The ASJA Weekly
Oct. 24, 2014

An Essential Tool for Writers: Building a Creative Community
Janice Lynch Schuster, ASJA
I spent many years participating in career days at local schools, asking classrooms at every grade level the same question: What tools do you think a writer must have? For kindergarteners, the answers were always basic: You need to know the alphabet, they would say, or You need to learn to read.

From there, I'd steer them to other writing tools. Writers need, I'd say, to learn the rules — and when to break them. We need to learn to work with others, as we often find ourselves working with teams, some of whom may not like what we turn in. We need a healthy dose of play — inspiration can come when we stand up and move, or simply hang out for a while in a world that does not include a computer screen.More

Ben Bradlee, Who Led The Washington Post To New Heights, Dies At 93
Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee, who led The Washington Post to national eminence through charm, drive, instinct and, most notably, an epic confrontation with the Nixon White House, died Oct. 21. He was 93. Through his tenure at the Post, the legendary newspaper editor helped to define the standards and aspirations of American journalism for more than a generation.More

10 Writing Techniques from Bram Stoker's Dracula
Writer's Digest
October conjures up images of crackling fires, shivering leaves, the grinning teeth of a jack-o-lantern … and, if you're a fan of classic horror, that iconic, fanged master of the night, Count Dracula. Writer's Digest feels there's no better time than October — National Dracula Month — to share some writing tips and techniques that authors can learn from Dracula and apply to their own horror stories.More

How to Make the Most of Any Writing Conference
Writer's Digest
If you're going to invest in attending a writing conference, you’ll want to be sure to make it worth your while. And who knows better how you can do that than the people who make it all possible? Here, coordinators from 10 top events reveal their best insider tips on how to prepare, network, maximize your time and even dress to impress.More

What Annoys Famed Authors About Their Own Writing
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune's Mary Schmich asked famed Chicago authors: What annoys you about your writing?More

Book Discovery App Featured On Kickstarter
Jef Van der Avoort and Serie Wolfe hopes to raise $75,000 for a book discovery application called "Squirl." With this app, users can check in to a literary-themed location, initiate conversations with fellow authors, and discover related content.More

My Self-Publishing Journey: Sailing My Indie Ship and Cover Reveal
Publishers Weekly
Being your own publisher means handling all the things, which (so far) there are a lot of. The self-publishing process takes some getting used to, but watching all the pieces of this indie Rubik's Cube line up together has been rewarding and inspiring.More

Book Publishers Sweep Video Site for a New Wave of Authors
The Wall Street Journal
Publishers seeking the next hit author have a new hunting ground: YouTube. A wave of titles written by YouTube personalities is hitting the shelves this month as book publishers bet on the power of online media. They made a similar bet several years ago on books by popular food bloggers, such as Ree Drummond and Julie Powell.More