The ASJA Weekly
Nov. 8, 2013

Why I Like Being a 'Content Provider'
By Minda Zetlin
If you spend a lot of time around long-time journalists, you may have heard the term "content provider" used with something like a sneer—generally from what I think of as the old guard: venerable writers who built their careers writing great news stories for great news organizations and are aghast at the changes the Internet has wrought upon the world they thought they knew.

But "content provider" is a term many of us are embracing, because that old world of journalism is gone for good. I spent part of last week at a forward-looking conference where respected media guru, Steve Rubel, executive vice president of global strategy and insights at PR giant, Edelman, laid out, in a few minutes and a few slides, the forces that have changed media forever.More

Why Pro Writers Should Rock A Tagline
By Karen Grimaldos

Everybody wants to be a freelance writer. The market is cluttered with wannabes willing to type, click and post for pennies. Of course, pro writers and journos like us have the upper hand when it comes to skills, but we need to flaunt them if we want to keep attracting quality clients.

Creating a personal tagline can help. A tagline is a short and memorable marketing statement that sums up a brand’s essence in a sentence. Traditionally used in advertising, they help position companies and products in the marketplace and appeal to a specific audience that marketers target to buy their product. "Think different" is an example of a classic ad tagline used by Apple.More

The October Harvest Was Extremely Plentiful As We Had A Total Of 115 New Launches — 32 Of Them With Regular Frequency
Samir Husni/Mr. Magazine
October 2013 was an unbelievable month for new launches! The magazine media industry saw 32 new magazines with regular frequency and 83 specials…for a total of 115 October launches! Absolutely a stellar performance for the world of new magazines. From Christmas cooking magazines to the new weekly, Closer, aimed at a more mature celebrity-craving audience and that's first issue was priced at a mere $.25 and will sell after the premiere issue for $3.99; the magazines were fun, colorful and entertaining.More

Why All Self-Publishers Need a Good Editor
Publishers Weekly
"Just get it down on paper, and then we will see what to do with it," said Maxwell Perkins, the revered editor of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Wolfe. If this sage piece of advice worked for them, it can work for you.More

Write Like A House Cat
Writer's Digest
Why are there 74 million house cats in the United States? Because they're survivors. They breed and eat where they can. They find a place to lie down and then they sleep. They move when they have to move. They stay warm and dry if possible. Cats are simple beings, and, in a way, writers should be simple beings too.More

Study: 8 Percent of Americans Get Their News on Twitter
A new study reveals that 8 percent of Americans get their news on Twitter — people who are younger, more educated and more mobile than the 30 percent of Americans who get their news on Facebook.More

How Writers Can Pitch Online Outlets
Author and technology consultant Scott Steinberg shared some important advice for writers in this encore edition of the Morning Media Menu podcast. Steinberg shared tips for pitching online outlets about your book. GalleyCat caught up with Steinberg while he promoted The Modern Parent's Guide to Video Games.More

How to Get a Publication to Pay You Without Going to Small Claims Court
10,000 Words
Journalists being paid is a hot issue, especially since a lot of times, we're asked to write for free or for exposure. That, too, is a loaded issue — sometimes it might be worth it, or it never, ever is.More

HarperCollins Begins Selling E-Books Directly to Readers, Starting with and
HarperCollins has begun selling some e-books directly to consumers, beginning with titles by C.S. Lewis, the author of the classic Narnia series. The ebooks are available through two new websites, and, as DRM-protected EPUB files. Each book in the Narnia series is $6.99. Accenture Digital Services is providing the backend.More

98 British Publishers Folded Last Year Due to E-Books, Discounts
Los Angeles Times
Ninety-eight British publishers closed their doors in the year ending August 2013. The cause? E-books and online discounts.More