-powered pro-style ranges and cooktops. Consumer Reports offers a checklist of considerations for choosing the right equipment.More

Millions of Millionaires: Who Are They?
Michael J. Berens
The rich have been getting richer recently. For interior designers looking to market their services to these wealthy clients, some recent reports offer valuable insights.More

Design Professionals' Favorite Flooring
FX via Design/Curial
The right flooring is a very important piece in a project. It is one of the largest elements of a space and can help define mood or character. How do the pros define good flooring?More

10 Things We Loved at NeoCon 2014
Dwell scoured the showrooms of NeoCon 2014 in Chicago to pick 10 favorite products and pieces that made a big impression and illuminate the future of commercial design.More

Tread Sustainably on these Six Floors
Ecobuilding Pulse
Among the green finds at this year's NeoCon was a selection of flooring finishes that make use of pattern, color and texture to add depth to spaces without stealing the show. Here are a few that give sustainable-minded designers a surface on which to truly walk the walk.More

The Art and Science of Building Healing Homes
Innovators are designing building materials that are aesthetic and structurally functional while also purifying air and water.More

USGBC Report Shows Growth in Green Home Demand
The U.S. Green Building Council now estimates there are as many as 150,000 LEED-certified green housing units worldwide, a number that more than doubled between 2011 and 2012 and continues to grow steadily, according to the organization’s recently released "LEED in Motion: Residential" report.More

New Office Designs Focus on Thinking Beyond Workspace
Officing Today
The nature of work is changing and becoming more dynamic, leading to an interesting question: Is the workplace of the future a place that is less and less oriented toward work? Invited to design "the office of the future," VOA Associates developed a model, called Work4Tank, that focuses on creating three zones of space within the new office environment: event, meet and work. More

Distinctive Elements in Hotel Design: Should We Bother?
Today, it seems hotels try to outdo each other by investing in distinctive design features. What is driving this noticeable shift brand thinking? Is it worth the time, effort and money?More

Reinventing the Workplace: [Re]Work
GenslerOn Work
Ongoing research into the evolution of knowledge work establishes a causal relationship between employees' ability to focus and their productivity. Collaboration and engagement with others stills drives innovation and productivity, but for employees to effectively collaborate, they must first be able to effectively focus. These findings hold significant ramifications for workplace design. More