Eye on Design (ASID)
Oct. 4, 2013

Cyberaesthetics: The Next Big Thing for Interior Design?
Michael J. Berens
From roll-up screens and slide carousels to superthin flat-panel LED monitors, interior designers have long been challenged to conjure up creative and elegant solutions for integrating technology unobtrusively in a space. Until now, the technology itself has been passive, just another object in the room. Increasingly, however, designers have a new hurdle to jump: technologies designed to interact with the occupants in the space.More

ASID Welcomes a Dynamic Group to Its 2014 Board of Directors
The Society is pleased to announce its 2014 Board of Directors, including Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, FASID, incoming president of ASID. The new group assumed office Oct. 1. The 11-member volunteer board is composed of three officers (president, president-elect and past president), seven at-large directors and one Industry Partner representative.More

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    Take the Leadership Assessment and Begin Path to Leadership Proficiency
    ASID Foundation
    The leadership training and development opportunities provided by ASID to its volunteer leaders have long been cited by recipients as a major catalyst for both professional and personal growth. Now, through the generous support of the ASID Foundation, the ASID leadership "DNA" has been mapped and made available to all ASID members through the new ASID Leadership Academy. More

    Real World Design Week: Registration Now Open for All ASID Members
    Real World Design Week connects passionate interior design students with professionals working in the industry. This year it's back with exciting new member features! Professionals can experience the new mentor-matching portal — ready for you to create your profile, approve matches with students and indicate meeting date and time preferences. Student registration also is now open. This program is for ASID members only. If you have questions about your ASID account or log-in credentials, please email membership@asid.org.More

    REGREEN and Greenbuild Will Show the Way to Sustainable Future
    The body of knowledge contributing to green design, healthy materials and sustainable practices is getting broader and more in-depth by the month. In November, two events in Philadelphia will help interior designers add to their own knowledge and drive the profession's expertise as well. If sustainable, green design is part of your practice (or you want it to be), take part in these two events!


    Preparing Your Design Firm for a Federal Government Shutdown
    ICON Online
    As the government shutdown enters its first weekend, it's important to know what to expect if you're working on a project that is driven by any government funding. Likewise, now is the time to position yourself as a resource to help contain costs as the government works with fewer dollars in fiscal year 2014.More

    Consumer Buying Preferences Reflect Changing Priorities
    Kitchen & Bath Design News
    Today's kitchen and bath consumers are slowly beginning to spend again, but it's clear a lot has changed in the past few years — and that's impacted everything from consumer priorities and product preferences to spending decisions to the buying process itself.More

    How to Get the Most Out of High Point Market 2013
    WSI Designer Marketplace
    Are you headed to High Point Market this month? Tobi Fairley offers some insight on what to expect, along with a behind-the-scenes look at one of the year's premier design trade shows.More

    CoreNet Global's Survey Reinforces "Property Paradox"
    Workspace Design Magazine
    A "property paradox" is taking shape as new CoreNet Global survey data shows a continuing trend of less space per person. The numbers also reveal an uptick in companies' knowledge worker hiring levels. The survey found that the average amount of space per worker globally today is currently 150 square feet or less and is likely to drop to 100 square feet or less for many companies within five years.More

    What Colors Will Dominate Design in 2088?
    Inventor Spot
    The DesignVision 2088 Competition challenges designers to imagine the most popular color palette 75 years from now. Can you predict how tastes will change? More

    Fall Design Trend: Native American Design
    The Native American motif has become a design trend lately. When mixed properly with modern pieces this trend can be really quite beautiful.More

    Top Picks from Decorex 2013
    DesignWire Daily
    After several years at London's The Royal Hospital Chelsea, this year Decorex International was held in a new venue at Kensington Palace. The theme of the event this year was "The Silk Route," and exhibitors leaned toward painterly textiles, sculptural and organic shapes, particularly in lighting fixtures, and the use of birds and animals in prints, textiles and even chandeliers.More

    Can I Get Another Chance?
    Selling Interior Design
    When presenting a proposal to clients, how can you make sure the conversation remains open-ended so you have a chance to meet or beat a competitor's quote? The answer is no simple, one-step fix.More

    Eyes on the Prize: Jurors Offer Tips for Preparing Showcase Submissions
    Healthcare Design
    Follow these tips to put together a submission for Healthcare Design's annual Architectural and Interior Design Showcase that will bring out the best in your project and — better yet — make jurors take notice.More

    Should I Star in My Own Ads?
    Thinking about starring in your own advertising campaign? It might mean a boost in business — but get ready to be recognized everywhere you go … including the toilet paper aisle at Costco.More

