Eye on Design (ASID)
Sep. 11, 2015

ASID ICON Nominated for Folio Magazine Awards
ASID ICON magazine has been nominated for four prestigious editorial and design awards presented by Folio Magazine. Folio's Eddie and Ozzie awards celebrate exemplary design and uncompromising journalism, and ASID is proud to be recognized with these nominations. ICON has received two Eddie award nominations for excellence in magazine editorial in the Best Single Article and Best Full Issue categories. The magazine has also been nominated for two Ozzie awards for excellence in magazine design in the Best Cover Design and Best Feature Design categories. The winners will be announced on October 19 at an awards luncheon in New York.More

Head to the Market, October 17-22
ASID returns to High Point Market with an expanded educational program for industry professionals and business owners. From October 17-22, ASID will convene thought leaders and industry experts to present impactful content that will strengthen attendees’ business acumen and confidence. Before High Point officially kicks off, two bonus session workshops with Lloyd Princeton and Kimberley Seldon will share best practices and tactics to yield better results for brand and business management. The Design Viewpoints Series will feature business-building ideas and economic trends, and will address the needs of professional designers. And Houzz University will offer personalized feedback on becoming a power user and leveraging your presence on Houzz.com. Learn more about High Point Market. Register to attend.More

Showcase the Impact of Your Design
The Houzz Impact of Design Showcase is a platform for interior designers to showcase what they believe the next 40 years of design will look like and how it will impact the human experience. Entrants will receive exposure to 35 million homeowners and professionals in the Houzz community and will be highlighted at High Point Market 2015. The showcase winner will have access to great prizes like $1500 in photography services from a photographer of their choice in the Houzz Photographers Network, a complimentary one year ASID Membership (if eligible), a free copy of the Evidence-Based Design for Residential Environments publication, and one free ticket to a 2016 ASID National event of their choice (up to $195 value). Learn more and enter today! The deadline for entry is October 30 at 12 p.m. PST.More

Come to D.C. in Nov. for Greenbuild 2015
Plan to join ASID and interior designers from across the nation at Greenbuild 2015 Monumental Green, the largest sustainable building event in the U.S., Nov. 18-20 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Green building is uniting people, changing lives, revolutionizing business, and addressing our world’s most pressing problems. There’s nothing more monumental than that. Learn more.More

As Designers, Where Do We Find Purpose?
Contract Magazine
With the Great Recession behind us, design professionals find themselves in an interesting state of change within the economy. The billings indexes for architecture and interior design firms are surpassing previous landmark months in 2007. Clients’ interest in sustainability grows in the midst of crises, including the California drought and other market pressures. And, we have seen a huge jump in interest in what is known as public interest design, or design for impact. Now is the time to ask ourselves: Where do we find purpose? Or specifically, how are firms going to become exemplary in a new purpose-filled economy?More

New Color Selection Tool from Sherwin Williams Debuts
The Editor At Large
Sherwin-Williams has launched ColorSnap, an online and in-store system that encompasses a new in-store color display called ColorSnap Studio; an online set of tools termed ColorSnap Visualizer; and an extended suite of tools for pros called ColorSnap Design Pro Suite. The new in-store color display organizes colors by family, such as red, yellow, or blue, and displays saturation level from bright to neutral, as well as a new category for whites. Each of the color families are cast on one of 24 rotating panels, and users can view a curated selection of about 50 paint chips of specific colors within that color family by rotating the panel.More

Practical Steps Designers Can Take to Start a Product Line
Los Angeles-based designer Sandra Espinet of S.E. Design Services recently launched a new fabric collection for Guildery Fabrics in Los Altos, Calif. Speaking with K+BB, Espinet offered insight into how she developed her line and how other designers can start one, too.More

Interior Design Course for Children
By introducing children to interior design, you will enhance their learning skills, stimulate their creativity, develop their confidence, and empower their decision-making skills. The Malta Design School has mapped out a course that aims to enable children to communicate their ideas more effectively and to share their interests in a creative way.More

Into the World of Instagram
Interiors & Sources
These days, one would be hard-pressed to find a firm, architect, or designer who isn’t on some form of social media. But if you’re focusing all of your efforts on Facebook or Twitter, you could be missing out on the best way to get your brand out there: Instagram. A recent study by Forrester Research found that compared to Facebook, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to like, comment on, or share posts by brands, and 120 times more likely than on Twitter. More

Learning From Your Losses Will Set You Up for Success
By Fred Berns
Too many interior design professionals have committed too many business blunders, and their incomes have suffered as a result. The median income for interior design professionals is less than $49,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As you plan for the future and hope to boost that income, it's wise to review your mistakes of the past. What matters is not what you lost, but what you learned. Hopefully, you have learned to steer clear of these 10 sorry strategies.More

