ASID Eye on Design
Aug. 5, 2011

RICKI study probes kitchen tastes of Gen Y consumers
Kitchen & Bath Design News
As the baby boom generation did before them, Generation Y is sparking major changes in the marketplace, from design aesthetics to delivery channels — including a different concept of "kitchens" than their older baby boom counterparts. That's one of several key findings of a major new study conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence.More

Top 10 design tips to dazzle guests
Hospitality Design
Great hotels are distinguished by how they make you feel. Service is so critical to the overall experience that skillful design must combine beauty and common sense, making it easy for hotel staff to serve guests efficiently, impeccably, practically unnoticed.More

Working with tile: Beyond installation
Today's designers have a great many materials from which to create dream bathrooms for their clients. But to achieve enduring functionality as well as beauty, focus on proper installation, appropriate materials selection and necessary preventive measures.More

Pop-up Guggenheim as urban laboratory
The New York Times
A pop-up gathering space on a gritty, city-owned lot in New York City's East Village is intended to be a "petri dish of ideas" for leaders in design, architecture, art, technology, education and science. Called the BMW Guggenheim Lab, this display is slated for a worldwide tour.More

Incorporating artwork into the hospital environment
Healthcare Design
The design of a hospital affects patients' expectations — and the artwork plays a key role in their perceptions. Because many health care providers may not know how to address the issues involved in incorporating artwork into a design, an internal art advisory committee can prove useful.More

LEED 2012: Second public comment period now open
The U.S. Green Building Council has opened the second public comment period for the proposed 2012 update to its LEED green building rating system. Revisions could include a more refined focus on air quality, lighting, acoustics, lifecycle-based practices and more. The feedback period will close Sept. 14.More

Keeping the sound in
Research Design Connections
Designers regularly are asked to create spaces for confidential conversations to take place. A new publication from the National Research Council of Canada offers insight on how to design a space that locks in sound and frustrates eavesdroppers. More

Almost genius: A toilet and sink that disappear from view
Fast Company Design
Rapsel's One line includes a sink, shower and toilet disguised behind sleek wooden slats. Step into the bathroom, and the slats resemble shelves and benches in a swanky little sauna. It's only when you lift them that their true function is revealed.More

Biomimicry kitchen fixtures
Trend Hunter
A kitchen absolutely must be designed with at least one substantial window to provide a view outside and bring sunlight flooding in. Fixtures that mimic the outdoors bring a little bit of nature onto the countertop.More

Places that work: HOK's New York office
HOK's New York office is a place that works because it effectively uses its design, and particularly its art collection, to encourage desired conversations.More

Future of design: Ideas shared via Twitter chat
When Cindy Frewen Wuellner co-hosted the 10th Association of Professional Futurists Twitter chat — featuring "The Future of Design" as its headline topic — more than 800 comments poured in from designers, architects, planners and emergent thinkers of all types. And they're all neatly organized in this informative e-book.More

How to avoid an interior design business emergency
What's holding you back from the success you want and deserve? Have you asked yourself that question, and if so, what do you think is the real reason? The answer may not be what you expect.More

Summer business boosters from Gail Doby
Interior Design Business
Every relationship is important, yet some are more important than others. Your relationship with your current and past clients is the fastest way you can get more business. What are you doing to nurture those relationships?More

Finance: The secret fear holding back entrepreneurs
It doesn't matter what business you're in, it's your financial acumen that will determine whether you flourish or fail. More

Your 14-step roadmap to becoming an influencer
American Express OPEN Forum
In today's cluttered marketplace, you will have to be known for something if you want your ideal customer to choose you. And that means becoming an authority — and being recognized as such.More

Businesses find ways to adapt in slow economy
The Associated Press via Middletown Journal
In a slow economy, small business owners know what to do: adapt. Here's a look at how four small-business owners have adapted to an economy that keeps limping.More