ASID Eye on Design
Sept. 24, 2010

Airport pods go luxury
Fast Company
Dream and Fly, a Barcelona-based design group, has an idea to fit-out airports everywhere in small, design-y "luxury rooms." Called "Bubbles," they're fully equipped with beds, bathrooms and tons of places to plug in laptops and the like. They come in three sizes; the largest, at 108 square feet, has a bed, a baby cot and a bathroom. You rent them at a kiosk or online, and the rate is hourly.More

Experiment in design blends cast-off and custom
The New York Times
The Mission district in San Francisco has long been a place for experimentation, from alternative lifestyles to artisanal cuisine. And that is the spirit in which a couple with an eco-focused design firm approached renovating their home, which also serves as the firm's office. From the patchwork of glass panes salvaged from local construction sites to the rooftop garden with solar panels, the home embodies their professional and personal values.More

Inaugural winners of new boutique hospitality awards announced
Hospitality Design
The Boutique Lifestyle and Lodging Association, in partnership with Hospitality Design magazine, announced the inaugural winners of the Boutique & Lifestyle Hospitality Awards at the HD Boutique last week. Taking home top honors were the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee as Boutique Hotel of the Year, the Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque as Lifestyle Hotel of the Year, and Morgans Hotel Group, New York, as Boutique & Lifestyle Hotelier of the Year. Top-performing boutique hotels were recognized for overall excellence in six distinct categories: design & architecture, sustainability, food & beverage, customer service, marketing & sales, and operational performance.More

Film festival to celebrate the creative spirit of design
Architecture and Design Film Festival
The first annual Architecture and Design film festival will be held in New York Oct. 14-17. Although the line-up has yet to be announced, the shows producers promise an exciting selection of films that will show how architects and designers think, work and create.More

First-time home buyers stoke demand for smaller, less expensive homes
Nation's Building News
A growing segment of the housing market, first-time home buyers are contributing to an increase in demand for smaller and less expensive new homes, according to research from economists at NAHB. The average size of first-time buyer households has been on the decline because of a rise in the number of single-person households. First-time buyers bought homes averaging 1,874 square feet, significantly below the 2,549-square-foot home purchased on average by those trading up.More

Architectural Record selects best interiors of 2010
Architectural Record
The magazine's annual roundup of top interiors ranges from a Shanghai hotel to a Manhattan media office. You can view a slideshow and drawings and read about each entry on the Architectural Record's website.More

Generations differ in response to office design
When redesigning offices to support organizational change, generational attitudes and expectations may affect how those changes are perceived. A case study that compared the perceptions and attitudes of multigenerational office workers who did and did not move into a redesigned office space found that Millennials more readily adjusted to open space floor plans with smaller cubicles than did either Baby Boomer or Gen-X employees.More

Unwanted speech strains mental workload
Research Design Connections
Open-plan offices are equipped with barriers such as panels and bookshelves to induce the perception of a private workspace. Despite perceived privacy, irrelevant speech contributes to mental workload, poor performance, stress and fatigue. A recent study found that irrelevant speech appeared to increase workload rates (i.e., people did more work) and error rates (i.e., they made more mistakes), suggesting that irrelevant speech strains mental workload and affects overall performance. Workplace designers need to consider the trade-offs between more open, collaborative spaces and individual worker performance.More

London Design Festival 2010: The emerging design nations
When it comes to great design, the superpower nations are well known. But this year's London Design Festival has gathered exhibitors, designers and ideas from beyond the established hotspots of Italy, Spain, Japan and Holland. Among those to watch are Argentina, Hungary, Latvia, Serbia and Chile.More

One third of 45+ have made home improvements to live there longer
Senior Housing News
Thirty-three percent of Americans age 45 and older responding to the AARP Closer Look June 2010 survey reported making improvements to their current home that would enable them to stay in that home longer. About one in four respondents reported having concerns about economic issues, including reduced income or savings and having difficulty finding affordable housing.More