Eye on Design (ASID)
Nov. 9, 2012

Codes Rush to Keep Up with Green Boom
Commercial Building Products
The expanding global interest in green construction puts constant pressure on evolving standards. As new technologies debut and new opportunities become apparent, those setting regulations and criteria have to take a look at how the latest players change the game. More

Acoustics of Open Office Design Worry Employees
Facilities Net
Employees often express concern about acoustics, fearing that open, collaborative space will either be too loud or that it will be so quiet that they can't have a private conversation. With proper use of soundmasking systems, however, noise shouldn't be an insurmountable problem.More

Infections Linked to Design Features and Materials
Healthcare Design
Emerging results from a large study focused on the relationships between design and healthcare-associated infections point to risks in common design materials and how design can reduce these risks, researchers told attendees at the recent Healthcare Design conference.More

Remodelers Busy but Uncertain About Future
NARI via ForResidentialPros.com
The National Association of the Remodeling Industry's third-quarter Remodeling Business Pulse data of current and future remodeling business conditions is positive overall with mixed sentiment about the future. New weather-related developments are assumed to impact the remodeling industry on the East coast next quarter as homeowners start to rebuild.More

Mutation, not Repetition
Hospitality Style
Like a boutique hotel brand, upscale restaurant networks are faced with the challenge of being what hip-hop uberproducer Pharrell Williams once called "recognizably unrecognizable." Guests have to be instantly aware of the company's attitude and ambiance, but nothing can feel like a version 2.0 of a previous site. More

Rooms with a View: Tiny Spaces Designed to be Big on Style
When 12 interior designers create vignettes in spaces the size of a parking spot, things get interesting. This year's Rooms With a View: Design on a Shoestring, held in Southport, Conn., channeled small-space talents into a lesson in layout, spatial use and ingenuity.More

A Re-imagining of the Built Environment, for the Better
As technology has grown more and more sophisticated, the convergence of energy, information, building and transportation technologies has led to a re-imagining and restructuring of the built environment. This convergence has changed the office and building landscape dramatically, altering how the workspace functions and how buildings are managed.More

Shop the Globe, In Your Robe
The Wall Street Journal
Sophisticated products from around the globe, formerly offered only by small-scale design brands, are gaining international prominence and a growing Internet footprint. Overseen by local entrepreneurs who connect "indie" artisans with hungry global markets, more and more companies now support traditional craftsmanship while bringing products to a domestic audience.More

11 Ways a House Can Make You Fat
This Old House
The layout, colors, design and accessories in a home can help add inches to the waistline. Factors like the colors of the walls, how food is stored or whether a bedroom is comfortable enough can all contribute to poor eating habits and stress levels.More

Desk-less Hotel Rooms: The Way of the Future?
When was the last time you sat down and did work at the hotel desk? Like, really used it? Not as a shelf for your suitcase, not as a makeshift dining room table for room service, not as a receptacle for loose change and iPhone apparatus — but as a proper desk, where you sit down with your laptop, tablet or old-fashioned blotter and get work done?More

Q&A: Designing the Office of the Future
Smart Planet
Smart Planet talks with Allison Arieff, the editor and content strategist for the urban planning think tank SPUR, about the future of office space and the trends that start first with examining how people work today.More

Making Space for Parents
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Multigenerational living is bringing families closer, especially as parents move in with their adult children. Atlanta-area builders are adapting and updating homes to add space, privacy and aging-in-place features, and interior designers say they are being asked to view potential properties with clients who need an expert's advice on aging in place.More

Your Own Name Could Be a Business Liability
CBS MoneyWatch
With Google now the primary tool for researching products and companies, most businesses are aware of the value and impact of search results. But many companies, particularly small ones, are unaware of the significant influence that "people searches" — looking up an individual, as opposed to a business name — can have on their customers, prospects and other business relationships.More

Seven Ways to Land a Big Customer
Most successful small business owners know the exact moment when their struggling company turned the corner and headed down the road toward success. Frequently, that moment came when they landed their first really big deal, or as business expert and author Steve Kaplan says, "They bagged an elephant." More

For Entrepreneurs, Three Ways to Control Your Destiny, Rekindle Joy
Harvard Business Review
Entrepreneurs and innovators are supposed to be happily self-directed. Instead, the same sad story is popping up in many parts of the world. People who left corporate jobs for the joy of entrepreneurship are working harder and feeling less joy.More

The Key to Excellent Visual Marketing Materials
Dynamic Business
Your website, business cards and any other visual information you choose to produce are your opportunity to connect with your customers. When it comes to your business, chances are your customers will judge a book by its cover and the visual image that you present has a huge impact on how your business is perceived.More

The Secret to Writing Memorable Sales Copy
Want to know the secret to creating memorable promotional copy? Sales copy that actually stays with your customers long after they've finished reading it? Then master the art of using words to create pictures in your customers' heads.More

If You Do Only One Thing on Social Media, Do This
Aaron Aders, co-founder of Slingshot SEO, explains the first step you need to take on social media before anything else. More

How to Create a Website That Makes People Want to Buy
Business Insider
As more startups conduct business online, it is increasingly important to learn to optimize conversions — that is, the number of sales a company makes per visitor. Sales can relate to actual payments, signups or other conversions that are critical to the advancement of your business model. More

Study: 40 Percent of Consumers Like Emails from Favorite Companies
Forty percent of consumers enjoy getting targeted marketing emails each week, according to a new study by Blue Kangaroo. According to the company's study, as much as 35 percent of consumers said they are "very interested" in receiving emails from their favorite brands.More