Give Your Firm a Fitness Test
Design Management Company
Prospects for interior design firms continue to improve as we move into the busy fall season. Demand remains strong, but with more clients choosing to take on smaller projects themselves, competition for larger, more lucrative projects has increased. Is your firm in shape to compete in today’s market? Take our three-point fitness test and find out.More

Web Design for Interior Designers
PinkCloud Solutions, Inc.
A large number of designer websites are created with bland, generic templates that don’t produce an effective website, at least from a marketing perspective. This is not how designers want to portray their businesses to potential clients. Do not allow yourself to lose clients by having an unappealing website design. Ask yourself these five questions about your website to determine if you are attracting clients or scaring them off.More

The Defit Dilemma: What Happens to Furnishings and Fittings?
Office furniture and fittings play a huge role when it comes to waste. According to research from the Institute for Sustainable Futures, the average age of a fitout at the time of its removal ranges from five to 15 years, in line with standard lease periods. One report mentioned in the research estimates that a 1,000 square meter office refurbishment “is likely to generate an average of 130 cubic meters of waste.” Designers have a responsibility to find imaginative ways to reconfigure and incorporate components from existing fitouts in new, innovative ways to save money for their clients and divert potentially expensive materials from going into landfill.More

High-Performance Sustainable Construction Reduces Life Cycle Operating Costs and Boosts Productivity
Over the past decade, the incremental cost of sustainability and high-performance in construction projects has decreased or even disappeared. In fact, using green building practices, materials and systems can actually cost less than conventional building and provide immediate and long-term savings. When projects follow an integrated design process (combining design, construction, and facility management expertise from the outset), high-performance features often result in overall construction cost savings.More

Specify Sustainable Carpet with a Holistic Approach
Specifying carpet with recycled content is beneficial to the environment, corporate responsibility, and green certification programs. It’s the right thing to do, but knowing how to make the best choice is daunting. To ensure your choice is truly sustainable, take the time to find out what’s in your carpet selection, how it was manufactured, and where it will end up when you’re finished with it.More

Four Ways to Decorate Better Kids' Bedrooms
The Wall Street Journal
Often an afterthought, the children’s room can easily be the coolest part of the house. And a “well-designed” one doesn’t have to be a Philip Johnson-worthy temple to minimalism. Simply passing on overly sweet graphics for those that are more stimulating—and abandoning old notions that baby blue is for boys and pink is for little girls—can make a big difference.More

Redesign a Sign of Decorating Times
Florida Weekly
Redesigning is a relatively new concept that has been spotlighted in home design shows. Basically, redesigning is when a designer goes into a home and redoes a room or rooms using only what the client owns. It saves the homeowner money while improving the look and functionality of their home.More

Four Ways to Make Tiny House Designs Work in Real Life
They might only number in the thousands, but tiny houses could be the next big thing. The idea of fitting a whole house into the space many builders allot for a single room is attracting wide ranging demographics. People are remodeling to make their homes work for them, and there are a number of design choices you can make to take better advantage of smaller spaces. Here are four ideas to help accentuate and maximize your smaller-space designs.More

2016 Trends in Action: Commercial Architecture and Design
Dunn-Edwards Corporation
As part of its ongoing series, Dunne Edwards has released its 2016 trends report on commercial architecture and design. Themes such as Contortion, Pattern Vegetation, and Light provide new inspiration and ideas on application.More

A New Wave of Hospitality Innovations Hits Senior Living
Senior Housing News
Wine cellars, pizza ovens, and other high-end amenities typically seen in the hospitality sector have been making a splash in senior living in recent years, but these may be the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. Former hospitality leaders are making a notable mark on the industry, and they are showing that there are many more opportunities for senior housing to take cues from the hospitality sector in operations, development, and design.More

Safer Rooms for Violence Prevention
CP&M E-News
There is a relatively simple yet valuable concept to improve not only the safety of campus staff but survivability for all building occupants in certain types of campus violence incidents. Though the concept has been around for decades, it is still not in wide usage at many American colleges and universities. Fortunately, architects, facilities, information technology, and safety personnel can help to incorporate the concept in most current facilities and future campus construction projects. This concept is known as the safe or "safer" room.More

More Reasons for In-Workplace Bonding Zones
Research Design Connections
New research from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto indicates how important it is that co-workers have opportunities to develop interpersonal bonds. The findings of this new study have repercussions for workplace design. For example, spaces developed should ensure that colleagues have ample opportunities to encounter each other casually, perhaps in coffee areas, to enhance the likelihood that collegial links develop.More