The ASJA Weekly
Sep. 26, 2013

Content Connections with the ASJA
ProfNet's next # ConnectChat, "Content Connections with the ASJA," will feature Alexandra Owens (@ASJAhq), executive director of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) who will discuss why companies should hire professional writers for content, as well as the ASJA's upcoming Chicago conference, the sponsorship opportunities available, the importance of the conference for writers and much, much, more.

The chat will take place Tuesday, Oct. 1, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. EDT. To submit questions for Alexandra in advance, please email or tweet your question to @ProfNet or @editorev.

We'll try to get to as many questions as we can. Of course, you can also ask your question live during the chat. To help you keep track of the conversation, we will use the #connectchat hashtag. Please use that hashtag if you are tweeting a question or participating in the chat.

If you can't make it to the chat, don't worry — a transcript will be provided on ProfNet Connect the next day. More

Wacky Writing Rituals: What's Yours?
By Emily Rogan
It's rumored that Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserablés in the nude (apparently he instructed his valet to hide his clothes while he wrote, so he couldn't get up and walk away).

Truman Capote wrote lying down.

William Faulkner wrote while simultaneously drinking copious amounts of whiskey. (Maybe that explains why I had so much trouble understanding As I Lay Dying.)More

Writing is Hard. Why Do It?
The Writer
No one ever said writing was easy. In fact, good writing can be downright laborious. I know, writers Whitney Faber. I've spent hours mulling over the perfect ending to a paragraph, the right adjective to describe a hand movement or the easiest flow for an important sentence. Writing difficult pieces begs the question: Why do it?More

25 Tools to Publish an E-Book
Practical Ecommerce
Here is a list of tools to publish an e-book. There are tools to create and format e-books, platforms to publish and distribute e-books, and online retailers to sell e-books. There are a variety of do-it-yourself tools, as well as customized services to develop your e-book quickly and professionally.More

Whatever Happened to Book Editors?
Publishers Weekly
Independent editor Marjorie Braman writes: "A publisher once said to me, almost in passing, 'We don't pay you to edit.' The real message was: "Editing is not crucial. If you're an editor, what matters is acquiring." After I'd left in-house editing and was being courted by an agency, the owner/agent said to me, 'Remember, you can't sit in your office and edit.' In other words, 'If you're an agent, what matters is selling.' "More

5 Things I Didn't Learn In J-School
10,000 Words
Something they don't always teach in college is that learning doesn't really happen until you're out of school. But by that time it's called working on your craft. And you get paid for it. Stephanie Tsoflias, New York market TV reporter and Mediabistro instructor gives her list of the top five things she didn’t learn in journalism school.More

What the Self-Employed Need to Know About Obamacare
Sole proprietorships are among the millions of individuals expected to buy health insurance through the state-based marketplaces which will start enrolling consumers on Oct. 1. Under the new Affordable Care Act, self-employed people with no employees are considered individuals even if they hire independent contractors, and will be required to purchase insurance for themselves or face a fee. More

Writing Advice From a 23-Year-Old Published Author
Kara Taylor is not your typical 23-year-old. While many young adults are struggling to find a job, Taylor has had the kind of early success most young writers only dream of. At 23, she has already released her debut novel, Prep School Confidential and is currently the co-executive producer and writer for the new CW show, "The Revengers," created by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack.More

Self-Publishing A Legal Casebook: An E-Book Success Story
The casebook supports Advertising & Marketing Law courses in U.S. law schools. In 2011, about a dozen of these courses were offered around the country. Before our book, no published casebooks was designed for those courses; instead, each professor individually compiled his/her own materials.More

Penguin Resumes Selling Thousands of E-Books to Libraries
Digital Book World
Penguin has resumed allowing library e-book vendor OverDrive to sell its e-books to libraries across the U.S., according to a blog post from the vendor. Nearly two years after pulling out of selling books through OverDrive and over a year after it started slowly experimenting selling e-books to libraries in a limited way, 17,000 digital titles from the world’s largest publisher will again be available for purchase.More