Eye on Design (ASID)
Dec. 27, 2013

ASID Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!
The American Society of Interior Designers wishes its members, partners and other industry professionals a safe, happy holiday season. As the year comes to a close, we are offering a two-part look at the most popular Eye on Design articles of 2013. Our regular publication will resume Friday, Jan. 10.More

ASID 2.0: Designing Our Future
Interior designers have an immense opportunity to design not only for the world as it is today, but also for the world as they envision it, as it could be. If we want to improve our built environment — and truly address the challenges we face — we must be open to changing how we do things. The same principle holds true for professional societies. To this end, the Society has embarked on a journey to analyze the challenges and opportunities present in the interior design industry to better equip the Society to continue to provide value to our members.More

One Week Left to Nominate for ASID National Awards
The ASID Awards represent the Society's highest level of professional recognition. Consider nominating a colleague (or yourself) for one of these four prestigious national awards:

With a new, simplified nominations process, it's easier than ever to nominate a deserving designer or firm. Nominations close Jan. 5, so don't delay.More

CEU Reporting Deadline Extended to Jan. 15
The Society has extended the current continuing education reporting deadline to Jan. 15, 2014. During January, the ASID Member Engagement and Membership departments will receive reports from the Interior Design Continuing Education Council listing all ASID members and the number of CEUs each member has reported. For more information or FAQs, visit the ASID website. More

Student Scholarship Worth $12,000 — Apply Before Jan. 6!
ASID Foundation
The deadline to apply for the ASID Foundation's David Barrett Memorial Scholarship, a $12,000 award, has been extended to Jan. 6. This opportunity is open to all ASID member and nonmember design students whose work uses classical designs and traditional materials. Apply today!More

Interior Design Has the Power to Illuminate, Evaluate, Enhance and Transform
ASID Foundation
Design is not neutral — it either hurts or it helps. That's why the ASID Foundation is committed to providing the resources and tools necessary to ensure that interior design makes a positive impact, one that illuminates purpose, evaluates function, enhances well-being and transforms lives. See the good work we've accomplished and then offer your support to keep the momentum going. Donations made before Dec. 31 will be tax-deductible.More

30 Design Apps for 2013
Interiors & Sources
From Feb. 8: It seems like we all have our faces buried in our smartphones and tablets these days, so why not make some productive use of that time? Interiors & Sources has compiled a listing of some of the coolest, most innovative and just plain handy apps on the market.More

What Your Email Says About Your Brand
Fast Company
From March 15: Do you cringe when you see a Hotmail address? Laugh at terrible email signatures? It's time to take a closer look at email as a branding opportunity; here are some of the best and the worst. More

Mining Pinterest for Color Preferences, Room by Room
Fast Company's Co.Design
From Jan. 18: A fascinating project scours Pinterest boards to find the most commonly pinned colors for kitchens, bedrooms and more. Colour and Space is a project by designers Mie Frey Damgaard and Peter Ørntoft for decorative paint brand Jotun. The pair have analyzed two fairly basic but powerful categories: color and location. The results are placed into simple pie charts, showing preferred colors in places around the home.More

10 Inspiring Quotes from the Eames Family
From March 29: Another in Dwell's online series featuring ASID members, here Kerrie Kelly, ASID, shares a glimpse into the Eames family history and wisdom. More

Trends in Home Layout, Use of Interior and Exterior Space
From June 21: The American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey for the first quarter of 2013 is finished, and the results are big: Spaces are getting bigger, from high-end and custom homes to remodeled additions. Accessibility, open plans and single-story designs are also having an impact on overall home layout and the use of interior and exterior space.More

The Tricky Science of Color Perception
From Sept. 27: Color is infinitely shifty. It's unstable in the presence of nearby colors. It's vulnerable to tricks of the light. It acts like it's moving when it's not. It can act like it's there when it's not. Yet the tricky, intertwined science and art of color perception still goes under-appreciated.More

Biophilia, Biomimicry and Other Live Topics
Office Insight
From Sept. 27: How do biophilia and biomimicry concepts influence design thinking and help shape workplace and institutional design strategies? ASID President Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, FASID, CID, LEED AP BD+C, shared her insights and experience during "Survey of Nature-Inspired Workplaces," a presentation at NeoCon 2013.More

