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Mar. 28, 2014

ASJA2014 Early Bird Rates END TODAY
Today is the last day to register for ASJA2014: Expand Your Reach at the early bird rate. Don’t miss this opportunity to save on the only conference that focuses on both the art and business of freelance writing. Through more than 50 sessions -- along with receptions, a keynote luncheon and more -- you'll learn how to make more money and create more meaningful articles and books. You'll pick up new skills and polish the talents you already have. Most importantly, you'll hear from people who want to buy your work and meet fellow writers who can serve as those crucial personal links to editors and publishers.

The road to the future goes through ASJA2014. Get on board!More

Why I Write for Zero Cents Per Word
By Sally Wendkos Olds
Soon after I moved to Chicago in the mid-1960s, those heady days of civil rights activism, I became the volunteer public relations director for the North Shore Summer Project, an effort sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee to integrate the northern lakeside suburbs. All that summer I wrote news releases, gave interviews, got hate mail, and, as my high point, helped coordinate a Chicago visit by Coretta Scott King.More

Letting a Passion Redefine Your Writing Career
By Tina Traster
They say having a child changes everything.

Well, writing a memoir about raising your child changes everything about your writing career. At least that’s what happened to me.

I’ve been a professional writer for nearly 30 years. I’ve written about everything, or so it seems, during a decade spent at newspapers, and subsequently as a freelancer since 1999. Along the way, I had personal essays published, and for six years, I wrote Burb Appeal, a New York Post column about living in suburbia. Writing about my life appealed to me, though I continued to take additional freelance assignments to earn income.More

ASJA2014: Expand Your Reach! Offers Freelancers New Ways to Earn a Living
By Christopher Johnston & Randy Dotinga
Whether you’ve been a freelance writer for 20 years or two months, there’s no better place to elevate and expand your career than ASJA 2014.

On April 24-26, more than 650 writers, editors, publishers and agents will gather at the Hotel Roosevelt in New York City to learn from the best in the business. We will also hear from keynote speaker Daniel Jones, author of Love Illuminated: Exploring Life’s Most Mystifying Subject (With the Help of 50,000 Strangers), has edited the “Modern Love” column in the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times since its inception in October 2004.More

'Poetry is Like Pooping' and Other Writing Tips From a TED Superstar
Fast Company
Three years ago, a young spoken word poet named Sarah Kay dazzled the TED Conference, earning two standing ovations. Her performance about writing poetry to entertain and educate has since received over 5 million views on the TED website. Kay believes that communication is about telling stories that people can learn from. She offers five suggestions on how to make writing a part of your work and daily life.More

What Writers Can Learn From Public Speakers
Business 2 Community
Public speaking and writing: Two talents that seem to have little in common on the surface, yet somehow move in the same patterns once you truly examine them. Being able to look outside the comfort zone and find inspiration in unconventional places is a strength that many great writers rely on during creative dry spells.More

Want To Be More Creative? Think On Your Feet.
Many other companies are turning to improv to foster communication and creativity. A workplace culture of "Yes, and" tends to be one where innovators feel comfortable, says Daena Giardella, who teaches an improvisational leadership class at MIT's Sloan School of Management. "Innovation thrives in an atmosphere of safety and non-criticism," she says. "Improvisation builds a muscle for trusting our own impulses and ideas, before we have to analyze how good they are, as well as helping develop an open-mindedness toward other people's ideas."More

Inside the Digital Platform That's About to Revolutionize Book Publishing?
The e-book is not going away — and that's not a bad thing for books. Ever since the advent of the Kindle, a doomsday cloud has hovered over the world of book publishing, a portent that the rise of the e-book will mean the fall of the print book, and eventually the end of any good literature at all.More

Kindle vs. Glass, Apps vs. Text: The Complicated Future of Books
The Guardian
So what will the reading future look like? It may be dominated by new ideas around wearable technology such as Google Glass. Wired magazine claimed in January that these devices "will be as big as the smartphone". It’s entirely conceivable that people will want innovative ways to read content as they live, work and sleep. Publishers will need to be ready or the public will simply bypass them and design their own methods of reading.More

How Kickstarter Enables Indie Publishers – Shadows of Esteren Interview
The Escapist
Medieval horror tabletop RPG Shadows of Esteren is currently in the midst of its fourth Kickstarter campaign to fund a new supplement. With over $250,000 raised across its previous three campaigns and its fourth already bringing in another $100,000, Shadows of Esteren is a prime example of how Kickstarter is revolutionizing the tabletop publishing industry.More

10 Lessons He Learned Playing 'The Publishing Game'
Lancaster Online
After decades as a word junkie, author Del Staecker plunged into the world of writing 10 years ago. It is a place many people dream of conquering through the miraculous application of their talents, yet it often proves to be a land of stark challenge seasoned by rejections. Del Staecker's success, slow in coming and still limited,  taught him much about “the publishing game.” Based upon his experience, here is what he has learned.More

5 Charts That Describes the State of Digital Publishing
In its 2013 State of the News Media report, Pew found that while digital publishing is clearly booming, it’s not exactly offsetting brick-and-mortar losses elsewhere in the industry. Here are a few highlights in handy chart form.More