Eye on Design (ASID)
Jul. 11, 2014

Servant Leadership and the Impact of Interior Design
ICON Online
Randy Fiser, executive vice president/CEO of ASID, finds inspiration and motivation in the example being set by members of the Society each day. "Although greatly diverse, each of the 2014 ASID Design Award winners demonstrates the impact made possible through interior design," he writes. "Their work empowers others. Teaches others. And they lead by example."More

NeoCon 2014: A Journey in Professional Development
ICON Online
Chicago-based interior designer Ashleigh Lessard, Allied ASID, finds inspiration, information and a reinvigorated spirit as the Merchandise Mart transforms into the setting for NeoCon each year. In 2014, the focus on "Place Matters" highlighted the important part the profession plays in people's lives and the impact that smart design has on the world, she writes.More

Eco-friendly Project Seeks Community-Minded Designer
The 1%
A designer is needed to help One Community build their eco-village City Center where high-quality and sustainable food, housing, energy, education and other foundational human needs can be met. One Community will also develop open-source tools, tutorials, and resources to share with the global online community. Interested in this pro bono project and want to make a difference? Give 1%. As a partner of The 1% program, ASID and its Foundation encourage its members to make pro bono service an integral part of their practice.More

All Shook Up: Boomers Are Rattling Projections for the 55-plus Market
Michael J. Berens
Are they moving or not? That is the question baffling the 55-plus market as it pins its hopes for recovery on the aging baby boomers. Since the housing bubble burst in 2008, most boomer homeowners have been sitting tight, locked into their current homes by declining prices, tighter mortgage requirements and support for their children and aging parents. As the economy and housing market have begun to improve, there are signs that boomers are on the move. Is this a first wave or just a spurt of pent-up demand?More

Designed to Change
Interiors & Sources
A building designed today might live 25, 50 or even 100 years or more, as we see in structures like airports or office buildings. But the interior spaces survive for only five to 10 years. A healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo coupled with a thoughtful approach to design ensures interiors will remain adaptable and impactful in an ever-evolving world, proposes ASID President Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, FASID, CID, LEED AP BD+C.More

Visual Exposure to Natural Environments Decreases Impulsive Decision-Making
Research Design Connections
The benefits of visual exposure to natural environments for human well-being in areas of stress reduction, mood improvement and attention restoration are well documented. Now researchers have found that exposure to natural environments also results in decreased impulsive decision-making relative to built environments.More

Minorities, Millennials and Boomers Will Drive Housing in Coming Years
Millennials, minority households, baby boomers and relaxed credit conditions will be the driving forces behind a healthy and sustained housing recovery, according to experts from Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies, speaking on the findings of the Center's annual State of the Nation's Housing report. More

Why Design Is the Most Underutilized Business Tool
Interior Design
"The smartest players in corporate America are parlaying their work spaces into a competitive advantage." So begins a special report by Design Leveraged, a new collaborative tapped by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association and the International Interior Design Association to deliver a series of studies on why design may be the single most underutilized business tool.More

Clients Who Want to Shop Retail Making You Crazy?
Design Biz Blueprint
Lots of our potential clients want to use retail outlets to furnish their homes. Consider this strategy to help ease your frustration with their wishes: Instead of trying to beat them, join them.More

Are You Attracting Price Negotiators?
Design Success University
When all designers sound the same, your client has no choice but to choose the least expensive designer. Instead, tell your client how you're different than other designers. In other words, what makes you unique?More

Secrets You Don't — But Need — to Know About Your Best Client Prospects
Your best prospects are keeping secrets from you. They're not telling you what they really want. And need. And can afford. They're not sharing with you their real pain and problems and priorities when it comes to interior design.More

Going Mobile
Design Management Company
The average person checks his or her mobile phone 100 to 150 times a day. In today's connected society, you need a website that looks good not only on a PC or laptop, but also on a tablet or smartphone.More

Home Designs with Pet Projects: Dog Doors, Built-in Bowls and More
Los Angeles Times
Designers say more dog owners are considering their pets' needs when building or remodeling their homes: asking for pooch-friendly spaces, ordering specialized cabinets for pet bowls and food, and adding canine-only showers and tubs.More

Sorting Out Laundry Room Options
Chicago Tribune
People are now focused on creating a functional laundry space to accommodate their family's lifestyle, while also incorporating a stylish design to remain consistent with the rest of the home. A reimagined, efficient space can multitask and blend with the rest of the home.More

Sustainable Luxury: Beautiful Homes with Heart
The Art of Bespoke
Whereas specifying sustainable products was once seen as a compromise on quality, the demand for environmentally conscious high-end design has increased, and the savviest of designers and makers are responding. The result? Interiors that balance the two in equal measure, creating beautiful homes with heart.More

Servant Leadership and Impact of Interior Design
ICON Online
Randy Fiser, executive vice president/CEO of ASID, finds inspiration and motivation in the example being set by members of the Society each day.More

The Best Apps for Interior Designers
Elle Decor
The best apps carry the same traits as well-designed interiors: beauty, function and inspiration. With the right apps, your iPad is a versatile, go-to tool.More

Five Smart Upgrades for the Kitchen
Consumer Reports
The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. More and more, it's the brains as well, thanks to smarter appliances, fixtures and design practices.More

Can LEED v4 Impact Your Interiors Project?
Like the rest of the LEED family, Commercial Interiors was beefed up in fall 2013 with the release of LEED v4 — and some of the changes inside could affect how you conduct your next interiors project if you're considering green certification. The requirements of the new version promise to be more difficult to attain, but can result in a healthier, more efficient building than certifying to the previous version.More

Costs to Incorporate Green Features
National Association of Home Builders
The cost to make a home green (energy efficiency, water and indoor quality, etc.) is higher than the cost of construction of other homes. According to analysts at McGraw-Hill Construction, the incremental cost for builders to construct green homes was 8 percent in 2013. For remodelers, green projects raised costs by 9 percent on average.More

U.S. Green Building Council Launches Real-Time International Market Briefs
The U.S. Green Building Council has expanded its online data visualization resource that allows any user to access aggregated LEED green building project information in the more than 150 countries with LEED projects under way. More

Vertical Planes Are the Future of the Office
Today's Facility Manager
The workplace is constantly evolving, responding to its occupants' changing needs. More people are working more hours in increasingly differentiated ways. It cannot simply be a place where work gets done; it must also enhance collaboration, attract and engage employees, build brand and culture, and support well-being. This is where Vertical Intelligent Architecture — moveable, technology-enabled walls with advanced acoustical properties — comes in.More

Tech-Savvy Residents Not Settling for Computer Labs in Senior Living
Senior Housing News
Increasingly, the onset of tech use among residents in their 70s, 80s and 90s is pushing communities well beyond simply providing devices and an Internet connection they can access in common areas. That means Wi-Fi throughout the community or campus and creating Internet cafe-like areas that also serve as social settings. More

Designing for Health: Post-traumatic Understanding
The built environment alone cannot solve PTSD, but it can help. The more energy we spend to cognitively process stimuli, the less energy we have for other necessary tasks that are a part of the optimal functioning of our brain and body. With this in mind, designers can begin to facilitate psychological healing from PTSD by reducing the cognitive load of the environment.More

It's a Family Affair
Healthcare Design
Healthcare facilities are updating and introducing new family and visitor spaces to send a message to loved ones that they're important. To the healthcare design and construction fields, that means more projects are coming up that require upgrading or remodeling of existing family and visitor spaces or creating room in new facilities that feels intentional and welcoming.More