America's 10 Most Interior-Design Savvy Cities
PRWeb via Long Island Newsday
From Aug. 9: Elite Fixtures, an online retailer of indoor and outdoor lighting products, has released its list of the 10 Most Interior-Design Savvy Cities in America. To find design-conscious locales, the New Jersey-based company researched regions nationwide looking for a variety of factors that included proximity to art schools and how much residents spent on home improvement projects such as remodeling and décor.More

Demand for Interior Designers Growing
Appleton Post-Crescent
From Feb. 1: The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a promising job outlook for interior designers, which accounted for 56,500 jobs in 2010 but is expected to grow 19 percent, or by 10,900 positions between 2010 and 2020.More

How to Avoid Copycats in Interior Design
Missing my Sunshine
From Oct. 25: Copying or imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — or so the saying goes. Copycats are par for the course when you're successful in creative business. It's an increasing problem as business has gone online. Here are some of tips to deal with this problem.More

Emotions: The Key to Selling Luxury
Kitchen & Bath Design News
From April 12: No one can argue that an Aston Martin is not a luxury car. A yacht is definitely a luxury item, as is a mink coat and a diamond necklace. But when it comes to the home, the boundaries blur. What makes something a luxury?More

Can These 10 Trends Withstand the Test of Time?
From Feb. 22: It's hard to know what's going to stick and what's going to go down in history as the next macrame plant holder. Interior design trends come and go and come again, to be sure. We may see some of them in 20 years and think, "That is so 2012." But which is which?More

Behold, Pantone's Color of Spring 2014
Refinery 29
From Sept. 6: Pantone's color of spring 2014 was just announced… and chances are you already own it. Introducing — dazzling blue, a peppy shade of cobalt.More

Top 10 Most Talked-About Interior Design Trends for 2013
From Feb. 1: What's trending in the profession for the coming year? The editors at Freshome have selected 10 key tendencies, ranging from a growing relationship between men and interior design to green walls and garden rooftops.More

Pantone View Home + Interiors
From March 8: Pantone has released the 2014 Pantone View Home + Interiors trend forecast featuring the nine directional color palettes with distinct and evocative style for home furnishings and interior design. It contains visual inspiration, color harmonies, tear-out palette cards, color swatches and images from the forecast for use in presentations and storyboards.More

Surface Invasion: How Technology Will Pervade Interiors
From June 28: Now that technology can be embedded into virtually anything — walls, floors, ceilings, even carpets — we're just starting to sort out the implications. A slew of new research projects is exploring exactly this potential, proposing interior surfaces embedded with a variety of clever and useful functions.More

Top 20 Design Trends
Commercial Interior Design
From Jan. 18: It's the start of a new year, so Commercial Interior Design has picked the top 20 trends to watch out for in the next 12 months. From green — both as a color and a concept — to one-of-a-kind design, these trends will influence this year's spaces.More

Color Trends for 2014: Let There Be Bright!
From July 5: At the recent Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles, Sherwin-Williams introduced colormix™ 2014, a four-palette collection of colors influenced by fashion, science, nature, pop culture and global traditions. The 38-color collection is developed as a guide for design professionals to create and select colors for projects.More

10 Tips for Timeless Luxury
From Feb. 8: In the second of ASID and Dwell's "Design Influencers" series, interior designer Alene Workman, FASID, shares her top ten tips for timeless luxury.More

Top 10 Interior Design & Home Remodel Trends
Woodworking Network
From Nov. 22: Neil Kelly Co.'s team shared their collective knowledge based on working with material suppliers and vendors to predict the following design trends for 2014.More

Technology Review: 30 Design Apps for 2013
Interiors & Sources
From Feb. 8: It seems like we all have our faces buried in our smartphones and tablets much of the time these days, so why not make some productive use of those hours?More

Four Big Interiors Trends For Fall/Winter 2013
From June 14: Sallie Davies from Global Color Research offers a sneak peek into an upcoming trend book published by Mix Publications, exploring color and pattern trends for fall/winter 2013-2014. Four words to watch: flint, storm, clash and alpine. More

New Houzz Kitchen Remodeling Survey: Bigger Isn't Necessarily Better
From Oct. 18: When it comes to kitchens, bigger isn't necessarily better — at least according to the first-ever Houzz Kitchen Remodeling Survey, which polled nearly 8,000 consumers about their kitchen remodeling plans and progress. Results of the just-released survey showed that, while bigger kitchens may not be trending, the open kitchen concept remains strong.More