    Pinterest Contemplates Sponsored Pins
    Small Business Trends
    If you have a business with an online presence, you may already use Pinterest to market your brand. The social site lets users "pin" images of their favorite things, but soon it could include Pinterest-sponsored content, too.More

    Are Your Fees Getting Dinked?
    Design Biz Blueprint
    It seems that recently there has been an outbreak of "dinking" designer fees. What is "dinking," you ask? It is the practice of wealthy clients not paying the last part of your fee that is due. They figure it is just good business to take a little discount at the end — at your expense, of course.More

    Spotlight on Tile: From Decoration to Innovation
    Interior Design
    Today more than ever, the tile industry is seizing an opportunity to move into new types of environments. From high-endurance building enclosures, to high-design interiors and high-tech applications, ceramic tiles have become an element of daily life.More

    Decoration on Demand
    A growing number of designers are turning to technology in their pursuit of individualized yet polished concepts. HP Latex Printing Technology offers a case study of the positive impact such technology can have on interiors.More

    Google Glass App Suggests Paint Colors Based on Photos
    Developed by paint and painting supplies retailer Sherwin Williams, the ColorSnap Glass app lets wearers snap a picture of anything wherever they go for design inspiration. The app matches paint with the colors derived from the snapped photos, so users can go out and capture color inspiration before painting their room the same color.More

    Three Ways to Ace Bedroom Color and Pattern
    Bright Bazaar
    Combining color and pattern in a bedroom can create a stylish, cozy and comfortable scheme that feels perfect for a sleeping space. How can you marry these two elements to achieve winning results?More

    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow … Still Green?
    Ecobuilding Pulse
    Sustainably designed commercial interiors use less energy and water, incorporate earth- and health-friendly materials and promote occupant comfort. But if these same interiors are being torn down and renovated every decade or sooner, how green are they?More

    Solar Decathlon 2013: Life After the Competition
    On Oct. 14, after two years of hard work and 10 grueling contests, the Solar Decathlon teams will begin disassembling and packing up their demonstration houses. But then what happens to these energy-efficient, solar-powered houses after the competition?More

    10 Ways to Bring Natural and Organic Elements into Your Interiors
    Humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace and — above all — welcomed into a space. In recent years the growing awareness of dwindling natural resources has made it even more apparent that bringing nature into the home is an essential design aesthetic we can't duplicate. More

    Cyberaesthetics in Interior Design
    Michael J. Berens
    Until now, technology has been passive, just another object in a room. Increasingly, however, designers have a new hurdle to jump: technologies designed to interact with occupants.More

    Biophilia, Biomimicry and Other Live Topics
    Office Insight
    How do biophilia and biomimicry concepts influence design thinking? ASID President Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, FASID, CID, LEED AP BD+C, shared her insights at NeoCon 2013.More

    The Tricky Science of Color Perception
    Color is infinitely shifty, by turns unstable and vulnerable to light and to other colors around it. Yet the tricky, intertwined science and art of color perception still goes under-appreciated.More

    Using Interior Design to Reduce MRI Anxiety
    Healthcare Design
    Having an MRI can be a frightening experience, typically requiring patients to remain motionless inside a small, enclosed space while a machine produces loud noises. Overall, the patient experience can be less than ideal and is often exacerbated by poor facility conditions, such as lackluster waiting spaces. As Parkland Hospital in Dallas undergoes an expansion and renovation, it's studying the ways design can help improve the patient experience.More

    The Slow Death of the Private Office
    So much for having your own little corner at work. For two decades, companies have been shifting to open work space designs and eliminating dedicated offices in a twin effort to reduce real estate costs and encourage collaboration between colleagues. But as the per-person square footage of the typical workplace continues to shrink, many are beginning to wonder whether we've reached the limit.More

    Trends That Reimagine Retail, Restaurant Interiors
    There are some aspects of interior design, particularly in the hospitality sector, that are simply classic and timeless. However, new trends emerge each year and ultimately push things in a different direction. When it comes to the selection of restaurant furniture it always helps to keep an eye on developing trends.More

    Taking "Nursing" Out of Senior Living Design
    Senior Housing News
    A culture shift is taking place in senior living architecture and design, as firms look to eliminate existing "nursing" elements in favor of new features that foster social engagement and technology advancement.More

    100 Cool Offices and Offsites Fostering Innovation
    A team's work space can be helpful or harmful to innovation. What makes a "cool" office? Design buffs weigh in on how to build a creative, collaborative and innovative work space. More