Eye on Design (ASID)
Dec. 28, 2012

Five Trends in Kitchen and Bath Industry
(From March 2)
As the U.S. continues to see improvement in housing starts and remodeling, now is as good a time as any to think ahead — and quickly. Important changes are taking place in the kitchen and bath design industry as a new mix of consumer segments is colliding, gradually gaining confidence and beginning to spend a little more of its disposable income. And those with insight into the shifting marketplace will have a firmer grasp on the future and a clearer path to success in 2012.More

The Evolving Tastes of Younger Homeowners
(From Sept. 14)
While it's commonly assumed that younger consumers love complicated technology and anything trendy, that's not necessarily true when it comes to kitchen and bath design choices. In fact, while younger consumers may love their technology and idolize Tim Gunn, that doesn't mean they're willing to sacrifice practicality or durability in order to achieve their high-tech, fashion-forward vision.More

High-Tech Kitchens of the Future
Networx via Local 10
(From Feb. 10)
What does the future hold for kitchen design? With the technology available today — robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators with built-in computers on the door, microwaves that scan directions on a box and cook the contents, faucets that turn on with a tap, drawers and cabinets that open from a slight touch or a remote — what else can the future possibly hold? Just imagine: Cabinetry that can change color or play a movie and a cooktop that can be relocated on a countertop with the stroke of a hand. You deem this preposterous? Read on.More

Fee, Salary Survey Results Offer Hope
(From Jan. 13)
Design Success University's 2012 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey e-book shows surprisingly positive results. Gail Doby, cofounder of Design Success University, said, "Interior designers continue to show their determination to survive. Projects are smaller and consumers are fickle. If consumers can purchase online and steal a designer's ideas, they will. However, few consumers have the ability to create magical interiors that inspire. Designers need more business savvy to succeed in spite of the triple threat of the economy, consumer attitudes and the Internet."More

Muted Colors Lead Fall, Winter Trendy Choices
(From Feb. 17)
The Pantone color palettes for fall and winter 2012-2013 are in: The color authority has nine palettes to share for an array of choices. It seems that almost all the palettes are muted a bit.More

10 Custom Home Design Trends for 2012
Custom Home
(From Jan. 6)
Multigenerational living, stay-at-home fun and Mother Nature headline the top trends for custom home design in 2012, according to Schumacher Homes' study of the most-requested design features of 2011.More

Virtual Reality for Designers
Interior Design
(From Aug. 3)
Designer Cynthia Tripp's latest venture, "Tripp's Department Store," will offer architects, designers and manufacturers a unique and potentially game-changing new tool: the capability to construct, experience and share full-scale, immersive virtual reality models of their projects. Powered by cutting-edge IC.IDO ("I See I Do") imaging software, Tripp's Department Store will allow CAD drawings of everything from individual products to entire rooms to be projected on a 1:1 scale and manipulated in real time.More

Top Kitchen and Bath Design Trends for 2012
Woodworking Network
(From Feb. 24)
Although the use of cherry wood in cabinetry is declining slightly, the preference for darker finishes continues to grow. These and other findings are among the top design trends for 2012, as determined by a recent survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.More

Pantone Peeks at 2013 in Pantone View Home + Interiors Trend Report
(From March 16)
The Pantone View Home + Interiors 2013 Trend Forecast predicts consumers will want their homes to reflect a growing optimism and a need for something novel — while remaining practical. Pantone's guide contains the nine most directional color palettes for home furnishings and interior design in 2013.More

Rethinking the Modern Kitchen: Five Design Concepts
Professional Builder
(From March 30)
As designers and builders, we all know how important kitchens are to our clients. In fact, the kitchen very likely is the most significant room in the home. Since it seems everyone wants to congregate there, the space must function not only as a cooking area, but also as the hub of family activity.More

The Biology of Luxury
Project Syndicate
(From Oct. 19)
Sales of luxury goods are surging worldwide, despite the global economic crisis. Why? Marketing has contributed to the rise but the luxury market's robust growth is actually rooted in biology. More

Supersizing the Empty Nest
The New York Times
(From Sept. 7)
There is a subset of parents who view the departure of their children to college as an occasion to start thinking bigger and better. They want to upsize, or at the very least, to upgrade. For some, paying off that last tuition bill also gives them the wherewithal to buy the sort of space they have always wanted. They leap at the chance to trade in the family apartment for one better suited to hosting dinner parties and out-of-town guests.More

Tricks of the Trade for Staging Luxury Apartments
Multi-Housing News
(From Aug. 17)
What does it take to sell an apartment that has been on the market for some time? Interior Marketing Group, a Manhattan-based marketing company, stages high-end and luxury apartments and employs several strategies to make an empty apartment feel like a warm home.More

Sneaking Into Pantone Headquarters
(From May 18)
In an airy studio on a high floor of the London College of Fashion, featuring a long conference table, white walls and a view to an adjoining patio — where, a sign warns, bees are being kept — the hues you will see in two years are being divined by a pan-European group of colorists. More

NYSID Offers First Master's in Healthcare Design
New York School of Interior Design
(From Aug. 24)
The New York School of Interior Design is offering the country's first master's degree in healthcare interior design. The program curriculum has two complementary threads: understanding healing and restorative environments, and the business of healthcare. The program is designed for students of varied backgrounds who understand that in the healthcare, business and design are inextricably intertwined.More

What's Hot in Backsplash Options
(From July 13)
Consider it a place for you and your client to strut their stuff or play it cool. Backsplashes are one way to infuse a kitchen or bath with personality, and the means and materials for doing so are many.More

Workplace of the Future: More Open, with Fewer Private Offices
Canadian Interiors
(From Feb. 3)
By 2015, workplace utilization is expected to increase from levels between 35 percent and 50 percent today to 85 percent then, as the desk-to-employee ratio is addressed and space is reapportioned, according to a study conducted by Teknion. Companies are employing more open, collaborative work spaces with fewer private offices in an effort to reduce their overall space needs and provide more flexible work environments.More

Heading the Bed in a New Direction
The Wall Street Journal
(From Feb. 24)
When it comes to the bedroom, one painless route to design bravery is to modify the furniture arrangement. The, um, nonmissionary approach would be to "float" the bed slightly into the room. Fabric or a screen can be used to create the illusion of a back wall or headboard. More

Secrets to a Successful Monochromatic Room
Color Chats
(From April 20)
As written by Michelle Zakko, "Is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the word monochromatic, boring? That's because monochromatic rooms often get a bum rap. We're always applauding the use of lots of color — bold palettes, high contract colors; but what about the rooms that dare to decorate with just one color?"More